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Its ::Fabuleux:: Darrrling ! (Freebies galorrre)

Fabuleux Free YOLO decor - Indyra FREE shoes Perch FREE dress

I headed over to check out a newly opened store yesterday called “::Fabuleux::”, and it really is…fabulous! Apart from the fact it’s laced with those deadly addictive Gacha machines that I CANT walk past without playing…its also full of cutes! There are wearable guinea-pigs *faints* and wearable kitties ! Plusss a free to join group and a scrummy decor YOLO item to collect yay! I’m ona  bit of a roll to be honest, I popped over to the “Season of giving fair” earlier, as it has lotsa gear that’s transferable. Real bugbear for me at Crimbo – I hate giving gift cards and I really detest sending items from the market place…I love to wrap a gift and hand it over. What I hadn’t realised was there are also gifts out from most of the designers…some zero Lindens some 1 L etc. I nabbed this delicious little scooped back and front mesh dress from Perch and also these shoes from Indyra ! (Indyra also gave away a red clutch bag in the box which I totally forgot to hold – DOH)

Head over there, stuff for guys & girls !

The Season of giving fair