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Titanic UseQHTT Stands for Quick Hello Titty Tuesdays.  The quick is be quick because it’s now Wednesday but this Titty Tuesday offer from Pixystix is still out there.  50Lds for a Lola Tango Ready dress.  I just love the mint under colour and black pattern although the pink one is equally as lovely and I’m not into pink that much myself but the black pattern over the pink makes it look more raspberry in colour.  This is a mesh outfit with panels of prim skirts.  A very low cut Lola Boob flashing top. No nip slips but not far off it.  Lovely addition of bows on the skirt is lovely details but I seemed to have managed to take a photo with them missing but I so wanted to get this out before it disappears. Lots of free to join group gifts (I’ve just grabbed the May Group Gift which is going to be my next post) but such a reasonably priced shop in anycase so worth a visit.

Special mention to the Location.  The Titanic has risen from the murky depths and is now berthed. Lots of long evening ball gowns for sale on the top floor and levels of cafes, restaurants, ballroom etc for you just to dress up and hang around relaxing.



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Artistic licence (Lola Tango Skin)

Artistic Cheating

Had fun with Windlight and photo editing and then I realised that I wasn’t showing the real look of the skin but at least you can see this is a Boobie skin.


To give you a better idea of how this skin looks (in my normal Nam skin and prim setting) I’ve taken this more simple shot. A gorgeous, cream, light make up Lola Tango ready skin and for 50Ld a STEAL!  This is from PixyStix and it’s her offering for the latest round of The Boobies Planet which has a selection of discounted clothes n stuff for the boobalicious. Her inworld shop has a lot of free to join group gifts and LBs but her MP has a wider range of clothes, make up and skins so both well worth checking out.  Her Profile says “Don’t expect perfection. I’m not a large money making mega skin store. Thanks!” Looks pretty damned good to me!

PixyStix MP

PixyStix Inworld

The Boobies Planet