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Lazy “Post”.Freebie.

I’m busy wandering SL at this moment and I decided to pop over to one of my all time fav shops, POST.  If I type “post” into my invent I could almost furnish a whole house with what I have bought from this shop. If I could I would have several houses on our sim and each would be decorated in their own unique style and one of them would be 100% Post not just furnishings but there are also some stupendous builds that you will never find anywhere else.  In fact because of the prim increases that Linden Labs have given us I actually went with the idea of checking these builds out so when the season, and my ever changing mood, I might just go for it and I can finally have the Post house I’ve always dreamed of.

Yup I’ve just been lazy and taken a picture of this gift as it is in the POST shop but I do have this already as it is a rather old giftie but such an excellent one, low prim and one touch gives you a cup to drink from and one of the smoothest AOs doing it.


If you read this and TP you may just catch me outside rezzing demo after demo of the builds so I can earmark the one I want for my Spring/Summer home.


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Spend some save some FREE some.

I picked these items up from a Fund Raising event and I have to confess that I know nothing about who the fund-raising is for and why but looking at the contributors to this event and the fact that a lot of them have their items set to 100% donations it must really be for a good cause. Once I’ve finished this post I’ll have a mooch around and see if I can work out any more details.

Fund raising or not as soon as I saw these Dust Bunny items they were MINE!


Everything bar the sink is a Dust Bunny item.  In fact the house that I’m using is one of Dust Bunny’s and it was my Crimbo pressie off Faith, both of us adore their homes and decor items and I bet once she see’s this dish rack and the coffee pot she will be zipping over to grab em as well.  Although if you’re a tea person then there is a tea set there.  The dish rack was 125Lds and the coffee pot/cup set(linked) 50Lds and they’re seriously low primmed.  These items and everything else at the “Leaf on the wind” fund raising event are ones off so I’m going to assume that you won’t be able to buy them once the event is over.


I have been after a dish rack like this for absolutely ages.  The details and texturing and so good that I’ve taken them in my Nams setting with no photo editing at all.


Can you see the light metallic sheen on the pot and cups, it’s pure quality.

The gorgeous sink is of course from POST.  Some shops in SL have such a distinctive look to them you recognise them anywhere and Post is one of them.  I love this look so much when I get back inworld I’m changing my whole kitchen just to accommodate it.  The sink is not involved in this fund-raiser but of course you can check out Van Auster’s mainshop….ooooo and if you do pop over to post like I did then you will find this brilliant FREEBIE waiting for you.  It’s just in the entrance.

snapp glogg

Snapp Glogg is what it’s called and you get 2 sizes, larger on the right smaller on the left.  All linked and only 2 prims.

snapp glogg1

Look at that texturing, even the metal box this item is delivered in will make a great decor item.

Dust Bunny@Leaf On The Wind

Dust Bunny Main shop




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A few of my fav things.

I already have this same dress but in another gorgeous texture and I loved it so much that when Pure put this rose patterned one out I snagged it up.  What makes it extra special is hidden behind me but since I can’t find the photo in my media folder then if you check out my Flickr link what you see is the big fat juicy bow at the back.  With deep folds and rich colouring  these are just so divine and the icing on the cake is that this is Pure’s 60Lds weekend offer so grab it quick.


And then I realised that in this photo is some of the items I really lovely in SL.  The Absinth set and table comes from Post. At this rate both Faith and I will own everything Post puts out. This comes from Van Auster’s profile “European, Historical, Japanese, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Bohemian, Churches, Venetian Palazzo,Distressed Buildings, Curios, Antiques, Found Objects, Ennui, Ex-pat” and all I can say is you have to visit to get to see the real quality in his builds. Then there is the rich and elegant Mesh long gloves.  200Lds for a single colour or 400Ld for a fat pack and they’re just such a fantastic look they really finish off an outfit.  dress

Yeah for me as I had lost this photo and I so wanted you to see the bow from behind and I’ve managed to recover it and reload it and it’s so worth it.

Just a note about updating your SL Viewer. I finally bit the bullet and uninstalled Firefox and updated to the newer version and fingers crossed so far so good. I’ll pop a couple of Links below to help you if like me you have been avoiding the inevitable.

