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Home & Garden Expo – part omg I forget !

HGE Circa NEW!

I’ve been shifting through more boxes to bring you some goodies from the HGE. I was blown away by this simple yet elegant “Bombay” hall table , mirror and vase collection by Circa – two wood colours to choose from cocoa or walnut . In all the homes I’ve lived in over the last 7 years in SecondLife, I’ve always been a bit stumped about what to use in the hallways. You need something or they look too barren and empty. Nothing heavy or big, or it looks cramped. Check this out, its perfect. Bringing with it a touch of style, simple hall table that will fit snugly against a wall, almost deco shaped handles, a lovely golden hued vase with Lillies in (my favourite flower of ALL time btw) Behind is a very intricately carved round mirror. Id actually LOVE this in my real life home – uhm if it wasn’t for the dog toys, wellie boots and other assorted junk that’s already calling that space a home *cringe*. Thanks Cherelle ❤ For the curious my gorgeous new coat is by JunBug – I got in a fifty linden Friday offer a couple of weeks ago, its called  “Vintage Manteau in Night” and comes in loads of other tones – but this was the 50L offer so its what I snapped up !

CIRCA @ The Home & Garden Expo

JunBug store

Faith hair by Pollen

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Cart Sale !!

cart sale Mooh & ArisAris Wedge shoes for SLink Med feet NEW!

Popped over to the Cart Sale at The Wash – you’re always bound to snap up at least a bag full of things. Everthing is 10L – steal! Early this week Id mooched over to a new-to-me store called MOoH ! and treated myself to a bag from one of their gacha machines, so when I saw them at the Cart Sale I knew Id be buying something ! This is it, aint it sweet? A knitted romper, with lotsa stripes and such a great fit – just 10L . Actually MOoH had quite a few snazzy outfits on offer, so headover and check it out . Btw, if you’re looking to get some new mani’s & pedi’s for your Slink feet & toes, it’s definitely the place to be – I got SIX new sets @ 10L a pop ! My necklace and bracelet are by Chop Zuey, also 10L each – it says on the box they are for guys, but because they had a resize script in them , I just shrunk them down to fit me.

ArisAris wedges for Slink medium feet

My new shooz are from ArisAris and I’ve been meaning to show them off for simply weeks. These are for the SLink medium-sized feet and blimey you get such a lot for your cash. They come with an amazing HUD that gives you sooo many options.

ArisAris HUD

As you can see it would be almost impossible not to find a variant that suited something you were going to wear. I’ve been tromping about in mine for a few days, love them ! Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris Store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris blog

The Cart Sale

Hair by Pollen

MOoH! inworld store

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Maggie May – (wake up I think I’ve got something to say to you)

Pollen - Maggie (Free necklace with Riva hair) coldLogic Jansen top

Gawd a real oldie, Rod Stewart’s Maggie May – it came to mind as soon as I saw the name of this hair by Pollen. Its does have a little bit of a vintage appeal too it – that slightly back combed top. It’s a real classic, soft curls and a little bit messy – So I slicked on my pale lipstick & Kohl eyeliner –  then preened, perfect! Pollen is a very recent find for me and although there are just a handful of styles, I’m keeping my fingers crossed there will be more soon. The inworld store is located inside the Maxi Gossamer jewellery shop towards the back on the right hand side. You can also grab a few demo’s from the market place – thanks Pollen ❤

Pollen inworld store

Pollen market place store

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CIRCA Citrus - Pollen

Circa has some fresh ideas to brighten up your body and your space ! These woven exercise mats are terrific, they have twenty-two animations packed into them, thirteen are yoga specific and nine are general exercise type ones. Fantastic fun ! Lots of colours too, so you’re bound to find one that fits right in with your home. I’m wearing the new workout gear by Citrus, this is on special offer at the Thrift Shop event currently. Heapsss of colours in these funky little outfits so head on down and grab yourself a few.

CIRCA & Citrus

If only I could really do the splits in real life huh?! What I SO loved about these yoga mats is the poses are not static, you actually move around – and they are totally realistic.


This is part of the Amazon retreat set that’s for sale at the main Circa Store. There are 8 beautiful colour fabrics for the lounger and umbrella (which I couldn’t fit in shot sorry), along with 5 wood colours by touch menus to suit your tastes.

CIRCA2 Field of roses room set NEW! Pollen Maggie hair - jessop leggins & Jansen top both coldLogic

This is the “field of roses” room set its for sale at “The Fit for a Princess ” event – I so adore its shabby chic feel. Every single piece is low prim  and the little floral Ottoman has some beautiful sits in it. The drapes or curtains as we call them here – are modify, very simple to edit to fit your windows. They, and the Ottoman, have ten rose theme fabric choices  also. Even beter news is this set is 50% off during the month of September yay! Check out the other colour choices in store now btw. Thanks Cherelle ❤

Circa store

Thrift Shop

All hair by Pollen

Fit for a Princess




Revenge ! (inc.Free gifts)

Pollen hair Faith - FREE mesh jeans - FREE mesh top - DUH boots for the Thrift Shop 20L !

