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Added interest for free

Free decor

I’m always on the look out for inexpensive items to add a little interest into a dull area. I found a few bits & bobs from Gwen on the market place that I was pretty thrilled with, all of them free & low land impact. Above are just three of the pieces I picked up, the cat & slippers on a chair was just 3Li, the cushion has a gazillion textures built in. Both potted plants were 2Li, dead simple yet effective fillers for your home.

Gwen store

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Its Uber Hometown !

Zinnias for Uber Town

A new round of Uber Hometown has begun and Im lucky enough to be able to share with you the items from Zinnias ! This is the “Modern Mayan” collection, available to buy as a fatpack or all the items individually. The interesting thing is its sectional, meaning you can use as much or as little of the couch sections as you wish. Each section is just 5Li or 4Li, the ottoman is only 2 Li – every piece is packed with poses for females, males or couples !

Uber Hometown Zinnias

I just absolutely adore the fabrics used for the cushions and throw. There is also a very modern coffee table with magazines, a Mayan style ceramic pot, rug plus of course the adorable potted plants. (Also a really nice framed print which is not shown) This came out at justtttt the right time for me, Ive just bought a new home and this set is the icing on the cake for it ! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Uber Hometown – Zinnias

Uber Hometown Gallery

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PP=Perseverance Pays (Inc Freebie, cheapie and go on splash out)

Yeah SL finally rezzed for me and AWWW nooo the new Lara Hurley gift I was hoping to show you is just an applier for a LeLutka Mesh head which is great if you have a LeLutka mesh head and I don’t, but although I didn’t check all of the old Group gifts are just around the corner so if you’ve not snagged them yet you have a nice treat waiting for you.

I keep on trying mesh heads but so far although I’ve found a couple which makes me go “hmm” not found one that “sings” to me yet.

So once I’d been disappointed about the Lara skin(BUT of course you Lucky LeLutka owners won’t be)  I decided to pop over to FaMESHed since it looked pretty quiet and it was. Have to say since this is a smaller more compact event it not only took me just a short time to saunter around but even less to grab the goodies PLUS I spent Lindens!

OK first the FREE and CHEAP.  I click everything which is why I scored this adorable Puddy tat.


My picture isn’t doing him justice I think that even though this is a gift from the Jian which is so well known for quality items, zooming this close on  fur textured items doesn’t really do them must justice.  But you can tell this is Jian quality because it has a delightful meow and delicate, simple and realistic movements.


I mean look at that face! Who could resist a face like that, not me for sure.


Sorry, there is a bottom to this fence but I got so distracted by the kitty in the background I forgot to lift it up a bit.  You actually get 2 shapes this standard straight panel and a corner piece.  I did try to angle the picture to show how the fence is curved at the bottom which gives it a much more detailed look.

To get these goodies you do have to join the FaMESHed group for a massive…7Lds and nope that’s not a typo it really is just 7Lds and they’re on the table just inside by the door.

However, if you want something even cheaper or in this case, Free then join the “The Little Branch” group.


The group joiner is on The Little Branch stand in The FaMESHed shop just join and then click the picture and this great low primmed, detailed Birch Tree in a pot is sent to you.  Copy as well so rezz away.  I’m leaving mine where they stand.

Have to confess I have a soft touch for Silver Birch because I am lucky enough to have a GIANT one in my garden.

So that’s the cheapies and Freebies and now for the “spendies” lol.


I’ve not even had time to unpack these so I just took a couple of quick snaps of the ones set out on the demo platform.  I’ve forgotten what these “weeds” are called it’s something like “lady Lace” LOL but they’re a common weed in the UK, you see them beside roads and on wasteland etc but NOT in my garden LOL.


This costs 399Lds and you get a mix of them in the pack, 1 prim each and copyable.  I’ve been so lazy this Summer, no scrub that I’ve been so busy this Summer than although our sim looks lovely it’s not had the care and attention we usually give it but I can’t wait for dare I say AUTUMN or at least late Summer  so I can scrap everything and redo the sim and with plants like this it’s going to be GREAT.

PS I’ve tried to show you how tall these plants are but I don’t think I’ve really done it so and I’m in such a rush I’ve forgotten the proper name of the shop but it’s probably “Hearts Garden Centre”.  Since you can not only see them in all their glory on the Demo platform, TP in the mainshop, you can also buy them there and not even have to TP back to the shop floor.

PPS OK Definately off now, I’ll be back on Wednesday so be good and I’ll bring some candy floss back for you.

Lara Hurley


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It swirls and turns over my home.

Snapshot_002This beauty comes from Artic Greenhouse which is a greenhouse packed with amazing works of floral art. From fat red roses to whispy babies breath, single stemmed flowers to pots packed with them.  Some items such as this ivy ball are highish in prims (25) but they’re awesome and worth it but fear not a good wander around here and there is plenty of items much lower in prim that can create a real focal point in your home.  The Abstract Ivy Ball is hanging from the ceiling and it only costs 45Ls!! In fact this is a more than reasonably priced shop.

TreeThe have a great selection of such low primed and reasonably priced trees that I couldn’t resist this Hawthorne I’ve taken this photo with my usual SL setting so you can see how good it looks but it looks even better inworld and if you use Windlight it’s awesome. Only 95Lds for 3 (Faith says 2prims)Prims even better.

There are 2 Portals for you to pop though and you must check out the Jungle skybox it’s outstandingly unique and beautiful.

Artic Greenhouse