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Hint of retro

I’ve been busy remodelling my pool area the last few days, I wanted a hint of retro and I’m really pleased with how its going. I thought this new dress from Luxe Paris set just the right tone to wander around that space! This is the “Feuilles” frock, superb all over print and snug capped sleeves lend a vintage feel. Smartly tight in all the right places and the colour palette is deeeelicious! This comes in standard and mesh body sizes – I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body and no alphas used. My necklace is part of a set from Darkmouse “fossilised” for just $25L you get the earrings, necklace and bracelet – fantastic deal!

Luxe Paris in world store

Luxe Paris market place

Darkmouse market place

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Killer Heels & Pencil skirts

ArisAris have a sweet market place only deal you wont wanna miss! For Just $99L you can get your paws on this sleek sleeveless pencil dress.

Fits included: 3-Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus
2-Slink Physique and Hourglass

I’m wearing it over my trusty Slink Physique body and its a brilliant fit. The Hud gives you six options of colour and pattern – fantastic deal!

Little close up of my shoes, which were a Valentines day gift from Player (aww he is thee best shopper ever) These are by FashionNatic and come with a gun shaped heel an a hud to change the metal tone.

FashionNatic Shoes

ArisAris market place store

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I’m so blue

Stars Fashion complete outfit - pants,shoes,top with colour change HUD PROMOTION!

Blue is one of my fav colours – besides pink of course. So when I saw Stars Fashion new promotional releases had a blue option I was chuffed. So so so this is “Arielle” ,complete with shoes for Slink, Belleza & Maitreya feet, and a multitude of mesh body sizes plus standard sizes (gawd aren’t the clothing packs HUGE now!)

Stras Hud

You will also find this HUD which gives you so many possibilities for each piece of the outfit – on promo price for the next few days $99L !

Antiques Hunt - Stars Fashion complete outfit with hud, shoes,purse,skirt & top PROMOTION!

The other new release is “Estelle”, fantastic tight pencil skirt, jacket and shoes (with colour change HUD) – plus  a bag. Superb fit on my Slink mesh Body – not one alpha used! The furniture is from the Antique Grid hunt , each prize is just 10L and well worth it. Kusshon has the coffee table, the chair (pack of three colours) is from Casa De Bebe, and the rather spiffy shelf with decor is by Storax Tree, for more info about all participating designers see the blog link below.

Stars Fashion market place

Stars Fashion store

Antique Grid Show Spring Hunt

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Too good for the Office

coldLogic NEW!_
When I saw the new releases from coldLogic this week , and read that they were the kinda thing worn as workwear. My first thought was “ohmaii, I look like a bag lady at work” ! Seriously wayyyy too cool for plodding about in. This sweater and woolie skirt combo is so soft, a range of scrumptious colours and the really fantastical thing isssss, all the pieces of this new collection can be interchanged with each other . Think of the possibilities?!

coldLogic NEW!Hough midnight garnet tone

If I was one of those sleek ladies who lunch and passed their time in elegant department stores …Id wear this chic little outfit. This is how I wish I looked allllll the time, professional, cool,calm & collected. Beautiful selection of colours and of course, you can mix n match with the other new releases for your own personal style statement.

coldLogic NEW!niven

This is more moi, totally dazed, and surrounded by work. I just LOVE this set called “niven”, it feels a touch retro and smart. What I really wanted and couldn’t find was a pair of nude silk stockings with a seam up the back to ear with it. So classy and  smart ,but also feminine.

coldLogic NEW!!!!

This is the outfit that stuck to my bones  , there’s always one that I don’t take off for ages and agessss. Superbly made two piece in a heavy knit, it’s not chunky it’s actually rather soft but you can see its one of those will-last-forever pieces. Its got a lovely vee shaped neck at the back and thick folds that make the sweater just hang so realistically. There are a coupla other new items that I havent had time to share with you, if you’re looking for some real hardworking pieces , this is the collection for you ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

P.S Im such a dork, I managed to take ALL my photos whilst NOT wearing the alpha for my Slink hands – I only noticed this after about four outfits – and had to retake them ALL –  THIS is why I should never.ever. blog before 10 am *cringe*

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

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.la petite morte. limited bazaar & . ryvolter . Mink Princess Stole

