Platinum Hunt Candy

Another day, another hunt. The Platinum Hunt has kicked off and I’ve been out and about with Faith finding some goodies to show. The hunt goes until the end of the month but it is huge so you might want to get started early. You’re looking for a black ring box with a pearl inside it and each gift costs L$10. Today I’m showing a couple of gifts from KMadd and HOC.

The KMadd gift is the Xander hair, it comes in two different colours: dark brown and triple skunk (try that one if you’re an adventurous sort lol). A short and spiky style, I liked the way it looked with my hair base as well, it kinda reminded me of the undercuts my friends with straight hair used to get when I was younger. The KMadd gift also comes with two colour eyes: Swamp from their nature range which is a pale green colour and Black studio eyes from their Naturals range which…well I guess I don’t have to tell you what colour those are.

The Chrome Unisex Sunglasses I’m wearing are the Platinum Hunt gift from HOC. HOC have featured quite a bit in this blog before and we think their gear is awesome – very well made and affordable, especially their shoes, which are brilliant.  These sunglasses are a bit different to the aviators I usually wear but I like them, both the colour and the rectangular shape, and I didn’t even have to use the resize script!

The shirt is not part of the Platinum Hunt but is the dollarbie from ~CandyMetal~ that Faith blogged earlier. I liked the look of them a lot so I had to show it again for the guys. Yes, as you can see, it IS actually unisex lol.

Get the gear here:
Hair: [Platinum Hunt] #29 KMadd – Xander
Sunglasses: [Platinum Hunt] #90 HOC – Unisex Chrome Sunglasses
Shirt: ~CandyMetal~ Nino Open Tshirt Unisex

Pose by Long Awkward Pose