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I’ve got Hives.(Freebies).

I managed to do the FLF(Fifty Linden Friday) and went over to Hive to buy the gorgeous garden hose and spotted FREEBIES.

A top quality Pergola, I think it’s 21 prims but if you’re prim counting you get a non-light pergola option as well.

This is the Valentines gift from Hive and only 3 prims.  Amazing quality.

There is a third gift which is a sign warning people of falling coconuts and we don’t have coconuts on our sim so I just left that one.

I don’t know if the FLF item is still set out but check it out when you’re gabbing these home and garden goodies.


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Who Moi?

Chez Moi new!!

Great news ! Designer & owner of Chez Moi has very kindly handed me some of her pretties to share with you. Above is a new release the stunning  “Maharaja Tent”…its HUGE and FUN to play with. I’ve used it by the water’s edge, but it would sit equally as well in a garden or on a terrace. Beautiful drapes flow from the rafters to hang either end and there is an abundance of scatter cushions to sit on. Brilliant couple and single poses , plusssss more built in poses for the table alone.

Chez Moi new!!

The bamboo plants are also part of the package as are the palm leaves with fruits & candles on. There is also a lamp that hangs from the front, it casts a soft dappled light that’s really relaxing.

Chez Moi Kitchen Chalk Board 10L !

Check out the market place store for some sooper bargains ! I nabbed this little gem for my kitchen, such a sweet shabby chic look to it and low prim, a steal at just 10L.

Chez Moi 10L items !

I also bought this comfy chair with pouffe and a side table that dispenses steamy wearable cups of coffee…yum…great to make a little snug area in your home, you get both pieces for just 10L…the shelf with decor another 10L bargain !

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place store

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Summer Style out in the garden

The Challenge & coldLogic Haunn top cambell shorts - FOLLOWUS Shed and garden set NEW!

It’s really summery here in England, pardon moi for being sooper excited but we don’t get much sun here usually ! This months “The Challenge” is out and the theme is Garden…my all time fav clothing store coldLogic also got a mahooosive release of newness that’s perfect for those summer days …Above I’m seated at the sweet garden set & shed by FOLLOWUS for The Challenge monthly event…complete with plates of posh ice cream that you can nibble your way through, or…like me…stuff it in. The shed is sooo adorbs, door ajar and some cute gardening type pieces inside to decorate it. The chairs have plenty of poses for both male & females. Im wearing the new denim shorts (that come in a variety of denimy shades) called “Campbell” andddd a gorgeous lightweight sweater with bared shoulders, called “haunn.”

The Challenge & coldLogic NEW!

o.O looky ! Just wanted to show you the close up of the desert, yum…really good standard of detail, the eating pose also hands you a spoon to get tucked in with.


Next is The Challenge piece by [DDD] a gardening table, its loaded with gear and comes in at an incredible TWO prims ! Its got two gardening poses, you can also change the texture of the leaves on the plants which is awesomesauce. Showing off my butt in the new coldLogic shorts called “Stephen” and the cropped style jumper called “mann.” Both these items come in positively squooodles of colours…

The Challenge & coldLogic NEW!!

Check out the triffic fabric texture on the sweater… ! This latest release is using the new materials thingamebob…I dont really understand it BUT…if you use the latest view either by Linden Lab or Firestorm (there are prolly more but those two I use myself) you will notice how much more alive the clothing is.

The Challenge & coldLogic - -JoHaDeZ- Garden Bench A (2) NEW!

Dont know about you lot, but I’m rather partial to a bench in my garden. This one is from new-to-me store JoHaDeZ. It’s totally rockin my world, such a style statement with its blocky slatted seat. Brill poses and I reallllly love the little watering can it dispenses for this tending the flowers animation. If you touch the cushion it brings up a menu that you can fool around with the  colours of the flowers & leaf tones ! My outfit is from coldLogic, Iam sooo thrilled to have mesh shorts that FIT me ! No messin, slap them on, you’re ready to roll.

coldLogic NEW!

The floral fabric in the “jordan” shorts is just fabulous, sort of  a little faded, as if you’ve washed them a few times…I teamed them up with the short-sleeved “paul” top…both pieces have a good array of colours to choose from and of course those bloomin big quantum packs that save you a goodly amount of dollars !

The Challenge & coldLogic withey dress {MV} Pergola NEW!

Okie just one more for today, but I will be back tomorrow with another dose from both coldLogic and The Challenge (bet you can’t wait huh?!)  This is one of the many new dresses from coldlogic, it’s called “withey” and I fell in love with its simple charm. Crisscross straps at the back…elegant draped front and a flattering range of colours for summer…perfect. (Thank you coldLogic team <3) I’m stood inside The Challenge item from {MV}, its beautiful pergola and a great piece to fill a corner of your garden. Rich wood for the pillars and floor and a curly type of vine/tree that’s clinging to the framework. In the centre is a slow flowing water feature, very restful.

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store

The Challenge blog


[DDD] (Dysfunctional Designs)




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Eat your greens

Immerse NEW! Picnic table VIP Group gift

Immerse has bundles of new items for me to share ! The new range is called “maple greens” (hence the really bad pun in the title) Lets get the ball rolling with the superb new VIP Group gift. This is the Maple Greens picnic table, it sits up to six you can really have a bunch of friends over and get partying ! Lovely poses and some decor also included , plates, food etc…you can use as much or as little of this depending on your prim count, the table itself comes in at just 10 prims. (small join fee for the Vip group btw)

Immerse NEW! Maple Greens chairs & tables

These chairs and tables are also parts of the new range, SO low prim it’s almost criminal. Beautifully textured (as always) and packed with poses.

Immerse NEW! Maple Greens new range

Here is the main event so to speak, the pergola, really well done with drapes around to shield you from the bright sunshine…love how the glazed roof peaks upwards, a really stylish touch. The furniture really compliments the square shape so well…grab the whole set !

Immerse NEW! Bridge with single and couple poses

Last up and my personal favourite from this latest release, is the bridge. I begged my bestie guy friend to come over and pose with me as its got two sooper cute snuggly animations for couples. Not static but totally adorable moving ones…a low prim beauty that will add glamour to your home. Thanks Lilly ❤


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Sprint over

Oh had a spot of luck…I went over to [CIRCA] who have two hunt gifts out…now both hunts have officially ended BUT…the owner is kindly leaving them for us to find until the end of July. There are hints to help you on the posters for these two hunts…and LORD if I can find can ! Above is the gift for the Midsummer nights Dream event…beautifully made bed, stuffed with poses , suspended from two really lovely trees…even a little lantern on the floor…

Next is the Seraphim Turns One item…youll find it in a cupcake with a candle on top…I almost tripped over this on my way in ! It’s a truly stunning Pergola…with floaty drapes…a huge sofa for you and friends to lounge on…I totally adore how the light dapples on the wooden floor…its even got a chandelier hanging in the centre…really lush! (it is a little prim heavy buttt…sometimes you just have to go with the flow) The store itself is relaxing to wander & spacious..lots to see…home decor…interior design and garden items….take a browse and see if you can find the gifties!