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Poised to lounge aroundddd…

Okkkk cutee overload…poised has left TWO pressies out for you …and they are just so darn sweet and snuggly…I want to rollll around in them making huggy noises !!  I fell in love with the white & red set…so *cough* virginal and innocent huh? big chunky ole leg warmers…sooper sweet jamma bottoms and tee…but but the thing issss…the red & green set has the most lovable owl on the front…and i adore owls…hmmm so Id better keep both ! Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and slap the luckyboards…theres heaps ! Thanks Poised xx

Free gifts from Poised: Poised

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Take a shot

Some newness from Poised ! The shot jacket comes in 6 rich gem tone shades..would look equally good over pants…skirts etc..short style slightly flared waist, classic jet pockets…tres chic. Singles cost 150L or you can get the fat pack of all six shades for just 600L steal! I teamed mine up with another new-in-store item, the “queen tunic” in black..the magenta belt actually comes with it (as does a collar but it looked neater somehow without under this jacket)…got lucky on the boards while I was there too *squeee*…theres heapsss of luckyboards dotted about all around the store..get slappin them! Thanks Poise xx

Shot jacket & Queen tunic dress: Poised


New Month…hello November

November brrr…already its got chilly and wet wet wet…but a good thing is Poised has a newwww group gifty out for us all ! Its a dear dress called *Funny girl* , it comes with under shorts for thee cutest of looks..absolutely love the fabric…all lacey and demure..just join up (free join ) and grab it…

A brand spankin new range is also in store currently, called *Queens*…funky shirt waister dress,comes with a great belt (I prefered the no belt look but its gorjus) leggings and a pair of fabbo boots (sold seperately) lotsa colours to choose from…head over and check it out..o.O almost forgot! There is a ten day SALE on at the moment also *faints* 30-70% off….dashhhh and snaffle up some cut price goodies!

Clothing all form Poised: Poised


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Poised on a bench

Not sure how long this is good for..buttt…Poised has this yummmy little shorts & tank set out for just 50L ! Its called Digital Spirit, bright red tank and a really lovable pair of washed out denim shorts…the bench is from Magnifique poses and comes with the sweet pumpkin (it’s not linked so you can move it around yay!) Packed with some great animations. The thing I really like about Magnifique’s gear is that its copy & mod..means you can fiddle about with it and get more unique photos, another bonus is it’s all very low prim (phew)..thanks Poise & Scarlet !

Digital Spirit set: Poised

The Bench Pose Prop: Magnifique Poses

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Who’s Midge?

Who is Midge? I don’t know..but..Im glad whoever it is, is back..cause it meant that Poise Collins sent her group members a gift hurrah! It’s this gorjuss faded denim jumpsuit with lacey shirt..and Im lovin it sooper hard…fantastic detailing on the fabrics…and sweet corset tied style top..

So, welcome back Midge..and thanks Poise Collins ! (to receive this, just join the Poised group and surf the notices ! )

The store: Poised

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Tweedy is so in

I noticed yesterday in real life that the new Autumn ranges are packed solid with all sortsa tweeds…right on target so is Poised ! New release in many many colours is the tweeedy outfit. Stunning tight fit jacket, really traditional tailoring and neat tulip shaped cuffs, printed on belt cinches your waist in..very versatile addition to your wardrobe.



 It comes with a sweet sweet pair of shorts finished with a curved hem at the side of each thigh and fish net tights…150 each colour orrrr a just 600 for all five tones! thanks Poise xx

Tweeedy outfit: Poised

bag photo one: Spider free gift

Poses: hate me eat me

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Yes Sir !

HoooHaaaah Poised have a new group gifty out !! Its raunchy yet kinda cute all at the same time. “Oldskool” comprises of a short short flared skirt that tickles your upper thighs, a tied up white blouse and a really funky tie that has colour change options yay! It also comes with socks…

I was gonna wear my sneakers for this post but thennnn…I had a notice from Mary Jane Shoes about a group gift to celebrate 4000 members ! It was this beautiful pair of heels (fat pack of colours oot oot!) Totally not right for school but deffo the sorta thing I used to hide in my rucksack and put on around the corner ! The socks with shoes come out lookin like leg warmers..another fav of mine in my school days…always lookin like the “good girl” but not living up to the title *winks*…thanks Poise & Infiniti xx

OldSkool outfit : Poised

Shoes: MJS

Poses: Magnifique