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Rotten Egg Hunt!

Love a good hunt – pretty rubbish at them but this time I was almost tripping over the prizes ! Over 30 Designers have come together to bring you an amazing hunt all in one location. You are searching for a rotten egg. So mooch around and you’re sure to come across a few – or more. I was specifically wanting to find the Sakide ones – and I did yippee! The eggs are priced from $1L -$15L – although most seemed to be priced at $5L – so my little outfit above cost $5L in total – brilliant !

Rotten Egg Hunt

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Time for a break.(Freebie).

Doh, not only did I forget to prim check I didn’t even pick up a copy of this simple but quality gift from Apple Fall!  You know Apple Fall is known not only for its stunning designs but also more than reasonable prims so I think a build like this will be very low primmed.

This is the New York Apartment which is easy to understand when you look out of the window.  To get this you have to use the TP just outside of the mainshop doorway and TP to the demo and you will see the large price tag on the wall but it’s been set to ZERO Lindens.

There is also a Golden Apple Hunt going on at Apple Fall, you have to get the Hud, just at the LM, and wear it as you search for the apples.  When you have the full set you can score a super prize….I’m guessing that last bit as I still only have 5 of them so far but it’s time to return to RL.

PS. I promise next post will be wearables.

Apple Fall.

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Take a trip to London. (Freebies).

I put this top on and then just shoved it back into my invent thinking that I’d go hunting for something to wear it with then I realised that those oh so handy big girl knickers I’ve blogged previously would be perfect and they are. The next time I put the top on I realised that there was more to it than just great colours/tex.


The bottom half is actually a corset style which is much more obvious from the back.


I deliberately use my pose cube when I want to get a unfussy close up and I just wanted you to see the great texturing and details for yourself.

Another great touch is the slight flare at the bottom which means this is almost guaranteed to fit over even mesh jeans, but I haven’t tried that but they do fit over my mesh knickers/shorts.  An added bonus is that these shoes are also included in the box.


I had gone to Loordes of London to see if there was a hunt on and I spotted on the wall of special weekly offers the Around The Grid In 80 Days balloon which only cost 1Ld and you get the top and shoes.  The tops come with all standard mesh sizes and some mesh bod but the shoes are SLink flatties I believe.

PS as always if you see something in a post that isn’t mentioned ie skin, shape, hair don’t hesitate to drop me an inworld note.

Loordes of London

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Hunt it down (Free outfit)

Free outfit with sunnies !

ohmaigawd, if I hadn’t been lucky to buddy up with someone else, I wouldn’t be doing this blog post! There is a mini hunt happening at Rayne – its on till the 4th June so no immediate rush. It all sounds prettttty simple dimple, but the reality is its quite hard. I know I know I’m useless at hunts – but seriously, youve only got to find four little (and I mean teeny) boxes with clues that lead you to the prize – and I struggled majorly . Anyyywayyy, mission accomplished and heres the gifty- complete little summer outfit and its so darling. Skirt, top and sunnies. Fitted mesh for the top and standard size, some mesh body & standard sizes for the skirt – precious! Have fun and don’t come knocking for hints ! (When you land hit up the big sign board for your first hint and then follow the clues)


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All the pretty things (hunt prize inc.)

Eclectica Bella Platform pumps for Slink high - coldLogic hoyt pants - gretel fur jacket purplemoon creations - Tableua vivant my love hair c88

I am such a happy shopper, not only alone but even when I’ve been called to look at something totally unrelated, I find myself seduced by a little trinket or two. Zan asked me to go see this suit she was thinking of buying (which she did) and as I was walking through Purplemoon Creations I happened to see this darling fur jacket called Gretel  , its faux fur so no animals were harmed in the making of course. I snagged it in beige and at only $85L I might go back for a few more colours. Worn over my coldLogic “hoyt” pants I think it looks darling ! I also tried it on over a dress and a camisole tshirt – both worked fine.

Bella Pump Eclectica NEW! (many other colour options)


On my trotters are a new release from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy!) These are the “Bella” pumps and they come in a zillion yummy colours. These are for Slink high feet btw. I love that Tiffy doesn’t make the heel so so thin, yes they are stilettos but yes they do have a good-looking heel not something that looks like it might break on your first step out the door.

CIRCA  - Cyprus Escape Bench - Mediterra Mix (28 pos) NEW!

Something new from CIRCA also today, the Cyprus escape bench and wall art (other pieces included in the prize box that match). The bench is choka block with poses for singles and couples and has some gorgeous plump cushions to get comfy on at the back. There are twenty-eight sit poses in total, you wont get bored relaxing on this for sure.  Unbelievably the whole set is only $20L – mmhmm its the prize in The House Hunt ! Hint is at the entrance to the store, you are looking for a heart in a box, there are also decoys planted to confuse you! (Say hello to Mr. Mint my Siamese pussy cat ! ) Thanks Cherelle ❤







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Spring Garden

Hunt Gift - gardening shed - animated

I was overjoyed to find this gift in the Birthday Hunt, it’s totally fab ! This is the prize from Pillows & Things, a sweet little store that I mooched about in for quite some time. The gift comprises of everything you can see (apart from my sky dome of course!) The shed itself is fairly low prim, nothing is hard linked, meaning you can take away some of the decor items as your prim budget allows.

Hunt gift - Garden furnished shed !

The patch of soil is actually animated, and if you touch the little tool box it will give you all the tools to perform the chores. You can also touch the watering can that’s perched on the wheelbarrow to get your own can to wear, perfect huh?! Inside is just as a real garden shed should be, natural wood and ready to hold all your bits and pieces. I had a lot of fun with this and will try to find a place for it in my SL home. This hunt does end on the 30th, so dash !

Pillows & Things

The Birthday Hunt blog

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Easter Designers Hunt (Freebies!)

Corset & gold Pants - FREE !

I hopped over to Sassy today to see if I could strike lucky in the hunt, and I really scored ! There are three stores involved in this , but I only had time to do one *sad face*. Each location has ten little eggs for you to find, I found seven of Sassys . (pretty good for moi – Im useless at hunts) My favourite items are above, the gold mesh pants which are sooper lovely and the gorgeous cream corset. Its got some seriously pretty details on the back with laces. Go see how well you do ! (All prizes are 0L btw)


Info for the hunt