Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo

Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo

Just received a notecard about the “Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo”, popped over to take a gander and it’s really brilliant! All your favourite designers have tents, with special or limited offers on items to raise cash for Haiti. It’s easy to forget that people are still living in the worst conditions, with little food & medical aid isnt it? Seems a longggg time ago…but the after effects still continue, they might not be on our tv screens but they still need help! Go over and take a look around…there are donation kiosks if you just wish to help out . Im wearing a gift for event attendees from Prism its called Miss Knickers 🙂 Heres the list of participating designers :Aimesi, Angel Dessous, ABJ – Aurora Borealis Jewelry, AZUL, Bamboo Soup, Baubles Boho Jewelry, BELLISSIMA!, Body Talking, C’est Moi! Boutique, Callie Cline, Di’s Shape Design, DmD Poses, Ear Candy, Essential Soul, Faster Pussycat, Fellini Couture, FK Virtues, Gabriel, MiDis, Moonbeam Fashions, PRISM, Premiere Modelling Agency, R.A. Crystal, Shiki, , Styles of edo, Tres Beau, Tukinowaguma Hair Style, U&R DOGS, Vamp Shoes, wonderkids, W&Y Hair.

Aid plane to get there : Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo

http://sltents4haiti.wordpress.com/ – for more info