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Its Free & 1Li !

I’ve been meaning to blog this for simply ages but I haven’t. I got the box and selfishly just scattered all the goodies around my home – then forgot ! I only remembered when I was looking at a reading nook and came across Meshpossible again. Decided to get the demo of the reading nook and got side tracked by the HUGE box of free items that comes with all the demos (well ok, $1L) Grab the box and investigate it! You’ll see all the demos and then the freebies above.

Seriously fantastic items ! I’ve been using the room divider (on the right) for a long time in my own homes, but then I spotted the box had been updated with the corner shelving, chandelier and more plants – all 1Li, all have heaps of textures and some even have shape changes (like the aquarium)

MeshPossible Freebies

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Be a V.I.P

I know we all find it hard to keep a spare slot free for a new group these days…but there are some you really do need to be in. Especially if you’re a decor freak like  moi! [CIRA] have a superb VIP gifty at the moment, it’s the Sound City Studio pictured above…such a lovely build..stylishly coloured with violet accents on the walls and frontage…only 47 prims !

If you’re super fast you might also be able to find the light as a feather deco set that compliments the Sound City the pack is this trio of vases…

Also this gorgeous feather surrounded mirror, which is also colour change. (Literally a squillion colours too)

Andddd…the matching feather edged light pendant as above…(also colour change)….The Four walls hunt ends today…so speed over and see if you can rustle it up…btw…if youre into pianos as Iam..the one I’m sat at is by prim possible…YES, it’s just one solitary prim, it isn’t temp rezzed…and it costs just one linden dollar ! It plays just one tune, the more expensive models from this store play heaps..but as a decor item that wont break your prim bank…its a winner no?


PrimPossible piano