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Girl cave for FREE!

Popped over to Dench Designs yesterday to see if Amanda had anything new for me to snap up (she always does!) and I noticed that the group gift had changed yippeeeeee! It’s a corker this month, this “shed” that isn’t really a “shed” is a fantastic piece of kit for your home. If you’ve ever wanted a little place to hang out and potter in make sure you grab it. So so so the basic shed with no additional decor is 9 prims, it has the couch inside all set up. Thennnnn you can get adding stuff inside and out – indeedy-doo – potting bench, hanging basket, lights,bunting and inside a stove, cat and dog,ceiling lights on a rope, drapes, guitar and on and on and on – its brilliant!

Naturally the more you add the more prims you use and that’s the awesome part – it’s up to YOU what you have out or not. The couch has male and female poses and I have to say – its such a lovely cozy place to sit and chill. Group is free to join, I stay in it as Amanda doesn’t spam with loads of notices.

Dench Designs


Time to get in the garden?

Yes it’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to sunnier days, growing things and getting busy in the garden. Perfect timing for Cleo Design’s to generously hand out this group gift of a greenhouse ! Of course the structure itself is beautifully made but…see all the little items inside? The chair..the potting table,sacks,pot plants? They are all included yay! The tray of seedlings outside by the door has some really lovely gardening type animations and the chair is quite literally stuffed with poses..truly a wonderful gift…thank you Cleom Bailey ! Pop over to the store today, there are some gorgeous items to be found at super prices…and a stash of gifts for you to snatch by the door also..oohh and don’t forget to check out the houseboat in the water…its soooooo pretty!

Go get busy: Cleo Design