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Millennium Hunt


Another huge hunt has begun ! …This hunt is a little different than usual, you’re looking for an 1L item in store, that you purchase and the gift part is hidden inside…super simple right? First off the blocks is Pink Label with a mighty fine offering, you will receive after finding the 1L hidden item this FULL outfit, including the outrageously awesome shooz ! Cardi, choice of two tee’s, and the low slung cord pants…


The hidden piece is this..awwww kittycat! Cuter-than-cute kitty top…find it and everything is yours .

Theres quite a lot going on at Pink Label currently, new store build in progress (which is why I’m going to head you to the temporary sky store in a  few) plus several new releases..above Im wearing the snazzy little velvet mini skirt, gawd Talena does make the perfect mini..I dont have to fiddle about with it at all…one click and on! This is a pack of skirt, belt & three cross strap tops..just adored the bronze colour for the shirt…and the belt is really handy dandy (greaaaat with the new cord pants btw!) Only 75L for the whole kaboodle…

Couldnt finish until Id given you a close up shot of the fantabulous shoes “Farrah” that come in the millennium hunt gifty! I love love LOVE them..so classy , these will be a real wardrobe essential for moi – they have bows…I liiike bows…~happy sigh~ lovely shape around the heel and the usual easy peasy to use Pink Label HUD means I can get a purrrfect skin match and play with the squillions of options hurrah!

You can also get a gold pair of the Farrah shoes for only 10L *faints* orrr black metallic orrrr silver metallic…whats not to love? Stock up, youll wear these heaps ! (btw no invisiprims, alpha only) Pop over and take a mooch, plenty to see & amazing prices!

All clothing & shoes: Pink Label (temp location)


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Twelve Days of Christmas

A great event is on at the Jersey Shore shopping area..Twelve Days of Christmas Hunt ! There are ooodles of stores participating…Pink label & SAKIDE are two of my favs, so I headed over to take a peek. Pink Label actually has two gifts for you to find, all the stores are pretty small so its dead simple to find them, even I found them ! Youre looking for a small silver star, each prize is only 12L. I’ve mishmashed two gifts into one above..the sludgey green sweater which I LOVE..short skirt and the fahhhbulous shirt…theres a short flouncy skirt also in one pack if you fancy a change. Boots are from DUH “snow booties in cedar” cost just 25L, if you havent been to DUH go check it out..such good value, and lully bags alongside the shoes, boots etc..

Heres the Pink Label shirt..Chrismassy but not tooo much..

I also trotted into SAKIDE and snapped up their prize…wowser..you get a fat pack of these scrummy dresses…red, black & white…theres a whole lotta butt cleavage going on at the rear…get your own and check it out !

12 days winter green outfits: Pink Label

Opened back fir dresses: SAKIDE

Boots : DUH



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Hunt them boots !

Pink Label has snapped up a store at the new Lemania Indigo location and have also entered into the Christmas spirit by joining in with the Bizarre Behaviour hunt yay!

“Two pairs of boots have been divided up into pieces. Each piece is 1L each. There are nine pieces in all (the shoe form and alpha layer are in the same piece and the same works for both pair) Find nine purple masks, buy each one for 1L and grab the boots!”

I’m wearing the red version above, there’s also white.

A Xmas release in at the Lemania location also, as above…dahhhling plaid jeans and a candy cane top…sooper cute ! Also available in a white option. You can buy this as separates which I love. The Trish shoes are just 49L, jeans 10L, candy cane tee 25L. Talena has also made a really adorable sparkle outfit, comprising a skirt and tank that would look awesomely fab with the hunt boots..just 10L ! (and only at the Lemania Indigo store)

If you wanna swing by the Pink Label main store, the VIP group fee has been slashed from 100L to just 50L for a very limited period as a gift, once joined you can snaffle up all those gifties at the VIP club house outside the store oot oot !  Also there are some lucky presents – so check those out under the tree. It’s all at Pink label! Thanks Talena xx

Lemania Indigo location for hunt & sparkle outfit: Pink Label

Main store for VIP group join & Club House: Pink Label

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Grenade Free !

