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Hunt Prize $20L @ Petit Morte & Oubliette

Always enjoy the little hunts put on by Petite Mort & Oubliette. As you land you will see the sign showing you what’s on offer to find. Each item is just $20L and I really loved them all.

Hunt prizes jeans, tank & glasses $20L each

I was determined to find the jeans as they looked super cool for the summer, also managed to locate the tank and sunnies ! Its not overly hard to find the items , you’re looking for a route 66 sign post, its also a beautiful sim to wander around anyway.

Hunt Prizes

Above are all the items and when you click the sign to buy it clearly says what’s inside so you can pick and choose. The other great news is that both stores are also having a 50% sale!

Petite Mort & Oubliette

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Witchwood MidSummer Hunt!

Oh lala – I seem to be getting better at hunts – mind you the clues for this one made it easier ! As each gift costs just $10L – there is also a key , so you can see which prizes you’d like to find, as the sim was filling up I grabbed this handy little skirt and the tshirt – might go back for the shoes later though. At the landing point you’ll find a free summer tote bag also, touch the hunt board and youll get all the info. Love love love this style – OH! And there is a 50% off sale in both stores – which I will go back for when the lag fest is over. (Mesh body fits only btw) The hunt is hosted by Petite Mort & Oubliette – everything looks so beautiful at the sim they share I think I will head back next week and take some snaps.

Here is the key – looks deelicious huh? My hair is another from Doe from The Arcade – but bought on the market place because I just don’t have the time to try to repeatedly get into the Arcade !

Midsummer Hunt


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Petite Mort & Oubliette $10L Hunt

I’m all flustered from doing this hunt – it was jam-packed and I just couldn’t find the blouse I wanted boohoo ! Anyway, this is the Petite Mort & Oubliette $10L hunt – some lovely things to find and at the start location you can see whats in the prize – so you knowww what you want to find. If you’re like me and are bloody useless at finding things – you’ll end up with everything apart from the ONE thing you really truly wanted – BUT no matter as everything is so gorgeous ! Soooo I bought the ever-so-useful shorts, which I know I will live and die in, and this tank, plus a pair of leggings. The basket is FREE at the starting point – its dead cute. My head is also newwww – but- I’m still fiddling with the shape, just after this was taken I tweaked the neck and it looked SO much better (you were right Brinlea – the necks are thin on those shapes!)

Hunt Start

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Fresh Eggs for Sale.(Freebies “n” Non Free Hunt).

OK, Gonna grumble here because I cammed and scanned the small Petite Mort shop and only found ONE of the bloddy hidden eggs and I want at least 3 of the other ones.  This isn’t a free hunt but each egg, if you can find them, costs only a 10Lds and there is a picture board which shows you what each egg contains so you can pick and choose and I’ve chosen numbers 1,2 & 3 if I can find the blinking things!

You do have to join the Petite Mort group to be able to do this hunt, although I do believe that there is a special egg out for anyone to grab, but since for the moment it’s FREE to join the Petite Mort group this means that even if you fail with the egg hunt you can still snag all the Group Gifts in the back of the shop and the shorts and tee I’m wearing are an example of what’s on offer.

PS The 1 egg I found contained the Wedgies shoes and I’m really pleased with them PLUS check out my eggy basket.  Click the rabbit at the sign and you get sent this I don’t think you need to wear it to grab the eggs but it’s a lovely wearable and yes, of course, I rezzed it and ONLY 2 prims and a perfect little decor item.

Petite Mort

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Mondays KISS (Freebie).

It’s true that us Brits only talk about the weather and today it’s PERFECT!  Last night I did the house, lined up my RL work, threw a shed load of stuff in the wash I even filled a bag with all the cushions, throws, books etc so when I’m making my “nest” in the garden it’s as easy as possible.


This morning was also made easier by this lovely New GG from Petite Mort. It’s right there in the entrance way on a board.  TBH I was super lazy and didn’t cam around for the group invite I simply clicked on the picture and joined the Free group from there.

