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Refusing to adult! (inc New Mina hair & Freebie).

Nope, not today, when it’s not even 10 am and you’re already sick of dumb people and you’re walking around with a suspected broken toe, there is a smell of old socks in your kitchen(WTF!) and even that tiny little scratch on your finger has flared up and that’s not even all of the nasty niggles I’ve had so far,trust me I’m dreading my “Deepwater gym” session this evening with my luck I’ll drown.

So a random post to cheer me up but as always I still have a freebie tucked in with it.


Look what PD made meeee! A stunning waterfall! PD (Player Dagostino) is Faiths OH in SL and they are in touch in RL as well.  Their love has lasted OMG I can’t even remember how many years they have been together as both lovers and marrieds! Anyhow both Faith and PD must have been bored and she supplied the building equipment and he went to work and made me this stunning waterfall right next to my house.  I’ve never actually had a waterfall before although Faith had one in the centre of our sim I didn’t really pay it much attention they weren’t my thing but this one is stunning and once I’ve softened it will oodles of plants this is going to be a stunning feature and now I’ve got this I know what sort of house I’m going for to use for my Autumn/Winter home.

Now for a freebie.


OK yes it’s another Romper and they’re now pretty common gifts BUT new readers may have missed old posts or you like this colour etc and you know me I can’t walk past a shop quality freebie….ok ok I went for lazy this morning but I do have a lot of planting to do.


Can you just see the quality in the ties! and look I have Dragon Flies!…damn I rhymed again! Not had much of a look around the TRS Designs shop but if the LM doesn’t take you to the GG then it’s next to one of the reception desks, plus I’m sure there is a couple of hunts on so they’re worth checking out as well.

Now a bit about the hair and of course it’s a Mina and a new one at that, this one is called Ysabel and because it’s at the Shiny Shabby event which opens today I wouldn’t bother even trying to go get it right now but give it a few days to calm down.  Not sure if it’s up in the main shop for you to try the demo out but worth a pop in for sure.  As it happens there are 2 new hairs at this event and I’ve kept it simple with this one but the other hair called Meva is a bit more unique, it’s windy with a hair band and chains which sounds weird but it’s a really good looking and unusual one.  Have no idea of what to team that with but I might do a super simple head shot just because I’m lazy and in pain.

No I didn’t drown but I didn’t get time to click “Publish” yesterday so here is a bit more info for you.

Ah now I understand why “Minea” is “unique” it’s a collab between Mina and a shop called Meva, sorry I don’t know the designer/owner’s name and in fact, it’s a completely new shop to me! but it looks like it’s been here for a long time.  So I’ve left you the LM for that shop, from what little I saw as I was LM grabbing it pretty darn interesting and there looks like something for everyone ie men, women, fantasy, casual wear and of course I spotted on the sign that there is a discount department which will be thoroughly checked out by me.

PS Shiny Shabby was quiet enough for me to get in so you may be in luck, also the LM will take you direct to the Mina stall or of course both demo’s for Ysabel and Minea.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Main shop


TRS Designs