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Perfect Ten – cuteness !


Perfect Ten NEW!!

Because of my stupid back I’ve got allll behind with my monthly events *le-sigh*, but I had to show you this – it’s a cuteness overdose ! You can find this on sale at this months round of Perfect Ten from Lunar seasonal designs. Bet you’re wondering what it is huh? Wellllll it’s primarily a grape-vine growing over and old fence – the fun begins when the naughty little bird hops along the fence top ! He pecks at the grapes and one falls to the floor. Before you know whats happening the little tortoise pops his head out and trots over to gobble it up ! It’s really adorable. You get a choice via a touch menu of grape colour and leave colour, pretty low Li so it wont take up many prims yay!

Perfect Ten

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Perfection again

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches - Summers Sunset Gazebo collection

Augusts edition of Perfect Ten has begun – don’t miss out on those discounts ! Finishing Touches has a stunning Gazebo set for this round. I see plenty of gazebo’s in my Second Life – but this one has that extra something about it. Gorgeous wood textures, threadbare rugs, a candle lit Chiminea – plus blanket covered chairs and greenery. You also get an added bonus of fiddly bits ! Touch the gazebo and you can fool around with the lights and curtains, plus the blanket over the chair has a load of sweet textures to choose from.

Perfect Ten - Finishing Touches

Closer view of it all above – I really adore this collection – it’s very restful to lounge about in – infact I spent a few hours at sunset yesterday lolling about in one of the chairs writing my emails. Dont forget if you buy this set at the event you will get a big discount !

Perfect Ten

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Perfect Ten - Michigans Shack NEW!

Perfect Ten has swung open its doors for another round, if you haven’t been before – here’s the deal:

► Event runs every month from 1st right through until the 15th!

► Items will be 50% or more off their original price!

► Some stores will have gachas!

Above is the Victoriana Bath tub from Michigans Shack. As is usual with this designer, you get a whole load of options with this piece. Great looking tub plus a HUD that allows you to personalise the drapes, tub & metal-ware to within an inch of its life ! That’s not all though, you can choose from water or bubbles to splash about in, singles and couples poses plussss straight ,gay, lesbian adult animations – phew !

Perfect Ten - Michigans Shack - Victoriana Bath Tub HALF PRICE!

Three models, end shower curtain, side shower curtain and no curtain at all – you can see I had a whale of a time fooling about with the colour HUD, you can make up some totally eclectic looks – anything from girly to antique! Go along and try it all out. If you purchase at the event you get a whopping discount of 50% off – instead of $900L it will be $450L for the duration.

Perfect Ten





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Its Perfectly Secret & Logical

coldLogic - beam skirt & shirt  -  Perfect Ten garden decor - The Secret Store hat & hair NEW Just when you thought the titles of my blog posts couldn’t get any MORE convoluted – here’s a doozy. Featuring coldLogic, The Secret store and an item from Perfect Ten just for you on a Friday. Above is “Beam” a gorgeous little skirt & shirt affair from coldLogic, various colours available, I’m wearing “snow”. The physique option in coldLogic’s packs is really helping to keep my inventory under control, I’m wearing it here with no alphas required – phew! Apparently it also works for the Maitreya Lara mesh body too. My new hat hair combo is in the new event Mix, its by the Secret Store, you get a HUD with it so you can wear or remove the hat (and alter the ribbon colour) – it’s really just perfect for summer! Perfect Ten An Lema - Statue A new round of Perfect Ten is in full swing, I havent had a lot of time to show items due to rushing about after my parents the last coupla weeks – but these items from An Lema really hit the spot for me. “Among the ruins – beauty” is the name of the statue above, although I’ve got it positioned to show just the round pedestal base, it actually comes on a rectangle with some sweet foliage – I just buried it to fit the plot I wanted it in. Nice touch with the two large butterflies drifting around the body. Perfect Ten An Lema potted plants & statue Also from An Lema are these potted shrubs & trees, a row of three will set you back just 2 prims ! Ideal for marking a pathway or edging a patio perhaps. coldLogic store coldLogic market place Perfect Ten The Secret Store

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Free roaming its the only way

Chicken coop NEW

Lunar Seasonal Designs has this brilliant chicken coop in this months round of Perfect Ten. Seriously if you like chicken – you’re gonna neeed this ! The coop comes empty, and undecorated – it’s up to you to use the menu, choose the colours, rez chickens , chicks and decor. So simple to do – its HILARIOUS when you ask it to rez the animals – they appear at the top of the coop and gliiiiide down ! Here’s the scoop:

“The menu lets you change the colour of the coop and pen from 46 colours each, change the yard textured from 7 textures add decorations from hay to holiday lights and of course add chickens!

You can only have 12 roaming fowl in the pen at one time. If you want more than that you will need to pick one up then rez it in the centre of the pen.”

Lunar Seasonal Designs

I put everything on my coop so you could see, you can even change the colour of the twinkly lights, and choose what colour the eggs the chickens lay are – don’t fret though – the eggs are temp rez and wont count towards your prims.

More info: “If you want the chickens to lay eggs pick the colour egg or mix you want then wait.  Only roaming chickens will lay eggs.  They will randomly lay them now and then.  Eggs are temp on rez, so will vanish after a bit and will not take prims.  If you wear the Egg Basket, you will be able to gather eggs. You get a Copy Basket for yourself and 1 giftable basket to give to a friend.”

Go and take a peek !

Perfect Ten


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Perfect weather (inc.Free gift)

Perfect Ten NEW!

Perfect Ten is all set for a new round tomorrow. I’m lolloping about on a hammock from An Lema, the hammock is just part of their offering for this round, there’s potted flowers, chairs and other bits n bobs also on sale. (The floral arrangement behind is one of them) What really grabbed my attention is the hammock is just THREE prims ! It holds some totally lovely animations for singles and couples, plussss a separate menu for changing the colour of the wood, pillow and canvas – LOVE!

FREE picnic basket

My little basket of goodies is by Shabby Tabby and is their prize in the Picnic In The Park hunt – it just looked so quaint sat there. Hunt blog listed below for prize previews and URL’s – have fun !

Shabby Tabby

Picnic in the park blog

Perfect Ten

All clothing by coldLogic 

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Perfect Ten – Lunar Seasonal Designs

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs

You know how sometimes you come across a store where you just want EVERYTHING? Thats what happened when I went to Lunar Seasonal Designs ! Be warned, you will be tempted, you will find yourself oooo’ing & awwww’ing, and you will buy stuff for sure ! I bought a few items for my own SL home, I even found a hunt prize yay! There are the cutest animals, wandering hedgehogs, plants and an apple tree that does all kindsa things. Their offering for this round of Perfect Ten, is this water-pump flowerbed. Its pretty, its Low prim, and its a keeper for my garden but that’s not all – oh no. Get the menu up and you’re bombarded with choices, the tall flower, the small flowers, the grass, the pot, the soil even. If you can’t find a combo that you like Id be super surprised. It will fit quite literally anywhere.

Perfect Ten

Lunar Seasonal Designs