I’ve never been to Limited Bazaar before, dayum I’ve been missing out. There is a small but lovely collection of items out for sale, such as this two piece  from .la petite morte. Such a stylish look, sharp tailored pencil skirt in a bright turquiose blue. Coupled with a sleek simple satin blouse. You can grab this outfit for just 100L, not sure when this round ends, so hurry along if it tickles your fancy. My to-die-for fur stole is by ryvolter, gawd I adore it, you get two versions one has a slightly wider stance/pose…I found it at this months round of colabor88 for 188L, steal! (available in other colours too)

.la petite morte. limited bazaar

I did go a bit mad at collabor88 this month, but its a birthday edition so there were oooodles of things to seeee ! I also snapped up this hair-do from lamb (plus a couple of other and a whole new home !)

Limited Bazaar


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Quality Street

coldLogic Bradley in cocoa, tate in brown

I’m dancing along Quality Street…didnt the famous tin of chocs have an advert …like that? I’m sure it did…or colour me hallucinating pre-lunch gallon of coffee ! I headed over to Mayfair London to share the new range from coldLogic ! Here I am, mooching around the posh homes, trying to look like I live here …fitting in pretty well in my swish new togs…Im wearing the tate combo jacket & shirt along with bradley pencil skirt…plenty of colour choices in these two…Im the Miss average and seem to fit the medium size just perfectly with no shape tweaking…of course I slammed a pair of my essential Jane piggies tights on…gotta keep those legs snuggly !

coldLogic pratt in camel

Next is a closed jacket with a plain shirt underneath, called pratt and this is the glorious camel shade which I tailoring means this would really look effortlessly smart, especially with the self pinstriped new skirt called bradley that I teamed it up with…

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_004

Plaids figure in this new release hurrah! You really cant have winter without plaids can you? Its The Law ! This shirt and jacket combo is called meek, and theres lotsa scrummy shades for you to choose from…classic shape….and rather sleek…Id really love to own something like this in real life..I feel thats where coldLogic score so high…their making the items I want to own in both lives…(My bank balance salutes you coldLogic !)

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_007

If you’re into stripes, like Iam…youre in for a treat with the next combo… abdo is a jacket over a stripey shirt…theres some really juicy colours in this range,prepare your eyeballs ! The turquoise and orange are especially mouthwatering…however, I plumped for the traditional Winter red…super glossy and fun ! This release has some buys you really must grab…the two skirts are sooooo handy…one plain one pinstriped…easy to wear and great looking pieces.

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_001

Ohhhh, it’s the 1st of December…which officially means I can begin to show reindeer’s & snow yay! Here I am snuggling up to Rudolph and wearing my favourite item from this coldLogic release, the taylor sweater in the divine champagne shade…so glam…tied belt  and a cowl neck , slipped over the new page skirt in charcoal…work or play this outfit is terrific ! I havent tried the top with pants yet, but I know its gonna look brilliant !

coldLogic soto in blush, page in cranberry

If you prefer your sweaters a little more chunky looking…try soto…its striped fabric looks slightly more snuggly….this is the blush colour over the cranberry toned page skirt…come on Rudolph, chow down!  Plenty more to dribble over at the main store, plus free demos and the full colour ranges … Thank you coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

Jane (for those addictive piggies wooly tights!)

Gos (boots worn throughout)

Argrace (hat/hair)

Skin: Curio (please come back soon Gala)

Makeup by MOCK (rumour makeover)

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Clutch me


I have a real passion for bags & purses…uhm..a bit like I do for shoes and hair really ! I heard B&T had opened a new mesh studio..and headed over there to scope it out. First thing I spied was this deeelicious mesh clutch…and ohmai a real bargain at just 10L…it has a built-in pose it ! Then I spotted this slinky dinky mesh pencil skirt for 49L …right on style…and sparkly ! It was SO mine…it comes with various sizes included so your sure to get a good fit…slipped on that group gift jacket from [echo] and felt a million bucks…there is a heap of really lovely gear to gawp at…specially loved the mini wrapped mesh skirts..and check out the long baggy mesh shirt…fahhhbulous! Guys there is gear for you also hoohah!

B&T mesh studio

Group gift jacket [echo]