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I’m so happy to leave you. (Freebie(s)).

From 9am tomorrow morning it’s time for me to take a break from both work and SL but just for 24 hours because you know I need to feed my Freebie Addiction so I will be back on Monday raring to go.

Till then I am happy to leave you with this deceptively simple freebie.  This is actually just the top half as it does come with a skirt but the skirt and top clash and not in a good way.  Separately they’re brill items just not together so I’ve gone with the item which I can totally wear all the time and yes it’s those damned green jeans again.  I swear in RL I’m buying this shade for myself.

My biggest surprise was the shop it came from its called AlaFoile and  I will be honest and admit that it’s been years since I last visited or seen any sort of post/blog/freebie/event with clothing from this shop so I just assumed it had gone but nope it’s still there.  Some amazing designs and the use of colours and patterns is stunning. There are a couple of dresses which had me going “Oh Yeah!” but for me just not worth the investment as I’d never really wear them but I bet you would think the same thing if you saw them.

The AlaFoile group does cost 400Lds to join but there are gift boxes in the Horn Of Plenty, easy to see, which are free for everyone.  I will say that I suspect a lot of those gifts are old and the new ones are for the group but I don’t have time to unpack them so I will leave them as a surprise for you.

As for this top, and the skirt I’m not showing you, it’s a POE Hunt Gift.  I think most of us now know that that stands for “Peace on Earth” and this round has about 72 shops involved.  Fortunately for us if you tap the board at any shop involved in the hunt you get a note with all the hints and also in the note a Hud with the LMs.


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Peace On Earth Hunt – Dench Designs Does it AGAIN!

Oh gosh, I simply adore this annual hunt – luckily for all of us so does Amanda Dench of Dench Designs. Her generous hunt gift is always amazing, and this year – WOWSER ! Amanda’s words are far better than mine , so here you are:

“This year I decided to do ‘Christmas at the Pub’. The local Pub is the gathering place of people from all walks of life and Christmas time is special.

I used to work part-time in my ‘local’ (the Brits name for the nearby Pub) and used to love it, especially the times I worked over Christmas. It’s a place for families to enjoy and people on their own. On Christmas Eve it was always packed full and there always was a buffet, sometimes a raffle, then the disco and the dreaded Dad dancing started.

I hope you enjoy this and a very Merry Christmas to you all.”

This superb set also has Bento poses for the food and drinks, all the decor is optional around the bar and the buffet table – it rezzes from touching a certain point (READ THE NOTECARD!!!) Nothing is hard linked so you can make this as low prim as you like – 2 x table and chairs included I have only shown 1.  The hint is “Look for the Man in the Bowler hat you can’t miss him because he’s rather fat!” You are looking for the blue globe.

Have fun and thank you Amanda ❤

Dench Designs

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The Best Prize Ever!

Ok so Dench Designs have won the BEST Christmas Hunt prize everrrr! I wandered over to see if I could find their gift in “The Peace on Earth Hunt” – found it and headed home to unpack – whoaaaaa what a surprise! You receive a WHOLE room – an entire animated festive kitchen. Fantastic to set up in your SL home, or perhaps use as a prop for photos. Whatever you decide to do with it – you’ll have FUN ! Its crammed with poses for eating drinking and being merry. Cooking and prepping, even mopping the floor and washing up. There is even a selection of Chrismassy songs to choose from that play while you work/eat/mop !

Make sure to read the notecard – yes yes yes who reads those huh?! Seriously though, there are a couple of hidden surprises that you might miss out on – so READ it lol Thank you Amanda – this rocks! ❤

Dench Designs (you’re looking for a globe of the earth – hunt hint at location)

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You don’t need me.(Freebie).

I’m back from an amazing weekend away where I have stuffed my face like an out of control piggie, I also took a couple of SL and RL work days off to get all my sparkly Christmas tat out of the attic and I’ve been sprinkling the Cosmetic Glitter like Tinkerbell on Crack and now I can start to relax and get back to normal.


I think most SLers will have worked out now that this is definitely the season of goodwill with the amount of hunts and advent calendars that are going on at this moment, almost too many to count but one of the BIGGEST is the POE8 which stands for Peace on Earth and the 8 is the fact that this has become a SL tradition that is now into its 8th year.   Because I have to now catch up with RL work I’m going to be super lazy and do this hunt because not only will it inc stunning gifts but it comes with such handy and easy to follow hints and I will show you all my goodies over the next few posts but of course you can follow the link given and try it out for yourself.

Sorry I actually took this picture 2 days ago but I’m only just getting around to doing this post now but from what I remember of Mirror Mirror is that it’s a really small shop with a tiny selection of clothes but they stood out because they’re not the run of the mill, more designer boutique than stack em high sell em cheap sort of shop.

PS I’m only going to mention the Mina hair not because it’s new or discounted but it’s one of the unusual hairs that Mina has created, a touch of dramatic and a bit of retro chucked in.

Mirror Mirror

Peace On Earth Hunt 8 Hints “n” Landmarks

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Peace on earth and all that jazz

POEH - