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No skills needed.(Freebies & Stunning Sim).

The new Group Gift from Hilly Haalan is this dress.

As you can see it’s dark grey with a bit of a pinstripe to it.  I was hoping that the scarf it comes with was an add-on rather than attached as I also wanted to show off this sh*t scary mask completely but the scarf can’t be removed.

The mask is a great gift from Amias. The group is free to join and there are other Gifts but since I don’t really do jewelry I will leave them for you to check out.

As for the LM if you look behind me you will see the sign, Pendle Hill.

I literally TPed in and just from the LM zoomed and clicked and that’s all you need to do to take some amazing atmospheric shots.  The use of light, texturing and effects is outstanding.

Pendle Hill isn’t just for Halloween it’s open all year round as well as the other sims created by Lauren Bentham.  At the LM are boards giving you the TPs to only 4 of them but if you check out her profile you will see a whole list of sims.  Some I believe are now owned by others BUT are kept as they were created. I’m not really sure about the details because I just don’t keep up as much as I should but they’re all still open for visitors.

Her LM’s will take you everywhere from the sunniest of beaches to a classic countryside sim.

PS.  The boots I’m wearing are the other very recent Group Gift from Hilly Haalans, I only did the post about them recently but if you’ve not got them yet it’s time.

Hilly Haalan


Pendle Hill

When you TP

Pendle Hill.