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Whats your Poison?

There was a frenzy of activity at Poison….newwwwness in the Midnight Mania board! The item is the cord pants Im showing above…beautiful Olive green shade….

Complete with leather patches on the knees for a worn look..I teamed mine with an old Poison favourite sweater (I dont think its available anymore sowwy)..dash over and slap that badboys butt today ! Ohhh incase youre wondering..the bag in photo 1..is by Barbara Luik..Mister Poison’s partner…she has a whole load of them for sale and they totally rock !

Cords & bag: Poison

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Simple Poison

New hotness from Poison  in a squillion colours for both guys & chicks, the “Pa-que” tee is easy to wear, looks fabbb on…

Some really deeelicious colours for the boys…worn or solid…looks great with the Poison jeans range and also the leather jackets..go check them out..the fat packs are incredibly good value !! Ohhh almost forgot..while youre there…there is a HUNT ! Info just by the entrance, it’s not hard to find and youll love love LOVE the prize!

Tee’s: Poison

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Biker Chic

Always a cause for celebration when Poison has a new release ! This time its biker pants, I was gonna wear them with the riders jackets that came out recently..but then…I recalled that retro leather coat that I lovvved “thissssssss” big…and went with that! Sooper detailing on these..that follows on to the back with thee cutest butt shaping I ever did see yum. Fab cuffs with button detail also.(two sizes of cuffs to make it easy for you)

Choice of a few colours but I SO loved the brown..and also the blue..which is a veryyyyy crisp tone and went totally awesomely with the white riders jacket I toyed with earlier …thank you Mister Torok ❤

Biker pants 175L a pair: Poison

Biker jacket (2nd pic) 350L: Poison

Retro Leather jackets 350L : Poison

Merry Christmas prop GFW 15L : Sparrow Tree Studios

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Retro Yeehaw

Yeeehaw…when I saw the newness from Poison I came over all cowgirl’ish…dunno why but it was a good excuse to lurk around a Saloon and wear my cowgirl hat ! The retro leather jacket is pretty cool beans…sleeker than the baseball shorty styles…and would look awesome with pants , jeans..even over a skirt..classy classy classy.

With its smooth jet style pockets and sleek cuffs…its really one piece of essential kit for winter and beyond..slipped on a Poison tee with vintage print and jens..Im good to go Western..dont worry boys, there’s also one for you ! Male or female will set you back just 350L…gorjussssss , thanks Corocota xx (psssst dont forget to join the group and snap up the oooodles of gifts while youre there!)

Retro leather jacket: Poison

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Its a Gypsy Life for me…

There are soooo many great hunts on at the moment..one that hadn’t hit my radar was  ” dar2bare”, luckily my friend Talena Carissa of Pink Label got me up to speed, and showed me her gift for it hurrah! I couldn’t find a hunt end date..so hurry along and grab up the goodies…Pink Labels hunt prize is the lushhhh Gypsy Rose Red , it’s a huuuuuge array of components in a really delish rosey red colour…above im wearing the thong & bra top & stockings..

Next add the tapestry style fabric leggings and long sleeved bare shoulder sweater…

…can you belieeeeve that these vampish & classy ankle boots are in the box also? A real different direction for Pink Label..ans I love love LOVE them, they make my heart go pitttty pattttter…elegant red stitching on high gloss patent leather…yummmmi…

add a corset top over the leggings and voila…gawd..will you look at those boots *dribbles*…they are such a scene stealer for moi..

Last but soooo not least…there is a cropped top and gypsy skirt…not only can you mix & match to your hearts content..but each item can be mingled in with your existing SL wardrobe…so easy to wear and absolutely NO prim fiddling required…DONT miss this !

ohhh btw…an added bonus…as previously mentioned..Pink Label has a store wide SALE on at the moment, everything cept fat packs is just 25L *gasp*…above Im wearing the MHOH gift, so if you failed to find it you can scoop it up ! Boyfriend sweater and flared rust skirt…adorabubble…plusss a pair of the Sheena boots to match ! (also in ankle length for wearing with pants)…

I tossed on a pair of my ever-present Jane fuzzy piggy tights in gold with the sweater..and a belt from Poison…tres chic! Thanks Talena xxx

Gypsy Rose Red outfit: dare 2 bare hunt Pink Label

MHOH outfit: Pink Label

fuzzy piggy tights: Jane

belt: Poison

glamourous photo booth: Behaviour Body Animations  (free group gift)

dare2bare web site: http://dare2baresl.blogspot.com/

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Zebra…did you know?

Did you know Zebra print is one of the least used designs in the clothing industry? Ya me neither..it comes right after Giraffe (allegedly) anyways…a long awaited release from Poison is always good news ! The zebra print jacket comes in versions for guys & chicks..its got resizers for the perfect fit..and a really lush purrrple inner silk lining..great details as always…cuffs..heaps of buckles etc…gorjuss! Be sure to choose the right size Male / female !

Zebra Jacket 350L : Poison

Leather biker pants & belt (other colours available) : SF Design

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All Star

Some casual newness for Monday…Great “All Star” tee dress..sling it on with a jacket,sweater etc..slip on some lowtops…voila!

There are currently two versions ..the grey marl and the lighter version above..Ive teamed the paler tone with a pair of Anymore  stripey leggings and a black denim jacket from Poison..

Dresses are just 99L each, leggings only 50L !

All Star dresses & leggings : Anymore

Denim Jacket: Poison

Poses: Glitterati