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4 44 444?

Awww Happy Birthday Free*Style! And what a superb birthday type bash they are holding yay! Starts today and ends on the 14th..a room chock-a-block with goodies and because they are four years old..everything is priced with the number four…such as 4L or 44L or 444L . The place was packed to the rafters when I went..so dont rushhh you’ve got a coupla weeks to do this…I snapped up a few things to show you..above I’m wearing a dear little sweater & tank from Sassy! Pretty little cuffed sleeves..and just 4L…Im holding a free wearable drinky from C&D Designs ..and the skin…ohmaigosh the skinnnn…I hadnt heard of Chain & Vine before…but hubbidy hubba Im glad I saw this..its called LOIE..and its only 4 L *faints*..its just sooper delicate, the face is especially sweet..great shading all over..

I totally caved in and broke my “no more new shooz” promise when I saw these cuter-than-cute Mary Janes from DUH…the white pair is just 4L..or there is also a fat pack of various shades for 44L..

Mystic Sky had this gorgeous Autumn wreath on offer for 4L..I loved the colours and its mod so you can get a purfect fit..the skirt I’m wearing is Argyle Anonymous’s Super bargain Saturday item ! It’s a real peach…old denim..little peacock feathers adorn the front..alpha layer for your derriere..thanks swan xx anddd yes I’m wearing the Chain & Vine skin again (I lovvve it)

Last thing into my partay bag was this sweater from Pig..Ive always had a soft spot for their understated styling..and their gear wins a place in my SL wardrobe everytime,just 44L ! Little hearts necklace is from Lolapop..uhoh it just appeared in my hand *squirm*..well at 4L..it HAD too…

Congrats to Free*Style…hope you have many many more Birthdays to come !

Birthday Bash: Free*style event

Super Bargain Saturday item: Argyle Anonymous


This Little Piggie…

…went to Free Dove to follow in Faith’s footsteps. Yes indeed, after I saw Faith’s post on The Free Dove last week I just had to go down and pay it a visit for myself. If you’ve read her post you’ll know what The Free Dove is about: a very cool store chock-full of free gear in which you can find many a gem. Naturally I grabbed a couple to show you.

The first is an outfit (or outfits I should say) from Pig. This is one massive pack, that’s the only way I can really describe it. It comes with a tremendous amount of gear: one pair of lovely pleated pants and a seemingly endless amounts of shirt options. I’m showing the Ordinary Boy shirt (first picture except for the belt) and the I ❤ Plaid top (second picture) here and they are just the tip of the iceberg. The texturing on both these tops is brilliant and the colours are bright and fresh and both feature well made, easy-to-fit attachments. This pack is definitely a must-have.

The second outfit I picked up comes from Pink Label. Pure casual style in the form of a white shirt and jeans this is well made outfit for those ordinary days when you still want to look good. I love the creasing on the shirt and combined with the dark blue denim of the jeans, it’s very eye-catching. The shirt also comes with a prim collar and you also get cuffs for the jeans plus a cool pair of sneakers.

You can hardly ask for more for free but The Free Dove has plenty more to offer, it’s definitely worth taking a good, long wander around the store and see what else you can find.

Get the gear here: The Free Dove


Then There Were Nine

Oh dear, only nine days to go until the MENstuff hunt comes to a close. I’ve been running around trying to get to as many places as possible before the end and I’ve managed to grab another batch of items to show you all today.

First up is this outfit from Tres Beau Designs, called ‘Checkmate’ in brown. It’s a versatile outfit as you can choose to wear either both tops as I am above or just the darker brown ‘under’ sweater and the attachments are included for both. The checks in different shades of brown are a nice and different touch as well.

Duh! always have great shoes and their addition to the MENstuff hunt is no different with this lovely pair of tasseled loafers. Beautifully designed (especially the tassels themselves) and easy to fit with their script, they are some wicked looking footwear.

Next on my list is this shirt from Pig. A new store to me but one definitely worth going back to judging by this shirt. It’s called the Southwest Corner in faded blue. It’s got a very casual look to it with top and bottom buttons undone and little skin-showing gaps. That’s usually not something I look for in a shirt but I liked the look of this one on me very much.

Last but not least for today is this pair of boots from Deco. Again that’s another store I hadn’t been to before and reinforces my opinion that this is what makes hunts so worthwhile. These are called the *Newsprint* Test Boots and while it’s a little hard to see in my picture, there is indeed newsprint on these boots. I don’t wear longer boots that often and looking at these, I wonder why because I absolutely love these ones.

All four of these items are definitely ones you should grab if you haven’t yet. I’ll be showing you some more of the gifts as I pick them up before the hunt comes to an end.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Complete Outfit – Tres Beau Designs (Hint: Shed a little light on the subject)

Picture #2: Loafers – Duh! (Hint: Behind the pink door (men’s section))

Picture #3: Shirt – Pig (Hint: Hampuddle)

Picture #4: Boots – DECO (Hint: These boots were made for walkin)


Pig & Ploom

Pig cardi gift,Ploom hair 200L,Jane piggies tights 50L per pack

and a lil added piggie tights action yay! Player gave me these gorjuss pink piggies that I can wear and I decided to go scope out the store (he’s sooo good at finding stuffage) Anyyyyway, after Id bought up most of their wares, I spied this newww hair store (well new to moi) Its called Ploom and has much diviness, I bought thisss hair “zoey” pack of blonde shades for just 200L !

The cardi was sent out by Pig today and is available to collect in their store also for 0L..when I re-read the note I realised that the original cardi had a texture fault and went to collect the corrected one inworld…hurrah for Pig !

Of courrrse Iam also wearing my sooperdooper Jane piggie tights..what else ???!!!

Go get the gear : Pig   Ploom    Jane