A new store to me is Elizabeth’s, Id been told about a group gift and wandered over to check it out..soooo obviously HAD to look at the whole store while I was there ! Glad I did cause I found this gorjusss “suit” for a mere 75 L..love the fluted prim cuffs on the pants and the turquoise sash belt! Click the pics for a closer more detailed view..

Elizabeth's Emily Business suit 75L

Visited upstairs also and found some super cool T’s for the boys, plus shirts..anddd some discounted outfits for the girls..picked up this to show you for 10L

Elizabeth's Posh Spice 10L

Also found they are in the back to school hunt and scored with this great red outfit !

Elizabeth's back to school hunt item 0L

Anddd finally that group gift….a pretty flouncy bouncy dress

Elizabeth's group gift Tess 0l

Go check it out..boys dont forget the guy gear is upstairs !

Go get the prettiness : Elizabeth’s