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Weekend Happiness (group gift & offer)

Free Group Gift

I woke up at 3am for some bizarre reason – good job Second Life never sleeps, so I went shopping. Belle Époque has a new group gift out for you, the “Bella” mesh dress. You get it in three colours – this is blue. Lovely corset section, puffed sleeves and a sweet skirt – beautiful ! The group is free to join, and it seems each week there is a new group gift .

$30L mesh dress (three colours available)

I also picked up this weekends $30L offer “Aellah”, again three colours to choose from, this is the green which is light and bright and very feminine. I’m not big into these types of frock but I seriously can’t get enough o them lately from this store. Well made and pretty and at such great prices its hard to refuse. It seems even the full priced pieces are just £125L or thereabouts , and there are some super sweet dresses that would be superb for role play.

Belle Époque


Regrets..Ive had a few…

..and then again, too few to mention (sing alonggg everyone)..New release from Bubblez..a stunning gown called “Le Regret”…raven black..with pure white trimmings..a real gothy frothy frock..beautifully detailed with a sash of flowers around your waist..a lush floppy bow at the rear and frilled collar..even a magnificent mini hat…

A close up of the bodice reveals the sumptuous velvet fabric across the corset style top and matching floral tribute around the hat..absolutely divine (thank you milo xx)

Go get Gothed: Bubblez