The shop looks as though it has had a bit of an update plus I spotted there is also a bit of a sale going on but my garden was calling me so I just grabbed and ran but it’s certainly worth a revisit to see whats in the sale.

PS it’s the skirt and top only.

Petite Mort

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12 out of 10 marks (Dollarbies).

Wow I would have been kicking myself if I had missed this Mini Hunt from Petite Mort because everything is AMAZING!  100% Texturing, fit and quality and each only costs a single Linden!

Even though every egg you’re hunting for only costs a single Ld there is a picture of the contents so if you just have a couple of Lindens to spare then you can pick and chose but  I think like me you will want to hunt down all 12+1  hidden eggs not just because they’re all such top quality but a damned good mix, shoes (SLink High), Wellies (Wellington boots), Shorts, Tops, Jumper, Skirt, Dress etc and ALL keepers.


Even the bloddy egg basket you grab at the start is a keeper because although you wear it and it has a nice holding pose, you don’t have to as it’s just a fun prop for the hunters, but you can even rezz it and at only 2 prims a lovely decor item as well as a wearable.


Gorgeous floral and flirty skirt and the top although it’s supposed to be white it has a lovely oatmealy texturing.


There is a couple of dresses and this is just one of them.


SLink High hooves needed for these shoes but the Wellies can be worn without mesh feet and they look just like the real thing.


Grungy top and I teamed the top with the shorts I can highly recommend the jeans as well.  Everything I’m showing you comes as separates but they all go together so well.  Nothing I’ve found is going to be trashed they’re all “keepers” even for a Invent Hoarder like me.


This is the +1 which is a Golden Egg win, for this dress you have to join the Petite Mort group to snag it but it’s free to join and I was so distracted by these goodies I forgot to check to see if there was any new GG’s out.

Petite Mort

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Hair we go again (New Mina Hair & Lovely Freebie).

ARGH!!! Hairology again!  I’m not sure I can actually stand the temptation I have a SIM & Cats to support! Sadly for me and my Pussies this is one event I now don’t like to miss.  It has just about the right amount  of stalls  to have plenty of new designs but small enough that you’re not overwhelmed by whats there.  I’ve had a quick scan and lucky for me Mina always ticks all the boxes BUT because so many of the styles here are new and there is some quirkiness to them I’ve tagged another hair for me to go back to buy so even with a stuffed hair folder I still find it too tempting to resist.


I know this isn’t really a “hair shot” I’ll show you that better in the other picture, but this is a dress from Petit Morte. A peachy beige, lacy textured dress with that antique lace border, simple, sweet and of course Free.  Don’t panic if you’ve joined the group and no matter how many times you click on those bags on the reception desk they’re DECOYS! lol you will have to walk a little bit further into the shop and on an easel is a picture of this dress and it’s that you click once you’ve joined the group.

XXXCrossblueorton3I had a whale of a time collecting the Champagne bottles at the Dulcie hunt, check out my previous post, and then on my platform trying on all the skins, too lazy to try out the Mesh eyes so I’m not using them.  I as I said binned a lot of the skins but also made a neat folder full of the trans ones and all I need to do is hunt down a Noob who is willing to accept gifts from strangers which is pretty hard LOL.


I’ve always said that the red/ginger shades of Mina are the best in SL and in this untouched Nams setting you can see why I say that.  PS this is skin#5 from the hunt and it comes with SLink Appliers.

As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop as well because well basically I think you need to check out whats there before you make your mind up and even better she has not only the pictures and LMs for hairs which at this moment are only available at special events she has the Demos which means that you don’t have to struggle through a laggy sim to just be able to try the Demo before you decide if you’re going to buy.  Just try it on at Minas unlaggy shop have a good look at it and the colour palette Hud you get at your leisure.


Mina Mainshop

Petite Morte