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Pussy Tails. (freebies).

Decided to pop over to RH Designs because although Ryo Ixxel hasn’t put out a notice in a while I thought there might be some new stuff or better still some new free stuff in his shop [[RH]] Design House and I did find new free stuff.  This rug with not only with the 2 cushions but also a cute kitty cats bottom and tail poking out as it digs under the rug only come to 2 prims!  Most surprised and pleased and it will be kept out now.  There are 2 rugs to choose from this but apart from the difference in texture it’s exactly the same with the cushions and kitty cat.


Although it’s always great to see new free stuff it’s also lovely to see old GGs left out esp when they’re such great quality.  So make sure to grab not only the table next to these rugs but also check outside the front of the shop to see a whole load of Decor Group Gifts make sure to grab those crates and click and sit as they have hidden poses in them.


I rummaged in my Flickr Account and found my old photos of a previous GG which is the desk.  Just like everything in his shop if you check out the back of the chair and the front of the drawers you will see details not usual with such low primed items.  All of his items have such a lovely little touch to them and at affordable prices.

[[RH]] Design House

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Now for something different.

slaveI popped over to Stone Misery to grab the 60LD weekend offer of a grungy stove/cooker to store in my invent as a handy prop. Then I noticed Dominant/submissive Hunt sign and since I was hoping my initial would come up on the Lucky Chairs I would kill sometime and see if I could find the hidden Handcuffs (hint given) and woo hoo I did.  The prize is this work bench with a mini cage that’s being worked on and a separate mini cage which you can see me modelling, like a Pro.  Even though the cage is really small my AV tucks into it so neatly.  Each cage comes with the single curled up pose and the work bench has a single working on the cage pose each pose has light movements to them not frozen ones.   Each hunt item cost only 5Lds.

cookerThis is the 60Lds offering and although in SL and RL I prefer to keep my homes clean I know there are some serious scruffs out there so that this might just fit in perfectly to your lifestyle (filthy pigs).

Stone Misery is heavy into Goth, darkness, sexy,Master and Mistress etc but not so much so that even a”vanilla” like me will find plenty to tempt them.  Lots of decor items from books to Gargoyles, furniture from sofa’s to thrones, garden items etc and although you don’t have to be a Dom or Sub you do have to be an Adult to visit.

Check out behind the staircase for a handy TP to all the different depts.

 Stone Misery

Dominant/submissive Hunt SLurs and hints

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everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_007

Ohhh you’d be very very foolish to miss this sale… *Step inSide* have all their decor & furniture for just 50L at the moment, until the 31st march. I wandered over to take a peek and found this amazing FULLY furnished home , and yes…it was 50L *faint*. When I say furnished…I don’t mean a few pieces…I mean totally…crammed with goodies ! Above is the bedroom area, the bed is animated (PG only but some lovely cuddles and kisses and friends poses) The exposed brickwork on the wall totally rocked my boat..a real sense of warmth pervades the whole build …

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_005

What am I doing ! I dont know…but…theres so much space I had to twirllllll around and make the most of it..this area is just inside the entrance…a space to watch tv…entertain…hang up your coat…tall windows bring in much light…lovely detail of the steel bars lend it a modern style, yet not losing the cozy feel…

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_008

Ahhh but it had to have a bathroom right?! It doesn’t disappoint either…very glamorous. I especially liked the water effect in the bath…both sinks are animated…on my right, which you can’t see is THE biggest double shower eva ! What I so love about buying something like this (apart from the brilliant sale price) is you can use or remove anything…or use parts in other places..move stuff around and really personalise it…I have neither added or removed anything , everything you see in these photos is what you get if you buy it..good huh?

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_002

The kitchen is through from the main lounge, its got a bar with stools…a longggg kitchen counter with stove top hob and sink (both animated)…lovely space to hang with your mates and enjoy a coffee or…five.

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_004

They have even managed to squeeeze in an office space under the stairs…what a space saver !

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_001

Last of all is the glorious main lounge..a showstopper of a room…large yet warm and comfy…the fire effect is gorgeous and with two large couches plus a chair, you’ve got plenty of room to invite guests…This home isn’t on display, which is why I took so many photos to try to show you, however there is a 1L demo you can grab if you want to get an idea of sizing for your land (it also works really well as a sky home)..dont forget…all home decor is marked down to 50L until the 31st of this month !

*Step inSide*

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New Year… New Home

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin

Out with the with the new…fancy something plush for 2013? I’ve got something to show you ! The  Seattle Mountain Cabin is a brand spankin new home from Prism Furniture….Brick and wood built for a real comfy style. The pack comes stuffed full of additional goodies to decorate with, including some exterior landscaping items ! For further photos of the interior and decor look here) The build alone is pretty low prim, it’s a BIG home and way under 60 prims for it is frankly astonishing…(landscaping and decor excluded)

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin Fireplace

Totally love love LOVE the fireplace…rich and atmospheric , it casts such a cozy feel over the lounge area, with its beautiful wood surround and artfully arranged frames above…

Prism Furniture Eden Swing

Theres also a new range of swing seats out that look delicious on the porch of this Home….comes in  a few different colours, I happen to adore this sage green …great poses that extend to right and left of the seat…