If Player leaves another mess of prims on my platform – I swear it wont be the return button I reach for. Anyyyywayyy…on to business, I had a lovely preview of some rather fahhhbulous boots from Renee Harvy @ DUH today. Gawd they are SO reasonably priced at The Thrift Shop event you might as well just grab them all ! For the duration of the event just 20L per pair *faints*, original mesh with a resizer to get a great fit – I’m wearing them over a pair of terrific FREE mesh jeans from Stars Fashion and the boots fitted no fiddling required. It was Renee who alerted me to the hunt going on at The Free Dove – never heard of it huh? Well its been around foreverrrr, and its jam-packed with free things for everyone. Looks like its had a major overhaul and there are some really lovely things on offer, plus of course participating designers have placed TEN items each out for you to find ! I’m wearing a sweater top from Massoom which I found (it’s really not at all hard to find the gifts btw)

Pollen hair Faith - FREE mesh jeans - FREE mesh top

I also found these sweet little tops from Stars Fashion – there are six colours & patterns in the box ! O.o btw the hair in these photos is by Pollen, I had had HAD to show it off as its called “Faith” – lovely side up-do with optional flowers that have a colour change HUD.

DUH! Cowboy boots 20L per pair !

Heres a sneak peek of those boots from DUH! – Such pretty colours – yeeehawww! Thanks Renee & Pollen ❤

Free Dove


Spoiler of all gifts from DUH

The Thrift Shop

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Slink Dinky Doo-dah

Somnia - Pollen NEW

Hi lovelies ! Great news for the Slink Obsessed amongst us, and those that just lurve hair. Pollen has this funky hair do out, it’s called Riva and ohmaigosh – its got sooo many options your head will spin ! You can wear this style with or without the beaded extensions – which makes it ever so flexible. I’m not a great one for bright colours in my hair – I leave that to Zan, having said that I SO loved playing around with the extensions and bead colours I’ve left this style on ! You also get a sweet little heart necklace as a gift with the hair.

Pollen Riva HUD

Heres the HUD so you can see the options – pretty A-mazingggg huh? My outfit is by Somnia, sassy little anchor print skirt called “Zhanna” available in dark and lights packs – the top is called “Azuka”, also lights and dark packs – there is also slink nail polishes and shoes to go with these sets – only at The Thrift Shop event at the moment and at  a reduced price for the duration of it – normal price later at the store. (95L for shirt & top per pack – usually 200L per pack!) Btw – did I mention that EACH pack has a HUD that gives you eight colour tones???

Somnia & Pollen

Say hello to the latest Somnia items for My SLink Obsession – The top is “Lootia” and as usual lights & darks packs – I’m wearing everything in this post over my SLink Physique body, however you do get system layers for those who prefer it. Eight colour choices per pack and for this event an amazing price of 95L ! I found these shorts in my inventory – honest! Also by Somnia called “Bitty” shorts, I love love LOVE them! They come with an optional belt.

Somina shoes NEW

Matching “Twinkle toes” shoes, slink high feet only btw – slink nail polishes also available !

My Slink Obsession

Thrift shop

Pollen market place

Pollen store (inside Maxi Gossamer)



Splash out (dollarbie & SALE!)

coldLogic martin - Pollen Giselle hair MG marbella bangle & earrings SALE!

More news from coldLogic, make the most of the last remaining days of summer and treat yourself to this sweet little frock. Its called “martin” and comes in a few lully colours. I opted for white as I was feeling all pure & innocent this morning *wink*. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body, as you can see it really is thee perfect fit ! My hair is from new-to-me store Pollen , it’s located inside the Maxi Gossamer store , only a handful of styles at the moment but I really liked them all ! Fingers crossed for more to come. Of course while I was in MG I had to take a peek at the flash sale items. It said for the weekend, but as of 10.30am GMT its still on – so dash if you wanna pick up some real steals – I certainly did !

coldLogic NEW! Dollarbie dining set - KoiKoi shoes NEW! Mina hair llse

This is “sanders”, also from coldLogic. Id call it a day dress but if you wore a hat and glammed up it would also make a lovely partay outfit. I’m prancing about in the lavender tone which is sooper pretty and feminine, teamed up with my new KoiKoi shoes “candy snake”. I’m wearing one of my all time fav hair-do’s from Mina, its called llse, such a natural style which makes it über useful.

Dollarbie dining set

The sweet dining set is by DH, really low prim and only 1L – it also gives out a cup of splosh to wear – love ! Perfect for a smaller home or to brighten up a dingy corner.

DH minimalist dining set


coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Pollen (in the back of the MG store

Maxi Gossamer (sorry if the sale has ended by the time you read this!)