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Walk Of Shame

Yes you do know what I mean. That long trip home in the morning  from a wild night out where you’ve lost your bag, shoe and dignity.

Walk of

Rummaging in my Invent in another desperate attempt to clear out the carp and find the goodies I came across this dress.  One of those lightly sheer dresses that shows off just enough to catch peoples eyes but not so that your nude in public.  So I had to check that it was still a Freebie and not only is it still a freebie but they have an updated version of it for Lola Tangos.  Of course I binned my boobless photo and had fun with my Lolas.  I have to say that it looks equally as cheeky, sexy with both enhanced and natural boobs so do not let that put you off and it’s also NON MESH! so wearable for all.

ShameSimple shirt, simple shorts, simple price….FREE.  A group gift from Chandelle and a generous one at that because you not only get all the mesh sizes but 2 colour choices of shirts, black or white, and 5 colour choices for the shorts. Simple mesh shorts with an untucked shirt perfect for any time.

If you have a few Lindens to spare you can join the paid for group and pick up the dresses for that one and chances are if this is the quality of the Freebie then any VIP Group gifts she sends out will be quality items.

Update on the sheer dress from EB Atelier, just in case you have issues with the MP or time to kill inworld then I’d reccomend you pop to their inworld shop.  On the floor near the back of the shop is a sack which contains not only the dress but some other items but also if you join the Free Group there is a pair of Heels just waiting to be picked up for a single Linden.

AB Atelier Sheer Dress Inworld

Sheer Dress Marketplace

Chandelle Shirt&Shorts

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Perfect Timing

I was just about to TP to a shop that I know sells skins which are designed to be worn with Lola Tangoes because I have heard that people are worried that they won’t be able to get a skin match so I decided I’d buy a skin and see if those few people who cannot for some reason match their skin can buy one.  Fortunately before I went shopping I decided to clean out some of my invent and see if there was any goodies and I came across a box from Hot Stuff and tucked inside was some  WOO HOO Lola Tango SKINS! I wasn’t too excited at first because they come in such small boxes with even smaller pictures on the front so you couldn’t really see how good they are and they are good.


A couple of surprises is that you put on your lola boobs and put on the skin and in the skin package comes an Applier which applies the matching boob skin colour.  So I had a horrid thought that if you need to apply the skin with an applier then you won’t be able to apply a clothing layer over the top and that’s not the case at all.  Your skin applier colours the boobs and whatever you chose to wear on top you use the applier given with that outfit and it simply layers it over the breast skin.  EASY. As an added bonus this free’s up your tattoo layer so you can use that for something else.


This is Regina coral skin and the darker skin is the Regina Nutmeg.  Now I have taken a really good naked shot so you could have a better view of the skin match and nipple colouring and then I remembered the 1 nip rule which basically means I can’t really show that picture but if you look at my Flickr then it will be there.  So this is the prudish shot and the rudish shot is……..HERE


Because there is no demos of this skin I just snapped this close up of the Reginal Coral skin at a normal SL miday light setting (face light on though I never ever not wear a FC).  250Lds and you get 3 choices of make ups and cleavage options and at that price a bargain. Speaking of which quite a few hunts going on and lots of Group Gifts and old hunt items going for cheap on the table.  So make sure you check them out.

Hot Stuff

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OoH Lala (Lola Tango)

Thats the name of the shop and that’s exactly what they stock.  Sexy, silky, satin, sheerness and with a touch of cute and retro thrown in.  Best of all TANGO ready.  But you do know that you do not need prim boobs to wear these clothes? I hope you do because it would be such a shame to not treat yourself just because you may think they’re only for prim breasts.  So can be worn with or without Lola Tangoes but are not compatible with another set of boobies.


This is the Lined Corset in cream and blue with big pink hip bows and garters, but the stockings are separate.  You really need me to describe this because it’s just plain sexy and adorable! 150Lds inc the Tango Applier so at that price you can maybe even treat yourself to one of the other colour choices.


Betty Body Suit in cream.  Again this can be worn with or without the Appliers and comes in all layer and is just sooo Retro Sexy.  15oLds with the Tango Appliers inc, not the stockings, so another bargain.


Sheer Teddy in Peach and a lot of orange which really does set it off.  Doesn’t come in all layers but since your hardly going to be hiding this sweet thing under clothes you don’t really need the jacket layer etc.  When I put this on the bow rezzed on the front but is shown on the back in the photo but not is it so easy to simply edit it in place because the bow is copy when I next put this outfit on I’m making a few copies for the front and back.  Again Tango Ready for only 120Lds and this one does come with the stockings inc.  Nude is the shade with this coloured outfit but if you want different colours then there is a whole selection of shades for only 30Lds.

