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Get your gacha on !

Percent gacha NEW!

You all know I’m addicted to any sort of gacha , so when I saw %percent had a new range of house type treats in one I was right on the case! This is the “Fritz” collection, for the first week this is just $25L per play wooot. Every item is under 3Li, so you can go mad with setting them out. Such well made pieces, the couch and chair are certainly my favs, followed closely by the side dresser and wig boxes, actually its ALL cute lol.

Percent gacha NEW

Sooo here is the gorgeous chair, brilliant poses suitable for males & females and a ton of textures via the menu. I’m just showing two, but there are floral colours and plain if you’re not a flowery type. I really adore the shape of this, its kinda retro, vintage but thoroughly modern to boot.

Percent gacha NEW!!

Oh! Id forgotten about the train carriage style mirror, ohmai – its sooper pretty and would really brighten a wall space up for sure. I’ve just popped over to the event room and nabbed a coupla items – how could I ever resist. Thanks Plato ❤


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Lets do percentages

Percent for The Home Show

Never a favourite of mine in maths…percentages made my brain hurt ! However its an altogether different story with the store of the same name %Percent has some adorable gear and for the Home Show event this terrific *Gingers vanity* set. I’m a sucker for vanity units, I own quite a few…but this shabby little darling made me squeal with delight! Beautiful worn green wood..a retro lil chair with fantastic poses and oooodles of pretties to scatter around. I sooo love the wearables that you can also get for some of the poses, such as the hair dryer, which has two poses sitting & standing…actually youre really spoilt for choice with the animations, go check it out, you wont want to leave without it, trust me. There are bottles and lotions, cosmetics and brushes to place on the vanity…and on the mirror there’s even tatty old photos stuffed in between glass and wood *happy sigh*…thanks Plato ❤

%Percent @ The Home Show

%Percent main store