Hola! Yes its Grenade free Weds again! My oh my how these weeks are spinning by as we approach Christmas huh? Soo anyway..Pink Label have this astounding set out for this weeks hoohaaah…its The Grape camo set and brace yourselves..it features a NEW release of shooz! Gawd..Iam praying Talena makes these babies in an array of colours cause I wanttttt them (black,grey,beige,baby pink,RED,,plleeeease!!!)

 So you get for 79L the whole fandango…two styles of skirt…the cardigan/bolero…the ever-so-pretty heart necklace and gorgeous earings..plusssss those shoes *heart flutter*…yumyumyum…dont forget that Pink Label has recently moved..so take a chance to update your landmarks and check out the new build, plus VIP clubhouse and group gifts! Thanks Talena xx

Grape camo set: Pink Label (only at the Jersey Shore store!)

 Whirling Dervishes  Bracelet : Dark Mouse

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Winter plaid and smexy shooz & a group gift !

I was out exploring today for new pritty places to take photos and came across this old Victorian shopping area…beautiful! Stopped to order a cafe au lait at this tres chic bakery..Im wearing the newww group gift from Pink Label…Quincy plaid top & the sooper new Shiloh sandals…plusss if you’re looking for a cute pair of jeans to slip on with the gift..check out these adorbs pair for just 10L from Pink Label also !

The blouse comes with a choice of two ruffly bits..with or without the lace..I personally prefer the lace as it has a sort of shabby chic feel to it..

Both the Quincy blouse and the Shiloh sandals come in a multitude of colour options…I adored the warm orangey reds of this tone…looks fab with the dark jeans !  One thing that I always forget to mention about the shoes…is Talena has slaved over a hot stove to make them VERY low lag…these babies wont make your tp’s fail . The group join fee is currently just 100L…and there are hundreds of Lindens worth of group gifts to load into your shopping bag while you’re there…thanks Talena xx

Group gift & Quincy blouse and Shiloh shoes: Pink Label

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Just a little teaser for you to make your Saturday go with a BANG ! My all time fav pumps “Dita” from Pink Label have been made in lushhhhh navy blue…with all the usual accent and colour change metals we have come to know & love…plussss a sooper cute matching purse (read note when you get it for colour change info on the purse) Pink Label has a stunning new store now PLUS a VIP club house so you can rez your gear, use the pose stands anddd snaffle up a whole wall of group gifties hurrah! Have to admit to an epic FAIL on finding the new pumps when I visited…I think Talena is tormenting me ! Head on over and take a mooch around, refresh your landmarks and join up ! The dress is called “Kei” and I found it on the market place from eLDee, you get it in three tones for free ! It feels a little retro and has a delightful printed on belt and camisole bodice, I chose the teal shade to compliment the navy shoes, but you also get burgundy & black !

Pink Label: New main store

Kei dresses: eLDee


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Dish it Trish

If you’re trying to diet look away now…Ive got a “chocolate swirl” dress…the fabric reminds me of Galaxy bars…or…walnut whips…I had to go gorge myself on a Cadbury’s mini roll after looking ! Pink Label has this sweet little chocolate number out and up fer grabs….its only 10L…and is  real eye catcher…treat yourself..and while you’re at it…grab up the new release in footwear..the Trish shooz..

They co-ordinate with the swirly dress beautifully! Lush brown colour…easy to use HUD..darling little charm that hangs off the back…gorjuss and at only 49L a must have buy…oh and a little heads up for you regarding the Sheena boots..now available in BLACK yippeee! Thats not all though..copied from Talena’s note so I get it right (lol)

Yesterday someone asked me about Sheena Boots in Black and I replied that I meant to do several colors but just hadn’t had time. Here is the first of my releases for Sheena,this one in Black.

I haven’t had time to take pictures yet but I wanted to put these out for you so you can snag them up. You get a total of 9 pair of boots, 3 pair in black on black (black sequins on black patent) – in full boot, pant boot and a new version an ankle slouch boot, 3 pair in gold on black (gold sequins on black) and 3 pair in silver on black (silver sequins on black)

I’ve marked the whole lot of them for 49L – and I’ve put them in a little pinkish crate for you to buy. There’s a boot display on top so you can see what they will look like.”

Tadaaaa! go getttummm…

Dress, shoes & sheens boots: Pink Label