Pure (dress)



Firestorm Viewer help

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Its A Wonderful Life

Four Walls Hunt Zinnias Guitar Pickers Chair

It is a wonderful life ! I have so enjoyed hunting this evening and found some absolutely incredible gifts… First up a hunt that starts on the 17th of January, it’s called The Four Walls Hunt and promises to be a real gem. Zinnias is in it and the gift is this beautiful and detailed “Guitar Pickers chair”…in the box is the quaint wooden chair (there is a tiny bird on the back that you can’t see in the photo) When you sit you get a choice of two animations for guitar playing and you’re also given a wearable guitar, it plays a melody ! You also receive the two framed prints and a decor guitar to stand against the wall….I adore this, thank you Zinnia ❤ All items are valued at 200L or more, but priced at 20L for the duration of the hunt, the hunt finishes on the 31st Jan….

Cold Winters Night Hunt - POST  Hammars Stuga

I’ve also got a couple of finds from the Cold Winter Night Hunt to share with you ! This Hunt is ongoing until the 15th Feb, and wowser there are some FAB stores in this…I jetted over to POST and managed to find the gift there…its this ” Hammars Stuga” build…as is usual with anyyyyything by POST…its super detailed and a real quality piece…in the box are actually three versions, including one for the summer with no snow on the roof. Inside is a fireplace that roars away to toast your tootsies by…this is mesh btw…so crack out your mesh viewers and prepare to be delighted !

Cold Winters Night Hunt - Trompe Loeil  gift shelf

I also found the gift from Trompe Loeil yay! Love love love this store…and the gift is sooper pretty….its also VERY low prim…only three .Would grace a wall in any home …adorable …

Four Walls Hunt Zinnias Crystal Cave gift

Last for this evening…is from Zinnias…very unusual “Crystal Cave” would create a unique spot to hang out in outside. Single & Couple poses are included, some really cute ones to tend to the fire (including a pokey stick !) All gifts are priced at just 10L….I will do more tomorrow, and I seriously can’t wait ! Please take a moment to read the hunt blog pages, they have alllllll the info, hints etc on them.

Four Walls Hunt Blog

Cold Winters Night Hunt Blog


Trompe Loeil


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With Love

POST With Love Hunt

The With Love Hunt has begun..and as soon as I noticed POST were in it..I trundled over to see if I could find the prize…and I did hazzzzzzzzuh ! Each prize is only 10L…and I was sooper chuffed with the POST gift..its the “Skov Capel”..hmm I think that means chapel? Not sure but..its really well made …it has quaint stained glass windows…and lots of details..

POST With Love Hunt Interior

You even get a 1 prim bench to use inside, that has some pretty sit poses included in it…now if I can find this…Im pretttty sure you can…clean up those hunting goggles and get going !


With Love Hunt Blog (info, hints etc)

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Glamour Puss

Shhhhh, don’t tell on me…but I sneaked  into Zan’s brand spanking new home to take these photos…its really luxurious and gorgeous..and I knew this new frock from CandyMetal would be wonderful to drift about inside it…was I right?! After Id snooped through her undies draw…checked out her fridge…I got down to business and slipped one of the new range of these draped mesh gowns on…gawd…I felt so posh…beautiful styling…stunning draped back…they come in plain satin also..but but but I just loved how the sequined variety looked..the shimmery top almost melting into the lower half…divine!

The front is a classic look…I couldnt decide wether to add some long loose pearls or not…I felt the elegance of the gown was enough..especially in the sequined version….these come in a whole heap of different colours…I especially liked the red also..thanks Emychan ❤


Decor items : POST

Haigue Home by Dutchie

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A Good Shave

I’m loving the Mens Dept. Every month it seems there’s something – and more often than not somethings – awesome to grab at superb prices.

The pick of the litter this month is without doubt this brilliant DeWitt Shaving Set from POST. This is an amazingly detailed set that would look just perfect in any man’s bathroom. The marble top of the table is gorgeous and equally good-looking are the little items that sit atop it, such as the shaving bowl, aftershave and straight razor along with the fresh, clean towels that sit waiting for you underneath the table. The shaving mirror not only looks great but it serves another function as well. If you touch it, it gives you a straight razor which you wear to play a cool shaving animation, the perfect capper to this set.

I’ll say it again: the Mens Dept is absolutely worth paying a visit to.  The prices are so good and there’s always something cool to grab, with new items appearing each month. Head on down there today!

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept

POST Mainstore