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Wipe out.


Decided to pop over to the Okinawa Summer Festival and spent a lovely hour or so wandering around all of the stalls and shops.  Unlike my last post I did spend a lot and picked up so much that I can’t really show you it all now!


One of my problems is although I bought a number of items, like the adorable summer hat in the last picture most of the stuff I got was from Gachas or LBs or even the free gifts that are strewn about the place and I can’t give you the direct link to that stall.  So you’re just going to have to TP in and have a wander around.  Fortunately the Free surf board and poses are pretty close to the landing spot and I’ve chosen the ones which have the board alone some of the come complete with wearable board and waves! so you should be able to find that freebie however the rest you will have to wander for.


This hat comes from the Pink Ribbon 21 stall and was a Gacha win I would have been happy to win any of them.  This one has the simple cute ears and only cost me 50Lds. Again sorry I can’t give you the direct TP to the Pink Ribbon 21 stall but they have laid the whole place out in a lovely grid pattern to make sure you don’t miss anything.  You can even grab a scooter or bike at the landing spot to zip around.

Make sure to check out all of the stalls as there is a number of Lucky Boards and free gifts waiting to be found.

I was also going to mention the adorable bikini I’m wearing which come or rather came from Boom.  I can only assume I’ve had it in my invent for so long it’s not available in the shop anymore which is such a shame but then again Boom has so many brilliantly fitting mesh bikinis in a whole range of colours and patterns and if I had known this wasn’t available anymore I would have put one of them on instead.   You may want to pop over and check them out but if you do do it quickly as Arenel Ah was a little bit late putting out her FLF so she’s left it out for an extra day so for a token 50Lds you can treat yourself to a satiny pink pair of summer sandals for SLink Med feet.

Okinawa Summer Festival