Romping about..

DCNY denim romper & DUH spring gift

DCNY has done it again…the perfect romping about outfit..fabulous detailing on the fabric and the sweetest little cord ties on the front of the shirt and at the waist of the pants. (No prim fiddling required hooray!) Check out those dainty baggy pockets on the legs ..cute! All yours for the princely sum of one linden dollar.

DCNY denim romper 1L

 Ive teamed this up with the spring subscribo gift from DUH. Now I have a bit of a *thing* for DUH bags and shoes…great fun, great value and very very well made. The gift included the soft pink canvas slip on shoes and also….you guessed it…bags! One with silver accents, one with gold (they actually attach to your shoulder,but I used the non animated version and edited it for my hand-simple!) The bag is just gorgeous, pretty plaid spring colours, tassle draw string top..perfect for a day mooching about..thank you DUH & DCNY!

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