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Its hunt time !

Hunt gifts

Yippeeee its hunt time at one of my all time favourite places. Yes, yes the Kiyomizu Hunt is on, its simple and you’ll love the gifts ! You’re looking for a little black cat, or in some cases, a giant black cat. There is no cost to this hunt btw, which is super generous of the designers. I’m wearing the gift outfit from Karin, you get the shirt and skirt and also a HUD that gives you a few colour options for the whole piece. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique mesh body and as you can see it works perfectly – also included is an alpha for non mesh bodies . My shoes are a hunt gift from SMC, you get a fair few pairs in the box , suitable for SLink flat feet, TMP and also some for the guys – phew! Ohhh I did pop over to the ploom retirement sale and nabbed this sweet “do” called Cassie, only cost me £100L and in the box were two variants of the style – steal !

Kiyomizu Hunt

Ploom retirement sale

what next – new pose “falling wall decor”

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HUG MEEEE (I dare you!)

My Attic @ The Deck has reopened it’s doors and yet again this is one of the places to go and score TOP CLASS goodies at seriously discounted prices.  Shoes, hair, skin, poses etc and everything under a 100Lds.  I never miss this discount shop because the bargains are just too good.

Cardie UseLet me mention the cardie (English for cardigan) first because I mentioned it in my last post.  Comes from Blueberry and is now in the discount section for only 99Lds.  A choice of colour and I of course chose the browny/beige.  Great fit, great texturing with a small hood at the back and a satin ribbon at the waist (you have 2 choice colour for the ribbon).  So wearable and so handy. So if you’re popping into Blueberry to grab the Free Group Gifts or the hunt item at least grab the demos for this so you can see how good it is.

Hair 1 use

Now check the hair.  This one comes from Ploom and is called Kat.  I chose the Candy shades which has a massive 18 choices of colours!  An easy to use hud and such a variety of shades.  The one I have has graduated colouring but there are many other fat packs for more colours.

Cat use

Same hair just another colour choice.  Comes with a starfish decoration which of course you can choose not to wear.  Love it’s swirlyness.

Hair 6use

Frothy fluffiness. This hair comes from Exile another top-notch hair shop.  I don’t go there often because I inevitably walk away with more hair and less lindens in my account so when the chance comes to grab one of their hairs at such a great discount I’m first in the line.

Hair use 11Lovely dramatic colouring which is also still pretty subtle.  This one also comes with such a handy hud, I remember once having a fat pack of one hair in the whole 280 shades so I for one LOVE huds because it means you have less hair to clog up your invent but also a great variety of colour.  This comes in a total of 8 shades.  This is called Live Every Moment and I bought the Wild Fusion shade pack.  Best of all is both hairs come with demos in ALL of the colours so you don’t have to guess which ones will suit you best.

My Attic @ The Deck

Ploom Main Store

Exile Main Store

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The Knitting Circle Rummage Sale (non mesh)

Wandering around I came across a small market set up.  This is what the LM says and it’s exactly what you get “Discount and retired items from your favorite Knitting Circle stores. Gacha doubles and other random treasures can also be found at this group rummage sale.” Some great bargains to be had.

First up a very handy shrug (Riddle).  Again I chose the safe brown but at 25Lds a colour you can get as many as you like at that bargain price.

Ana is the name of the top and PaperDoll is the name of the shop.  I chose the cream which is pretty but hasn’t photographed as well as either the pool (blue) or the Mauve would have.  Doesn’t matter because it only looks pale in this photo in SL it’s lovely lacy and creamy.  At 25Lds I’m grabbing the lot.

Grixdale Vintage Frock is the name of this item. More top than Frock.  A sweet creamy full skirted top with lovely satin/ribbon edging and prim bows.  This shop is called Aura.

OK summing up this market its stuffed with BARGAINS and as far as I can tell all NON MESH ones at that. Because as I always say not everyone can handle mesh and maybe even doesn’t want to. We all need non mesh clothes for those times when our comps are struggling to cope with SL and this is the place.  Kicking myself for the library fines because I can see at least 3 dresses which are soooo sweet!! and so cheap. In a relatively small area they have everything you need from hair, skin, shoes and clothes and all at great prices.

List of shops here. Atomic, Pink Fuel, Ploom, Riddle, Aura,Paperdoll.

The Knitting Circle

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Mesh around with a little CHIC² preview

omg omg omg I’m sooo excited..I was trudging about looking for hunt prizes to show you for the Mesh Around Hunt…and ohmai..I was rewarded with two incredible gifts..First I stumbled across Ploom’s prize, this darling hair..”daisy”…it comes with a HUD so you can change the color…and is so so SO pretty, it was on my head and fixed there straight away ! Then I saw that my fav shoe designer Mr Gospel Voom wa sin the off I trundled..and found his prize also ! oh…oh…OH….its not only PINK…but its ankle boots..the newwwwwwww ones *faint*…arent they just EDIBLE? Thank you ploom & GOS for being so über generous..and making my day ultra smiley ❤ If you’re wondering where my divine little blue shorts set is from…wellllll its  a sneak preview from the upcoming CHIC² event…mmhmm…gawd its adorbs…mesh puffy shorts..sweet sailor shirt and big ruffle bow…I feel a zillion bucks in it..from Jack spoon and called “saily outfit”…the skin is from {.essences.} and is named Rowena…both of these items will be available to drop into your shopping bags on June 3rd – 24th , CHIC have their 2nd Birthday..and this is a massive collection of designers to celebrate. Each brand will have one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item with the theme of CHIC. huzzzah!



Mesh Around blog

CHIC² blog


Pig & Ploom

Pig cardi gift,Ploom hair 200L,Jane piggies tights 50L per pack

and a lil added piggie tights action yay! Player gave me these gorjuss pink piggies that I can wear and I decided to go scope out the store (he’s sooo good at finding stuffage) Anyyyyway, after Id bought up most of their wares, I spied this newww hair store (well new to moi) Its called Ploom and has much diviness, I bought thisss hair “zoey” pack of blonde shades for just 200L !

The cardi was sent out by Pig today and is available to collect in their store also for 0L..when I re-read the note I realised that the original cardi had a texture fault and went to collect the corrected one inworld…hurrah for Pig !

Of courrrse Iam also wearing my sooperdooper Jane piggie tights..what else ???!!!

Go get the gear : Pig   Ploom    Jane