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Be A Super Fan & Get The Benefits

Trompe Loeil Super Fans offer $50L Geonna Pool

I’ve been a member of the Trompe Loeil Super Fan group for ages and the benefits of this free to join group are simply amazing. Each week there are special offers for its members of two items , each just $50L. This week one of the items is the Geonna pool above. Absolutely huge and stuffed with PG animations for singles & couples, bathing and relaxing.

Trompe Loeil Geonna Pool $50L

The pool is really beautifully executed with a central island and cascading water into the main pool In the roofed section is an area to set up a bar, a roaring fire and a couple of sweet windows to let those windlight effects stream through. This would make a big impact on a garden due to its size, and at 67Li isn’t so primmy for such a substantial build. Go and take a look, you can always find yourself one of the rez stations and take a good look at it before buying and test out all the animations. Don’t forget you need to be in the super fans group! Youll find these super fan items right to the right hand side of the main door.

Trompe Loeil –

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Free Sky home With A View

Never one to miss an event I headed over to the latest round of The New Ones. Great looking event with plenty to mooch at. I recognised a few of the stores but Erfe was new to me. They have a fantastic home for sale at the event check it out! Then I spotted this…

Erfe FREE Skyhome 24Li

On a side wall is this gift from Erfe – was a fantastic way to see if you want to see more of their work – and I certainly do! Just join the Binge events group (its free) and collect this stylish retreat as yours. Basically you have one spacious living area and I mean…its big. Plenty of room to sub divide if you wish into different spaces – or keep it as is and enjoy the airy bright quarters. There is an open fronted kitchen area with tiled floor, a seperate small room which might suit a bathroom – then ohmydays that classic city skyline view. Texturing is spot on, sleek and modern and really nice attention to detail. All this for just 24Li ❤

The New Ones

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All The Quality For $1L

I’ve always been a big fan of Imegica – and have lived in several of their homes over the years. The texturing is exquisite and the designs are uber modern with some lovely vintage features.

Dollarbie House 99Li

I spotted this build “Bloomwood” on the market place today for just $1L ! Nabbed it straight away to check it out and was not disappointed. All the usual quality of Imegica and such a large living space for only 99Li. The peeling wooden stilt legs are so decorative and useful if you’ve got land that’s not perfectly flat. Two airy living spaces, one with a marble style floor and one carpeted – which I think after wandering around Id use as the sleeping space.

Dollarbie House 99Li views

Both floors have balcony areas with smooth operating doors – perfect for a few plants, seats etc. I really cant fault it ! There are a few other dollarbie gifts including a couple of super cute décor items that appear to be new.

Imegica market place

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$35L Sunday

35L Sunday - MB - 2 room house with decor 20 prims

Its time for 35L Sundayyyy! Always manage to pick up a few items from this event each week – and this Sunday was no different. I snapped up this cottage from MB , its 20 prims and comes fully loaded with décor attached. Smoke from the chimney is a sweet touch plus straw around the edges of the build.

35L Sunday cottage 20 prims

Inside is one room to the ground floor (working front door) with a ladder up to the first floor. Outside is a lean too covered area, perfect for some plants or piggy’s or maybe an outdoor kitchen? As its only 20 prims Im tempted to use it as a sim filler on my rustic area but its quite big enough for a small home – great buy !

35L Sunday Gallery


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The Royalty Hunt

FREE Elvin Gazebo with chair & table

I scooted about and did The Royalty Hunt this evening – you’re looking for an open book and its totally free. I will list the hints page below to give you a head start. Lots of tiaras and crowns but I also found this rather stunning build by Mesh Entity. Its called the Elvin Magic Gazebo and its MAHOOSIVE! The greenery and moat style water around the edge are all added in, its really pretty. You also get a chair and table in the pack. Now it is rather primmy (150Li I seem to recall) BUT it is also modify – so you could trim that down quite a lot by removing bits and pieces.

The Royalty Hunt Hints page

Mesh Entity

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$60L Castle ! Until 9th September!

$60L RT Design

A new round of $60L Special Weekly has started and RT designs have another brilliant build for you. This rather fabulous castle comes with the gardens, a cave below, one main room and a smaller room above, all the landscaping in also in the pack – I admit I didn’t buy this one as its not *my* style but it might be yours. You can find it in the rezzer outside so take a look before purchasing.

$60L weekly gallery

RT Design

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Moonlit Bay in Winter

Moonlit Bay in Winter

Zan has been SO busy the last week – she had a flash of inspiration and whizzed into action on the sim we rent. Then I spied what she was doing and whined and whinged to have it too ! Snow, a new home and also a causeway out to a beautiful garden (you cant see that bit) I don’t know how she does it all so fast but I’m glad she does ❤ Her home is in its uhm 5th reincarnation atm – keeps changing her mind and each time I log in its different !

Happy 1st December ❤

New Home: Trompe Loeil – Garrett Country Cottage

Snow: Hayabusa Design Snow particle $49L

Snowy rocks: :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten H Winter

Beach: –Skye Rocky Shore