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The Promenade for a rainy day


The Promenade Ashmoot gacha

Ohhhh just one more post showing items from The Promenade gacha event – these items from Ashmoot caught my eye ! Yes yes yes system layers *faints* with added applier action for those of you with boobies & butts ! I just adore this sweet little blouse, its got lovely texturing and it will be a keeper for me for sure. The brown woolie leggings are super nice , there’s also some cheeky lace shorts too have a go at winning too. However, its the furry “Dolly” jacket that’s a rare win – that I would just have to own ! The boots are also in the mix, not for slink feet so ever so easy to slip on, great fit and no need to fiddle about with them – yay!

The Promenade - B!ASTA Autumn Treasures

I also just wanted to share another jewellery set from the B!ASTA gacha machine, its called Autumn Treasures and I’m wearing the necklace and earrings, love !

 The Promenade – opens TODAY !

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Surreal Complex and (69L Sunday – now cancelled)

vendetta jumpsuit 69L event
Two new-to-me events for you to peek at lovelies ! 69L Sunday has just opened its doors, there are fashion & furnishings – all at the low price of – you’ve guessed it – 69L ! Above I’m wearing a jumpsuit from {Vendetta}, its non – mesh and actually it reminded me that layer clothing can still be very effective and easy to wear. Great animal print fabric and a sooper tight fit. SLip it on and you’re good to go – heapsss of other colours available. (you also get appliers for Lolas and phat azz too naturally)

naughty n nice jumpsuit (non mesh) KoKoLoReS nightmare under eye shadow and  fighting nightmares divan NEW!

Another jumpsuit with a slightly different style is this one from  Naughty N Nice, also at the 69L event. I chose the slippery baby pink which is adorable. Non – mesh again and I have to admit, it’s SO easy to slide into ! (appliers included for those of you with boobs and butts) My pose is contained in a divan that’s on offer by KoKoLoReS at the Surreal Complex event. Lovely divan couch filled with some pretty unusual poses. Also check out my under eye shadows, called *had a nightmare*, also by KoKoLoReS and for sale at the Surreal Complex event.

69L Sunday Location

Surreal Complex event

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The Whole Deal!

Honestly I’m such a stuck in the mud with my shape and skin choices it’s boring but when I got notice of Mr.Bloch that he has some special offers on for us ladies I had to indulge and WOW he’s included the WHOLE lot of appliers and for only 49Lds!

SkinuseHarmony is the skin’s name and again not only do you get the SLink hands and feet appliers but also Lola Tangos, PhatAzz (not worn as I refuse to have a fat ass!) and Loud Mouth and if that lot doesn’t tempt you  then you get a total of 3 shade and each shade comes with a choice of lippie.  I’ve not had time to pop into the in world shop Mr.Block to see if this is also on offer there but here is the link to his Marketplace where he has this and a couple of more special offers but be QUICK because like all of his shapes/skins etc they’re limited in number.  OH almost forgot there  even more because it comes with 2 mod shapes and one of them is for the Loud Mouth but I’m not wearing the shape give but my Anna shape.

Skin2This is Harmony again but the paler skin option. Ignore the wisps of hair I must remember that as adorable as this Diva hair is it’s not one for close-ups LOL.  Honestly as I was trying this skin out and taking the pictures the SLink Group were chatting away and as usual a lot of people were bemoaning how hard it can be sometimes to match skins and your “extras” so for those who are struggling or like me a bit lazy with the skin matching this is ALL you need.

Mr.Bloch Marketplace Shop