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Going out while staying in.

I do look at people’s profiles and in Nicasio Ansar profile it says that you’re welcome to visit their sim, hang out and take pictures so I did exactly that.

All pictures have been taken just in the sims windlight setting and apart from a nice frame I’ve not edited them.

You, of course, can change the windlight setting and edit them however you want.

There are some bigger builds, cafes and a street and of course their very English pub.

I’m not sure if all of this is spread over just the one sim or a couple of sims but in the end I took too many pictures as everywhere you looked there was a place for you to sit and chat, or just contemplate things as they are.

PS.  I’ve put the link to his shop, I actually remember visiting it before and there are freebies but they’re piercings and I don’t really wear them plus I don’t think they’d fit my shape but check those and the shop out.


Mirage NA

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Cheeky Boys.(Interesting Hangout Place).

It’s not often I leave a note in any notebooks that have been left out for visitors to leave a comment but as soon as I landed at the “All Hallow” sim I just knew I had to say something in it.

No camera tricks no editing no nothing this is how the sim is lit.  I didn’t go too far into the sim as I know from the past what it will be like, lots of fab little seating areas, places to hang out, socialise or just admire the whole place.

As for the 2 cheeky boys in this picture I hope they didn’t mind me taking a picture but as you can see from their clothes they were fully immersed in the whole thing and were running around with their torches and just having fun and that was so nice to see some people truly living their best life in SL.

You can even make this your “home” spot, not just that but it’s not limited to the same LM for all so if you have a nice fav spot instead of landing in the same place you can LM that spot and each time you log in thats where you land.

My note to the creators was simply to Thank them as the time, effort and money which has gone into creating this sim cannot be underestimated.  It’s free for us to visit but sure as Heck not free for them to create it.  I don’t want to name names as I’d hate to miss anyone out but I’ve grabbed some LMs of the shops involved and I’m already checking them out.

All Hallows

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Home Sweet Home (?)(Info only).

This is just a stunning rental sim but this post is just for info only and maybe to tempt you into becoming a renter in SL.

This little area is actually a small courtyard outside of someones home, the white door is their front door which I believe leads to their own inner courtyard.  TBH I didn’t cam or scan into peoples homes as I think it’s rude even if they’re not there and I’d certainly not take photos.

I’ve taken all of the pictures just in the sim setting and it does say that it’s seasonal so as dark as it is now when spring and summer comes along I can just imagine the whole sim bursting into light and colour but at this moment it’s darkness and foliage screams cold nights and hot chocolate. Obviously, you can play with the sim settings for yourself and choose whatever suits your mood so it doesn’t have to remain as it is in these pictures.

This is a courtyard area which is a hangout inc that welcoming coffee shop, on the right is a wall to yet another courtyard in front of a rental home which I believe is actually vacant.

There is a web site but it’s sadly years out of date and the LMs are now obsolete but I’ve found the LM to the rental board showing the vacancies and giving you the LM’s.  I’ve put 2 LMs one to where the rental office is and the other the courtyard but each time I come to this sim I find more areas of interest.

The rent boxes are also easy to find.  They’re just little “post boxes” on the front gates, entrances to the homes.

Again just look at the detailing in the landscaping.  This is the pathway leading to someones home.

It’s not all in the same sort of theme either, there is a seafront, this little harbour, an Italian themed pool all using buildings, decor and landscaping from the top shops in SL.

Here is the BUT, quality like this does not come cheap.  The rentals do vary in price but I personally do not think it’s unreasonable. Taking into account that they have used builds, landscaping and decor from only the top SL shops to make this whole sim stunning and on top of that the prim allowance is pretty darn generous if I hadn’t my own sim to play in I’d rent here in a HEARTBEAT!

Vita Camino or Giardini Di Vito are the people who have created this sim and also you can buy the landscape texturing from their MP shop and I will be doing that for our sim at some stage.

Rental Office

The Four Villages (Rental Sim)