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POST..a new addiction

I so rarely go gaga over furniture…not enough to mass tp my friends in to see try lounge around ON it..but but..for this, I did. The moment it was out of the box and standing there..I just fell in love . The shape and lines of the set are just sumptous..clean but luxurious…its the sort of thing Id imagine an old movie star having in their Hollywood home. Yes, its pink (hurrah!) but..for those who do not have a pink obsession, it is colour change…some lovely shades too…clay..ivory..avacado and more..

The intricate details are stunning on the table especially…adore the cocktail shaker that actually does dispense wearable drinks and ciggies (small and large versions to fit perfectly in your hand) The poses are top-notch with something for everyone. This set is called “Haarlem Deco Lounge Set” and at the moment you can only get your paws on it at the CHIC²  event..well worth the tp to go fetch..I also popped along to the mainstore and picked up a  few goodies for myself…found quite a few free framed prints and thee most divine little smoking table which is in my SL home, pride of place.

CHIC²  event

POST mainstore

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Working from Home

Where would we be without Mondays? The place to mourn the weekend gone by and where the weekend to come looks such a long, long way off in the distance. However, it’s also the day you know you’re guaranteed to find some good bargains in Second Life thanks to Monday Mania. For us guys, that means taking a trip down to SF Design.

This weeks offering is the super-cool Hamilton vest in black and green. Swaffette’s vests are some of the very few that look right on me and I really like the colour of this one, the black and green calling to mind deep, dark forests. It comes on the jacket and shirt layers in two-lengths for each as well as an underwear layer so you can tuck it in should you wish.

As always this great waistcoat will only set you back L$25 just for today. You can get it at this special price exclusively from the Monday Mania board located just inside SF Design’s casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

Oh and by the way, the awesome desk that I sat down to write this little post at is one of the gems from The Mens Dept that I have previously mentioned in these pages. It’s called the Chisolm Desk Set and is from a store called POST. The details are fantastic and it really is a brilliant piece of furniture, perfect for your home office or bedroom or whatever. The desk lamp turns on and off and the desk also gives you the pen to write with (handy when you’re blogging) and coffee should you need one afterward. There are also different sitting animations for you to use. Right now it’s only L$150 at The Mens Dept, you should head down and check it out.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept