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Imagine(aruim) these. (Freebies).

A quick and easy start to the day.

The Imaginarium Event is open, join the Free Group and then saunter around checking out the stalls and picking up some freebies along the way.

This oversized chunky knit rug is the gift from the DD, Dreamland Design stall.

These shoes are a gift off the Art & Ko stall. As these are Maitreya only I couldn’t model them but they are only 4 prims when rezzed which means great decor items if you want.

There is a photo comp going on so before you head into the main area of sales/gifts slap the notice board and check out the details for that and give it a go.

UPDATE: Actually I could probably wear those shoes after all, because of the hight of the cuff chances are simply removing or alphering my feet out they should look good so get em and try em for yourself.

The Imaginarium Event


Mixed tape

Managed to lure Player to the studio…yay! We’re both showing off the new group gift from Monroe’s. They are starting a guys section,which is super good news for you boys. The tee is free in the notices if you join the group, or you can buy it on the market place for 1L here : 

Also I’m told there is to be a male model competition, applications can go in now until May 6th to Kittee Skytower  via a note card. Heres the info,copy and complete questions onto a notecard:

SL Name:

Age in SL:

1.How often are you on?

2. Do you have any modeling experience?

3. Why should you be picked as a Monroe model?

4. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
Please include 3 pictures of yourself including a headshot, full body shot in an outfit of your choice and a full body shot in a swimsuit and send to Kittee Skytower before May 6th.

*** Please Put your name in the title of this Application like so :   Monroe’s Modeling Contest Application: Your Name Here

The winner will be announced two weeks after the start of the contest and will recieve a 3k prize, the full Monroe’s collection of men’s clothing and photoshoots with Monroes in the future!

Go for it guys! Monroes