You may also notice a certain lack of boobs.  As I’ve said beofre I have always kept my Boobs on the small size and then I got Lolas and now! but I wanted you to see that you can certainly wear a lot if not most of Prim boobed clothes.

There is a lovely looking freebie bra, knickers and pasties set  which I’ve forgotten to try on and now I’m in my Mrs Claus AV I’m sure you don’t want to see me modelling it.  But from the picture it looks the same shop quality as the rest (small picture on the side table).

Ooh LaLa Lingerie and Accessories

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Whatever Lola Wants (Boobies)

You can’t ignore them they’re everywhere now, and I am of course talking about Prim Boobs.  I suffer from Gazungas in RL so in SL I prefer the pert sizing.  However as more and more well-known shops are starting to cater for those who want more “than a handful”  we decided it was time to invest in a pair and see what the craze is about. Now Lolas don’t come as a Demo so I thought I would grab a pair and check them out because they’re not cheap BUT…………….


I LOVE MY LOLAS!!!  I never ever thought I would say that but I do I am now an addict of the sheer cheek and sexyness of them.

The one thing, apart from a lack of demo, that also put me off was the few blogs I have read have seemed to make it look so difficult and for someone who still struggles with matching prim feet to my skin. I didn’t want to waste my money on boobs I couldn’t work with but it’s soooo easy! First you put on the boobs (make copies just in case) and then click the boob and a menu pops up, you can then chose your skin colour, nipples, piercings, size and clothes layer.  Then once you’ve matched the skin colour up to your skin, you then select the same skin fixer,  both the skin shades and fixers are numbered so if you’re using pale skin 2 you pick pale fixer 2.  The Skin Fixer is simply a tattoo layer which helps to smooth out the join between boobs and you and LOOK how good that has worked.

Must make a note about the clothing layer that you get in the boob  menu, as I don’t think this is made clear as to what it’s for and it took me a while to work it out. Click your boobs and chose the clothing button. Chose the top which is nearest to the item your going to be wearing ie Dress top, Bikini and you get a system style basic item on.  Then wear the Applier and you get a button your screen and when you click that the system style top transforms itself into the texture and shape of the item you want to wear. See clear as mud but if you indulge and get yourself a pair you will soon understand what I mean and again it’s so easy once you know.

The first photo was taken in my skyhome at midday with my own Face Light.  Undoubtedly different light settings will enhance the look and blending of the seams make your boobs look at their best.  So I’ve taken a few different photos not only of different skins, Laq nougat, Laq Pale and a Step Inside fair skin and had great fun doing it.


A silhouette shot just so you can appreciate how defined they are.  Now because WordPress has certain restrictions on what can and cannot be shown I’ve put the nude photos on my Flickr so I hope you can see with different skins and different  light settings how they can look so good.

My Flickr

You get in the pack

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine).

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Developer Kit:

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Top template.                          Lolas ::: Skin Fixer 3.0  Tan (boxed).
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Nipples template.                  Lolas ::: Skin Fixer 3.0  Light (boxed).
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Skin template.                         Lolas ::: Skin Fixer 3.0  Medium (boxed).
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Bra Applier.                             Lolas ::: Basic Bikini (All Layers).
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Nipples Applier.                    Lolas ::: Basic Tanktop (All Layers).
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Skin Applier.                           Lolas ::: Basic Tubetop (All Layers).
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Top Applier.                           Lolas ::: Color Hud.

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Developer Kit Instructions.

Lolas ::: User Manual.
Lolas ::: Facelight.

Disclaimers and a slight warning.

I’m 100% happy with my Lolas I think it’s so easy because the ones I am showing are the Lola Tangos and I get the feeling that they’re the newest models so they’ve been made idiot proof just right for people like me.  The caution is that because they’re the latest models that means they’re slowly seeping their way into the market and a lot of items that are marked as being for “Lolas” may not actually contain the  applier needed for Lola Tango.  Lola has a few different boobs which have been around for much longer so please make sure that the outfit that you’re looking at  contains a Lola Tango Applier or you can buy one as a seperate purchase, which of course means an added cost. The only other thing is I had ZERO trouble matching my skin up and later I will be testing more skins but that doesn’t guarantee you won’t. There is a hud which should be able to help with this and for those serious boob and teccie fans you could actually Developer kit and have fun shading and doing all sorts of things to your boobs. Worse comes to worse, and it shouldn’t, I’ve noticed that you can actually buy skins which are a perfect match to Lola Tango skin colours but I honestly believe most wouldn’t even need to.  I think it’s just a gap in the market that someone has spotted.

Also a lot of the blogs admit that they do use a little bit of Photoshop to smooth any rough edges at the join but this is just for photos.  My suggestion is when you find a light and preference setting that makes them look their best then share those settings with your SL beloved and let them also enjoy the sight.

My Flickr