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Art for Free

I came across this store & Gallery from The Stay At Home Club offers. At the time the large print “Breathe” was the gift, its the lower print – and it is now proudly hung in my SL bathroom. This appears to have now been replaced by the print “Passage Home”, which is equally as beautiful. Bellissa Dion is the owner of the store / gallery, interesting note card about her at the entrance. The pictures are all taken by her within Second Life. They have a dreamy and relaxing feel to all of them, beautiful. (1Li each)

The latest stay at home gift out is the matching manicure ! You can wear her art as well as look at it – how cool.

I did treat myself to an mani & pedi set while I was there – just $75L for the two together. This one is called “childs play” lots of pinks and purples – yum ❤

Montage Gallery

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What did I buy @ A fighting chance

As usual I couldn’t resist the huge mani & pedi palettes by Alaskametro – and oh my days just $53L each ! Read below for the info .

Great event !

March 13th-25th

A Fighting Chance is a fundraising benefit for Ulaa Coronet of Funky Junk.

Ulaa has a Domestic Violence restraining order against her ex, and is now in a battle to get full custody of her son.  To do this, she needs to secure a lawyer, who requires a retainer fee.  This is what the fundraiser is for.If you would like further details, there is a note card that you can get at the landing point of the event.  I am not posting it here as it is a very personal situation and I feel it better to be read in a more personal environment.

All participating stores have set up for 70-100% of all profits to be donated to Ulaa.

There is a donation kiosk at the landing point as well, for those who wish to help out any way they can.

A Fighting Chance



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Nails Nails Nails!

I just couldn’t resist these mani & pedi’s by Alaskametro, great selection of colours and patterns – all for the steal price of just $49L each!

I bought three sets and I’m ready to go back and buy a couple more after testing them out. I purchased Dazzle, Snow Queen and Kimono. You get all that you see in the photos, I couldn’t believe it until I popped over to The Avenue event.

Omega & mesh body Huds in the pack , from memory I think Slink, Maitreya, TMP and Omega appliers were in the box.

The Avenue

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All the Free you could want

FREE Hunt gifts - dress, wearable bakery tray

Zan and I have this place that we both love to wander in, it’s called Kiyomizu. It’s a warren of lanes and streets with a mix of obscure and modern shops, heaps of luckyboards and just plain fabulous stuff to see ! They tend to have just a handful of hunts each year and they are such fun, plusssss the gifts are brilliant. Everything to home & decor, fashion,funny & weird – it’s all up for grabs. Youre looking for a black cat – some stores have a sign that gives you a LM to their mainstore to find the cat, most are at the hunt location though. Above is a wearable cake tray from Suzy’s Bakery that dispenses cupcakes and also a lovely little frock from Minor.

free dress & Slink manicure - jewelry set $30L (gacha)

I found a new-to-me store called Frangipani Garden, they had two hunt prizes out, the watermelon dress and also a mani & pedi for Slink hands and feet!

Dollarbie decor - gives out wearable items

Soooo as often is the case, I tend to mooch stores that I land in when I’m hunting – and I found a vendor with all these scrummy items in – all just 1 prim, so great for décor , they also give out wearable items yippeee! So beautifully made, I got over excited and bought EVERYTHING! Cmon at 1 single Linden a pop, why leave any behind?! If you’re not going to snap up all those hunt gifts, you can find most of the Frangipani dollarbies in their market place store below.

Kiyomizu Hunt

Frangipani Garden market place store


Muscling in on the Monday Mania

Ohhhhh yay its Monday Mania time at SF Design! swaffette Firefly has very kindly let me share this weeks item..and of COURSE..I wanted to show it with a complete look (just an excuse to go visit the store really !) I was sooper pleased to see that us chicks get a muscle Tee..I’d seen Steve prancing around in the guys one and just figured there wasnt a girly version..but there is…without the six-pack naturally ! I chose red and its gorjuss…slight sheen to it..perfectly detailed in all the right places..and available in heapsss of colours..just 50L ! Wanna know why I chose red? Wellllll…

It was to co-ordinate with the Monday Mania item…these rather fab  ramses sandals with prim toes..they make your tootsies so pretty…easy peasy to use HUD comes with them so you can get a perfect skin match and choose from loadsss of pedicure shades..beautiful stitching detail on the suede straps..a real beach essential ! All yours today for just 25L..available only from the Monday Mania board inside the girls section ! Thanks Swaffette !

Go get manic: SF Design