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The Challenge – Public Transportation

The Challenge [bauwerk] Art Nouveau Newspaper Stand - 7 Prims NEW!

Oh lala I don’t know where the time goes, it’s already another round of The Challenge. Each month the fearless creators gear up to be right on time with their items , in theme and ready to roll! So this months theme is based on Public transportation, and I was sooper curious to see what would pop into their funky lil heads ! I was thrilled when I unpacked the offerings from [bauwerk], two items and above is one of them. This newstand is just brilliant…SO much detail and ohmai – its stuffed with poses to work inside the booth. This would be ideal for a role play sim or maybe a little shopping centre. Very deco in its styling, which just happens to be my most favourite era of all yay!

The Challenge CIRCA

From CIRCA is a rather atmospheric collection of decor pieces. I’m a Londoner and these are just so evocative of the London Underground set up. Crumpled wall map, the classic tube logo as wall art, a waiting room table and benches that also bear a faded logo ingrained into the wood. The benches have solo poses times two and a couples set up …oh ! Two hanging lamps that are touch operated too !

The Challenge [PP] Inner City Artists Bus Shelter

Piddlers perch have come up with a sweet item that’s spot on trend, this Inner City Artists bus shelter. Looks like some arty type has given it a quick once over with a brush and a few pots of paints to make it prettier ! Lovely poses in it so you can wait in comfort or lurk with purpose.

The Challenge [hate this] mesh - metro benches

Last up for today are these metro benches from [hate this], beautifully crafted, with menus for seat colour and three different advertising boards. Quite a few poses in the seats too…low Li, scatter them around with gay abandon !

The Challenge blog


[hate this]

Piddlers Perch


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Slice of lemon in my G & T

Piddlers Perch group gift - home pub - Citrus new release mesh dress 99L

Got a superb gift through yesterday from Piddlers Perch, this is the “Home pub”, which I think sounds more like some beer stained – sticky floored grungy thing…and this is most certainly not that! You get a lovely stripped wood bar counter, with wine stored underneath, wine, glass, rack of more wine and on and on. Plus two stools that have some totally adorable poses in ! I seem to recall the group is free to join, but it was simply age ago I joined !

Citrus NEW! 99L

Also another new release from Citrus hoohah! This little number is out and instore today for just 99L, ooodles of colours available. Its got a sooper shape too it, halter neck that exposes plenty of cleavage, body skimming and a zip that runs from bewbs to hemline, whats not to like?!

Piddlers Perch


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Happy Berfday Piddlers Perch !

Piddlers Perch Birthday gift !_001

Piddlers Perch  is two years old hurrah! I’ve always enjoyed Rowns builds and items…they make me smile ! Congrats Rowan ! Sooo to mark this auspicious day….there is a gift…yes indeedy and its a big fat mahoooosive type one. This is the round cottage, sweetly decorated with sprays of ivy winding up the exterior stonework…and inside…fully furnished ! Most of the furnishings are not linked, so you can fiddle around with the layout till your hearts content.

Piddlers Perch Birthday gift

There is a huge couch to lounge around on, with some great poses built right on in. Pot plants and this darling table for two with a pie and coffee …scrummy ! Theres heaps more inside PLUS..a gert big tree to rez join is free, so head over and snap up your pressie. Thankyou Rowan…and happy birthday ❤

Piddlers Perch

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Cart Sale

somnia cart sale exclusive rainbow top & skirt 10L each

Its time to get washing girls & guys..The Wash has one of its cart sales on…and you really don’t want to miss it. Most everything is set for sale at just 10L, plus a load of gifts dotted around. I have some gorjusness to share with you from Somnia (thankyou so much Sanura <3) Above is a cart sale exclusive…the rain bow mesh skirt and matching top…they made me feel especially spring like and cheerful ! Both items only 10L each *faint*…

Sonia cart sale Harmonic Fusion ice & white 10L

Another must have from Somnia is this mesh top “Harmonic Fusion”….cute look, perfect for tossing on with jeans and a great music logo across the front ..again only 10L ! (if you’re wondering about the jeans I’m alwaysss wearing, they are from Jane and are called “sweet n low”…my absolute favs eva !)

somnia cart sale Feathered Harlot lingerie 10L

Somnia have ooooodles out for the Cart Sale…couldnt not show you the lingerie could I?! This is the “Feathered Harlot” set and comes in heaps of colours…lovely design across the bra top plus matching knickers…yum.

Piddlers Perch Cart Sale  10L - Bit O Country Wash Basin & Shelved Towel Rack

I did pop over to mooch and found Piddlers Perch had a cart..if you don’t know this store go check it out…great value and really sweet pieces to glam up your space..this is just one of the items on sale for the Cart Sale ” Bit O Country Wash Basin & Shelved Towel Rack”, it’s just sooooo lovely and quaint…you get all that s shown above for your 10L ! Its won a place in my home for sure…btw…its all also very low prim, hurrah! Go have a wander around, it’s quite a large area to cover, you’ll find clothing,shoes,home & garden items, guys theres stuff for you also.

Cart Sale


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Comfy Angel

Hooray! Ever an Angel has some new releases for us…The super soft strokable mesh Boho jeans…which have some really pretty detailing on the denim…a pair of sweet flat pumps to keep your tootsies cool all summer long…and completing the look the mesh “breezy back” top…fresh! I’m lounging about on the group gift from one of my fav stores Piddlers Perch…gawd this chair is snuggly and is stuffed full-a-poses…some of which give you items to wear ! The decorated side table and lamp also come with it…Ive GOT to find a place for this in my home…(its alll lowww prim too)

Also new from Ever an Angel is this darling little skirt..the “ruffled Boho skirt”…such a dainty print…that also echoes the one on the blouse….a great combination! The jewelry is also another new release…and compliments all three new pieces perfectly. Head over and have a gander ..

Ever an Angel

Piddlers Perch

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I had a lovely group gift from Piddlers Perch the other day (group members do get very spoilt-so join!), and I wanted to show it off…its this deeelightful lovers trees…the trunk is formed into a couple…leaving a heart shape in the centre, surrounded by aged blocks of stone. Dont worry if you’re a single pringle..its also got poses for those alone times. I often sit out here in my garden, and this little beauty is just perfect for this spot… at only five prims (yay!) its staying rigggghhhtt here ! If you aren’t in the group…and didnt receive the gift…no worries, you can still head over and buy it for yourself …make sure you leave a little browsing time, outside and in this store is stufffed with goodies, all very reasonably priced. Piddlers Perch is also in a couple of hunts at the moment..sooo grab your huntin attire and go !

Piddlers Perch

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Monday quickie !

oh yeahh..a quickie..*grins* I found this new store called Yokana and its stuffed with some pretty glam I was mooching about I found three gifts, didn’t know what they were but ever the intrepid gift collector I took them – said a quiet “thankyou”- and headed home. Was really pleased with my find..sooper leopard print skinny pants, a sweet little top andddd some flats to wear with it all hurrah! The pretty flowery things are from Piddlers Perch..go check out this place, they have oodles of low prim gooodies for lowwwww prices ! (most are copiable too) The pose is from Magnifique poses, it’s a house with the poses built right into the doorway..dress it up..recolour it…its fab! (thanks scarletxx)

outfit: Yokana

Doorway pose: Magnifique poses

Trellis: Piddlers Perch