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Live in harmoni (Dollarbie house).


An off cream plastered textured house.  As you can see from the box this comes in a handy rezzer.

intrepidhouse 2Love the glass door and front porch which adds a bit more detail to what is basically a square box.

intrepidhouse 4

I was going to title this post “A grower not a shower” but I thought I might get a Faith slap for it.  What I mean by that is that on the surface this looks like  a small build but in this picture you can see by my AV it’s pretty spacious.  A single over sized room with light shadows on the floor, great texturing  and that ceiling light comes already installed.  Another little detail to note is that although this is a single large room with big window the windows and doors are set so that this still looks like  a home a normal AV lives in and not a giant.

Although I’m not sure if it’s intended to be used there is an open attic space which is pretty useful for a bedroom or bathroom or I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  You would have to cam and jump to get up there but I’ve seen many a home with smaller attics that have been used.

I’ve just been reading the description of this house on xMIKEx Static Marketplace shop Harmoni and I’m started to get real excited.  This house is not only copy but mod which means it’s time for me to get some practicing in with editing and restructuring and just tearing something down rebuilding it and still having the original for when I completely screw up the build.

Harmoni Marketplace only


Poised has Poisies

Poised Tribal

I’m just dancing arounddd in the sunbeams…cause Poised has new stuffage hooray! It’s a limited offer for four complete looks…or buy each seperately..above is the “Tribal” which I’m getting some serious summer vibes from. The cool crisp white pants are just gorgeous, I wore them all day yesterday! The top is cropped short with a hippy chick fringe around your midriff.

Poised Supermodel

The next look is more urban..sleek tight black pants, lowwww bra under a tight silver cut off tee…very chique!

Poised Pinup

I loved this frock…cheeky double layered skirt with a high waist, teamed with a polka dot bustier. Classic grey & black shades means its great for day or evening…

Poised Vogue

Last one up is called Vogue…sassy tiny white skirt matched up with a plunging v neckline top..

The reallllly awesome thing about these? They can all be split up, mix & matched…If you have the pack of all four outfits (a great bargain at just 500L) you’ve got your wardrobe sorted..change around the tops , the pants, the skirts…voila! You can also buy each out on its own for a mere 150L …

psssst Dont forget there is currently an Easter Egg hunt going on at the Poised mall…lots of the creators have items out for you to find !

Go get posies : Poised

Credits: Hair by Truth, all poses by Diesel works,bracelet by Dahlinks,Easter necklace 1L HERE


I Want Some More MHO

MORE!? Yes there’s much, much more! Another Make Him Over Hunt post and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this wonderful institution (can we call it that yet, an institution?) Anyway, on with the show.

First up and no I’m not being lazy, I resent that implication 🙂 What I’m doing is showing the Make Him Over Hunt gift on offer from .::Poise::. which is a wicked little set of props for photos (or whatever). It includes the ‘slob’ tv, watching football of course, what else? A can of beer for relaxing and the ‘slob’ chair are also included. The chair comes with 3 in-built poses, all along that slob theme.

Secondly we’ve got the Make Him Over gift from Gabriel which is the ‘Drape Shirt’. As you’d expect from Gabriel, it’s a great looking top, loose looking with the edges of a white shirt underneath showing through. The creases and shading add to that ‘loose’ look and it also comes with sculpted cuffs and a stole (and attached necklace) which is colour changeable to either black, grey, brown, blue and red. You can wear this top either untucked as I’ve shown or on the shirt and underpants layer for a tucked in version.

Next is one of my favourite gifts from this hunt so far: the ‘Foebel’ grey from Ducknipple. You’ll always find some brilliant casual clothes at Ducknipple and this is definitely no different. I love ‘layered’ looks and plaid and this top has both. The prim cuffs, collar and ‘bottom’ of this top all show slight hints of the plaid shirt beneath the grey sweater and it looks awesome. The grey sweater itself is cool too with variations of the colour throughout and a wonderfully warm looking texture, it looks fantastic with jeans and pants both. This is another gift from this hunt you’ll need to go get.

Lastly for today we have the bright red short-sleeved ‘Shelter Me’ hoodie from [Bait]. Once again, another layered top with the white shirt hanging out underneath the hoodie. But with this gift you also get a version of the hoodie by itself that you can wear your own layer underneath with (or nothing at all!). I love the bright colours of this gift and the prim cuffs and hood look great and fit well, the hood comes with a script resizer to make those slight adjustments if need be.

Get these gifts here:
Picture 1: MHOH 4 #135 .::Poise::.
Picture  2: MHOH 4 #140 Gabriel
Picture 3: MHOH 4 #145 Ducknipple
Picture 4: MHOH 4 #152 [Bait]