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Bad girls! (freebies).

Looks like both Faith and I have been RL busy busy busy so I thought I would get up these super lovely hunt items from one of my all time fav shops in SL, Boudoir as quickly as I can.

HeadPrecious Restless  has a lovely and really really hard hunt going on at the moment, a total of 6 Christmas baubles placed around her shop and land and they’re HARD to find! even worse she’s moving them each day OMG EVIL WOMAN!  However when you do find them you are so grateful and she has not just her big shop but outside she has the most amazing garden items.  In fact check this out.

flowersI didn’t take this photo to blog I took it just to see how lovely her plants looked and maybe use it as a background on my comp but this is just an example of some of the ethereal loveliest items.  The dandelions are actually really large and stunning.  Lots of wintery, sparkling grasses and bushes not free but now I’ve got some money to spend I’m going to be splashing out and treating myself to some for our sim.


Lucky me because I found a total of 3 of the items, the primtastic Christmas wreath headdress and poor Rudolph’s head.  I also got an amazing wearable of a laidened down sleigh and thank goodness that is a wearable because I rezzed it and it ate ALL of our remaining prims on our sim! Thats how much detail in it but fortunately poor Rudolph is only 12 prims so he can go onto anyone’s wall.  The other items which I am determined to find are a pressie strewn Christmas sofa, a pile of pressies that you carry and a full sized AV snow globe prop.  If you get desperate then you can actually also buy these but I’m going to hunt those suckers down.

So check back soon as I have a load of stuff just waiting to be blogged and now that the RL work rush is calming down I can start to work thought my blogg folder.

PS I do believe you have to join the Boudoir Group, could be wrong, but it is free to join.  Also if you can’t get inworld just yet check out her Marketplace shop and prepare to be wowed.


Boudoir Marketplace

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Patience Pays

I was getting messages through the Vita Boudoirs group calling out LC initials which surprised me as she doesn’t have a LC or LB in her shop but oh yes she does, at least for the moment. Since I had a massive amount of old notes to go through I plonked myself next to the LI (lucky Island) and waited.  Since there  was never less than a dozen other people stood there is didn’t take that long for me to grab a fun wearable tropical island, a bikini to match and a lovely summer head-dress.

Print1I’m not wearing the island in this photo I rezzed this one my land and then picked a pose out of my invent because I wanted you to get a good shot of the bikini and the pose that comes with this wearable didn’t do the fruityness of the bikini justice.  So when you wear it your sat sprawled on the deck chair soaking up the sun.  As it happens the island itself is approx 53 prims so if you live on a very wooded, grassy sim and you want a patch of sand and you have some free prims this would be a fun thing.  What you can’t see is that the island also sits in a puddle of water and a sharks fin circles around you which is why you get the sign warning you not to feed the shark.

The Tropical bikini is mesh and you get the corsage and hair flower as separates a nice addition to you accessories.

Print 2Squealed when I saw the budgie and then squealed some more when I realised there was 2 of them and they’re kissing!  This is the Summer head-dress which is just gorgeous.

I’ve blogged Vita’s Bouidor many a time and will do so again.  A Real Life designer who has brought her designs into SL so each piece is full of imagination and uniqueness. A selection of costumes, ethreal plants landscaping and gorgeous furniture all with that something that makes them different but it’s the clothes which will make you stand out from the rest.

Now if you don’t have the patience then you can actually see what items are in the LC and purchase them instead of waiting. If I remember the bikini is a 100Lds but the rest I’m not sure of but again since Vita has a lot of fans that LC changes pretty often you stand a good chance winning sooner than you think.


Boudoir Marketplace

Boudoir Blogg

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Lady Of The Lake

fairy11Once again I found myself wandering around Boudoir and yet again I couldn’t decide on which amazing outfit to buy.  Precious Restless is a RL designer and artist and you can tell that from her SL clothes.  They’re stunningly textured, creatively designed, feminine and FUN outfits.  This dress is called “Narcissus Lake Dress”  the underskirt moves and flows just like water I’m not sure what that texturing is called where the actual pattern moves but it’s so pretty and so effective.  Then a top layer of lily pads and then just to make it stand out even more, around you floats/flies adorable fishes and flying insects. If your unsure of the quality of her clothing then at a 100Lds this is more than reasonably priced so you can buy n try and know that if you go for one of her more pricier outfits you can be assured of the quality.

Art Framed useDoesn’t this photo look like a work of art and yet it’s  a close up of the skirt so you can get some idea of how “watery” the underskirt is. You can see just a couple of the fish and one of the dragonflies but all in all there is about a dozen swimming and flying around you.  This is more obvious in the first photo.

Boudoir is a big shop packed with temptation.  Hair, shoes, costumes and a small selection of furnishings. Outside is an equally small but ethereal selection of plants inc the most gorgeous over sized Dandelions.  Don’t ignore the greenhouse esp if your a Petite because she has a select selection of her clothes for those petites who love to stun.  Lovely to see she has the accessories so even if your on the small size you can still recreate the look and for those who love their Lola’s then a small selection of her clothes have been adapted for the boobalicious.

As I’ve said Precious Restless is  a RL designer and artist and she has brought her amazing designs into  SL with her but if you check out my links you can see RL women wearing her clothes and how stunning they look.  Because SL is only limited by your imagination she has allowed herself to go OTT with the flowers, flounces, butterflies and frills making you stand out from the crowd.

Bouidor (her own site)

Bouidor Inworld

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Vita’s Boudoir

Thanks go to my good friend Flo who found this great Freebie although I must say it’s a bit cheeky calling it a “freebie” as it has great depth and quality of texture.   A funny and cute way to finish off an outfit.  If you join the Group then there is some gifties out for you to grab as well.

The 2 pictures above show the Chignon pack which for 600Lds you get a total of 6 of the fabric flowers and 2 of the roses and lace.  Break that down it is 75 Lds per head piece which is most reasonable if like me you like to wear flowers in your hair.

And then I saw this bold red concoction and at 250Lds was too reasonable a price for such amazing beauty. Boudoir is the shop name and Precious Restless  is the designer and not only is she a designer in Second Life but she is a designer in Real Life!  There is 3 floors of not just hats but also dresses, costumes, shoes, wild crazy hair, flowers outside and a small collection of furniture.  An absolute riot of colours and magnificent styling.  I’m not going to give you the Marketplace details for here, although it’s easy to find, because I want you to go to her shop I want you to get as many demos as you can and just have a blast.  Sometimes its great fun just to wear something that’s OTT but if you check out the links you will see she has maintained the same feminine and yet strong looks that she creates in RL into our SL.

Vita’s Boudoir