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Squinternet Larnia

HatSome people manage to pick the best AV names and Squinternet Larnia is one of them but she maybe better know for her shop Donna Flora. If you don’t know that name you’d better get used to it because there is a big push of Slers and others promoting her shop to raise funds for Squinternet.  The reason being is that behind our perfect AVs are equally beautiful but flawed real humans and sometimes life bites you on the butt.  Sadly Squinternet is not well and although we cannot be there as a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand in the home, a picker up of shopping and a bit of a laugh to take her mind off life’s troubles we can however indulge in a bit of retail therapy and in return Squinternet gets a little bit of extra money to go towards helping making life a little bit nicer.  This ISN’T a charity call or even worse a pity call because Squinernet has something a lot of us can never offer and that’s a shop of amazing designs, old, new, retro, funky, out there, basics, period pieces, hats, gems & Jewels and don’t get me started on the shoes!

Hat1So far all I have bought is this hat and that’s only because I just cannot make up my mind on what else to get every time wander around her large beautiful shop I mentally tag everything I want.  Not the cheapest of clothes but honestly you’re not paying for a bog standard repackaged mundane stuff.  Each outfit is well crafted beautifully textured, unique and so feminine.

OH! so I went back to do this write up and grab the LMs and finally chose some other lovelies to treat myself to and this hat has a matching outfit to go with it.  I somehow resisted this but did treat myself to some ribboned shoes and a framed corset dress so watch out for those in my next blogg.

Don’t be put off my the cost! You pay for quality for sure but click around and she does have items from as little as 60Lds and just outside the front door through the gates are the dollarbies and old gifties.

Read more of her story here.

Buy her stunning clothes here.

Donna Flora Land

Donna Flora Sky

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Rustle your bustle

In England there is a new period drama on television called “Downton Abbey”, I love it..I’m not really into “period” stuffage but this series is shot so beautifully , and so loyally to the era that it fascinating..especially the clothes..wonder where I’m wandering to ? Welllll it’s just that the new coat from SF Design reminds me of some of the costumes they wore in that time frame. Almost a “Livery” coat..deep plush ruffled sleeves, buttoned bodice..and plump gold fastenings with braid.its also got a laced back panel complete with tied up floppy bow. This one comes with two sizes of flexi attachment to make life easier..and in three colour ways. Im wearing Brown & gold but there is also Blue and silver, Red and black…perfect for the cooler months ahead, with warm boots and thick leggings..

I can also show you this weeks Monday Mania item yay! For today, and today only from the Monday Mania board…these sparkly bright red ballet pumps are 25L…sweet little bow at the side..and a really gorgeous fabric..sorta leathery sparkly jewels! Thanks Swaffette xx

Coat & ballet pumps: SF Design