Its all coming up roses

o.O Pink Label have a hunt on!!! Whats even more exciting isssss…the hunt is for shoooooz *zoink-faint* Yus yus yus…you can snaffle up the deeelightfully pretty ” Aglaea Silk Sandal’s” in five colours…each hunt gift costs just 5L..and for these little babies that’s such a steal. Packed with options for jewels tones, pedicure colours…they are such a summer essential…GO..go…go find the roses and snaffle them all up!

Go get a huntin: Pink Label


Hayley tastes the Gypsy Life

You know joining groups is a goooood thing to do…cause when you have..and that generous designer decides to give you a treat or three…youre right there,front of the queue with that gifty box in yer paws ! Sooo…if you did join Pink Label’s group (100L join fee) you will now know that the “Hayley” sandals are fantassstique! A pre release of the Goldie Gypsy blocks dress is also out for just 10L and it totally matches up with the hues in the nuuu shoooz…more colours to come apparently…and Im wearing it above sans the tenbie collection of gold & black jewels in store for…you got it…10L   phew steal deals allll-a-round…

Heres the Hayley in glorious close up…pretty huh? Brilliant textures on the fabric…lotsa pedicure colours to select from the easy peasy HUD…Plus choices of buckle & heel/sole combos (I especially like that) If you join the group, there’s heapss more goodies for you to collect apart from the newness…go check it out…well worth the outlay.

The dress comes with two skirt options..Talena said she HAD to include the longer one cause it’s so “tutu” ! Shorter thigh flasher length  in the box. (Because I’m boringggg I was tryin to lurrrre her into making an ankle length one too,but but but that’s so Hepburn and she wasnt havin it oh noess!) *grins*….theres also a sale on…and other assorted goodness for you to dribble over..pop over and check it all out …

Go get heeled: Pink Label


Im hanging on the phone…

rawrrrrrrrrr hello kitties! I’ve got some fahhhbulous dollarbies from Pink Label for you *purrrr* and its all leopard prints yummm. These are being offered at The Wash back of a truck sale for one teeny linden dollar…the azure jeans & tops are deelish…great summery colour…specially like this midriff top with its beautifully seamed cuffs & neckline..

Theres also a tube top in matching print *purrrrrs into the phone*

Now when Talena was telling me about these sandals..I was imagining flats..you know those ballerina type ones? I didn’t think for one moment they would be like this! Lordddy I LOVE them! I was out & about the other day looking for JUST this !!! Absolutely splendid summery shoooz..anddd you can change the jewel colours form the HUD, the metal colours (including on the dainty little toe rings) they also have oooodles of pedicure tones..can you believe these are just 10L? Soooo I had to dashh over to the store and check if there were more…

and there was yippee! These are the ” Ariadne jeweled sandals” and I just adore this colour called Tortoise…trust me..these are going to be a summer time must have….great classic colour that will blend with most any clothing tones you have…~happy sigh~

Go get catty: Pink Label at the Wash for dollarbies           Pink Label store for the shoooz