Prism Furniture Seattle Mountain Cabin wall lamp

Just to give you an idea of the quality of the internal decor…check out this wall lamp, such a small part of the whole set up, but absolutely perfect. Fantastic detail is what makes this a real winner for me…. The whole home, decor & landscaping is out on show for you to wander about at the main store…go take a peek ! Thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture



The Home & Garden Expo 2011

One of the biggest events of the year has kicked off, the  fourth Homes & Garden Expo, and I was giddy was excitement after receiving my press pass to get a sneaky preview before its crazzzzy busy (thank you Cleom Bailey!) There are ten sims of goodies to peruse, yes TEN! It runs until the 22nd of this month so plenty of time to work your way around and see it all. The expo will cover all areas of home and land decor in SL. It gathers together many of SL’s greatest architects, furniture makers, gardeners and landscapers, some well-known and some not so well-known, in a grand display to Second Life shoppers and visitors.

Each Exhibitor will be selling two items which make their debut at the Expo and those sales will go to benefit Relay For Life, along with all proceeds from this year’s, always popular Scavenger Hunt, Auction and Raffle.

 As you can see I found a couple of quiet corners to sit and relax, there are some stunning displays dotted around to enjoy and appreciate.

Lisp had some gorgeous items out, this umbrella set caught my eye, stacked with poses and so unique.

Dont forget to keep an eye out for some beautiful gifts as you walk about, Lisp had this oh-so-pretty day bed that came with two styles of lamps, and a new designer to me “Julia” had a super side table out complete with wine giver as a pressie (Julia also had a house out as a gift but I havent had time to rez it yet booo). Check out the superb details on Julia’s creations, certainly a store I shall investigate later. (thanks Lisp & Julia!)

If you’re an outdoorsy type, there’s also things to interest you..AZ Emporium had a simply fab selection of camping equip, the bed for this tent was amazing, you could close the mozzy nets,unmake & make the bed, plus nortiness in the poses *blush*.

As things hotted up and the official open time went by I flew off to the higher numbered sims before it got crowded and I met up with Sandi Glas of Glas Houses, my first real-life designer in the pixel flesh so to speak ! Sandi was most gracious and rezzed up another lawn chair for me to sit on while we chatted. Sandi has been designing Homes for 2 years and although she wasnt trumpeting the fact shed won awards I spotted it while I was profile snooping her (busted big time huh) Turns out shed won two  at build-off competitions hosted by what was once called the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, and is now Virtual Museums, Inc.

I had a wander about as Sandi mentioned she had a “beachy” type villa on display and I’m  a sucker for those, you HAVE to go see it, its one of her relay for life items and is totally different from anything Id considered for a beach theme before (think sharp white walls,dark crisp wood,angles & curves). The homes are solidly built,and very “warm” , you know the type of place you walk into and its empty, and immediately in your head you’re arranging your own furniture in it? Main store if you miss her pitch is here: Glas Houses . Lovely to meet you Sandi and thanks!

Andddd finally I found Cleo Designs ! Cleom Bailey is on Sim 4, which is chock-a-block with goodness . I just had to show you this lounger,its pretty fabulous…loadsss of poses and the back of the relciner even changes position as you sit up and down…I LOVE that!

Inside the pretty white house (which is also for sale) I found this piano set, I can’t express how pretty it is, its Cleom’s Relay for Life item, priced very reasonably at 200L you get all that you see in the photo. I was particularly impressed with the music it plays..go try it out ! (and its verrrrrry low prim yay!)

The Hall stand also caught my attention, a real steal at 100L, perfectly executed with great details and a pretty pose,as usual with Cleom’s designs you see it and wanttttt it ! (isn’t the little bag hanging up just toooooo cute??!!) Dont forget to mooch outside..there is a glorious arbor complete with couches,floaty curtains and tables that will make you swoooon. If you miss Cleo Designs at the fair here’s the main store: Cleo Designs (but you wont see the exclusive RFL items there!)

Hope you enjoy the event as much as I am/have, I suggest you do a couple of sims a day, I got a bit OVER excited doing so many in one go. There is so much to see and do, heaps to buy and snaffle up..and if you’re wanting to learn some new skills, Builders Brewery are also holding lessons & classes in all sorts of creating hurrrah! There are also live music sessions, parrrtay! In each sim there are teleporter boards & maps, you really wont get lost, I just flew around all ten sims and landed in the middle where the info boards were, brilliantly organised and easy to navigate, bigggg thanks to the organisers *squidge*

Further info :

Official website:

The fabulous sponsors : Shameless Bits, Prim Perfect, Pre Fabulous, Cozy Homes,  KittyCats, Antique Artistry, UrbanizeD Homes, Stonewood Homes, Zoe’s Garden, The WoodShed,

The sims: Home expo 1  Home expo2    Home expo 3   Home expo 4   Home expo 5   Home expo 6   Home expo 7   Home expo 8   Home expo 9   Home expo 10

The scavenger Hunt start point: Scavenger Hunt

Building classes : Builders Brewery (schedule of classes available on site) Or for more info see here :