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Helping Hands

PinkCherry - Argrace 100 donation item Japan Fair - IZUMIYA scarf

The Japan Fair opened today, and I shot over to grab up the 100% donation item from Argace called “Aya”. It’s a soft curly style that’s really so flattering to most face shapes and looks. The guys style is deffo worth taking a gander at, cause if I were a guy, Id have to have it ! The Japan Fair is in aid of Shelter Box, its got squillions of awesome designers there, clothing,hair,home decor, go see ! I’m also wearing a new release from PinkCherry, the “Noemi” dress. A simple T-shirt style with added ruffly action below the waist, topped off with a wide leather buckled belt. Lotsa colours in this, but the pristine white was appealing to me this morning ! My scarf is from Izumiya, only 20L a pop on the gacha machine.

Japan Fair



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Creating the Atmosphere

CIRCA - NEW! PinkCherry NEW!

Soooo it’s almost Valentines day, and you need to make your space ready for lurrrrve huh? Well CIRCA has you covered with this beautiful new mesh lounge set called “Luxely”. It comes in a choice of fuscia or red, both brilliant shades for romance. If you buy the full lounge set (and its ginormous and such good value) before the 9th of January, you get a whopping 50% off ! The pancakes breakfast tray is actually a current group gift – so don’t forget to snap that up too.


Heres the matching chair, side table, love decor item and faux window. I so so SO love the window, if you’ve got a boring plain wall, slip this up onto it, et voila! Gorgeous Roman blind, a beautiful vista and a row of kisses on the windowsill. Have to say the animations in the chair, couch and pouffes are top totty, couples and single pringles included.

Circa New collection

Heres the biggy, the scene stealer…The sofa carries 60 positions, with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu , with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu.  The couple animations range from kisses, hand holding, massages, cuddles and chatting.  The matching chair has 16 single animations for male and female sits and the adorable heart pouffes have 8 sit animations each for the girls (all different). Love the low prim collection of framed prints – which btw you can edit and add your own piccies!  The coffee table is perfect, with its tokens of love scattered over the top, to which I added the tray & drinks .

CIRCA Decor detail

Close up view – as always with CIRCA it’s just so detailed and so pretty . You don’t have to buy the full set, when you arrive at the main entrance to the store, choose the second new items area to see the display , you can pick and choose which items will go with your space, perfect!

PinkCherry NEW! Argrace NEW!

Incase you’re wondering, my sexy new frock is from PinkCherry, such an unusual design , with its bib front style collar, great ribbed self sheen fabric too. Large range of colours to pick from so head over and take a gander.

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place store


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Coffee Break

kokolores Pink Cherry NEW

I found a lovely little cafe to sit at today, and whilst I was there relaxing I took a few happy snaps of this new outfit from Pink Cherry. Heres a close up of the beautiful leather jacket. Lovely detailing all over, especially like the cuffs and “split” effect at the shoulders to show a lighter fabric tone. o.O little tip for Friday – KoKoLoReS has two make up packs out for Fi*Friday! One is full of lip stains and the other is eyeliners. I’m wearing the nude lip colour along with the bonus black liner…dont miss them!

Pink Cherry - Slink Shoes

The outfit comes with these gorgy beige mesh skinny pants also – Ohhh and for some reason, as if by magic, a pair of Slink Shoes appeared in my hot little paws last night that goes SO well with this ensemble *faint*. They are called llse and I bought them in the tan tone, lovely vintage appeal to them. These are for the SLink high mesh feet, which you do need to buy to wear these.

kokolores Pink Cherry

I adore these types of outfit, so easy to wear and perfect for the season but will also take you through the rest of year as seperates yay! Each clothing piece comes with its own alpha layer and a full alpha for when your short on layers – uhm – like me ALWAYS ! (I counted five alphas last night gawd)

If you head over to PinkCherry make sure to check out the latest new pieces – some totally to-die-for coats !




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PinkCherry NEW! Little Bone new! Mock cosmetics

PinkCherry have a few new releases out this week, heres Lindsey ! Wicked little dress, I so love dresses with silvery bits n bobs on them – makes me feel über groooovyman. This just fits like a glove, size medium, I’m a small  in most other things, so play around with the sizes in the box to get a purrrfect fit. Other colours also available, however…isnt Silver grey just edible?! My newww hair is from Little Bones, Zan posted about some freebies in the group notices yesterday – which lured me over to the store to check out the goodies. Yup, hair whore that I am, I was never going to leave without a new “do”. This is Lollipop, you  get a nice selection of six tones in each pack – sooper deal !


Little Bones

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Horror & Fashion

CIRCA & Pinkcherry NEW!

Yehyehyeh,…who says you can’t do horror and glamour together?! I don’t really get into Halloween, for me it’s not a very English tradition, however I am rather fond of a good cemetary…weird I know but I find them a fantastic source of social history and ever-so peaceful. Sooo here I am, visiting the grave of some long-lost relative. The open grave scene is by CIRCA, and blimey its pretty damm good. With its sleek raven perched on the spade, slightly open coffin and brill headstone, it’s a winner for setting an atmosphere. This can be found, along with other spooktastic items at the Horrorfest Event that runs until the Nov 8th. If you peek really really closely, you might see my new outfit from PinkCherry…

PinkCherry pencil skirt dress - pesca shawl - FREE D!va hat with fur pompoms

If like me your eyes aren’t that good here it is ! Simply divine, the pencil dress, split up the thigh with a saucy leopard print insert, I love it heaps. My shawl is from pesca, I don’t recall what event I snapped it up at but it is available in the mainstore now, comes in a few pretty tones and at just 85L its a steal. My hat is a group gift at D!va, still there, group join is free also. Its got sooo many options for colour and furry bits your head will spin !

PinkCherry knitted cardigan & boot cut pants outfit NEW!

Another new release from PinkCherry is this knitted cardigan set, gawd I lurve this, it’s SO moi. Beautifully styled cardi / jacket sits on top of a bootleg cut pair of pants. The buckle on the jacket is especially lovely, as is the texture on the pants. (This and the pencil dress) does come in other colours, go see go see !

Pinkcherry knitted cardigan outfit

Here is a long shot so you can see the trousers a little more, love the shape of hem, and it sits so easily over boots yay!

Circa @ Horror Fest





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How to be more lady like 101

PinkCherry NEW! Rosa dress

I normally wander around Second Life partially dressed in whatever I last blogged. My go to outfits are mostly jeans and tee’s. So I decided I should really make more of an effort, you knowww…be glam…a dolly bird (whatever that is) Enter PinkCherry ta dah ! Handily for moi their newest releases are one hundred percent glam & beautiful ! Above is “rosa”, a perky little dress with a fluted style hem and hugging cami top. Gorgeous embroidery skims across the bust area and the back…is verrrrry low. A whole range of colours in this to choose from.

PinkCherry gown - Gabriella NEW!

If I’m going to go the whole hog…and be like a real grown up glamour puss…Id choose “Gabriella”. This gown has a heavy dollop of old Hollywood style. Grabbing at your curves and flaring out at the hem. Again that deeeeep cut back exposing a fraction of bum cleavage. More colours available in store.


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Golden Girl

PinkCherry - Hot Chica deep cut jumpsuit NEW! Crysral Line free jewelry !

New release from PinkCherry babies…always look forward to those. This is a deep cut jumpsuit that exposes oooodles of cleavage…its called “Hot Chica” and we can all see why ! Very alluring…great style. I went for classic glam but you could really go to town and accessorize this to a million bits. Available in eleven smashing colours and just 259L per tone.

Pink Cherry