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Damn! I got fooled!(5Ld Hunt).

I was so excited when I got an email from a well-known coffee brand, Beanies, about their new range of calorie free biscuits….yup I fell for it hook line and sinker! Well, a girl can dream of zero calorie treats can’t she.

These hunt items are most definitely not a joke. What you’re looking for is numbered flowers and each cost 5Lds and since I had 5Lds left I splurged and bought this hippy chick top.

Because each flower costs 5Lds there is a board with pictures of what each flower contains and there is some really nice stuff, jeans(not the ones I’m wearing) bags, shoes etc all perfectly matching so for 20Lds you could get a top, jeans, shoes and bag all matching and all top quality.

They are in the Piaggio shop and now I’m going to waffle because I’m 99% sure that this shop is just outside of another shop I’ve just blogged and that shop also has a spring hunt on, same flowers but different prizes and again you have the board showing you the prizes inside.  So once you’ve picked the prize you want pop over and check out the other shop.  I’m going to click “Publish” now and if I’m wrong with the details I will update this post.

UPDATE, how could I have forgotten.  Yes I was right because next door to Piaggio is ZD(Zhora Design) and I’ve just done a post on their brill freebie dress and the SL frees and offer shoes.  So make sure to check this shop out as well.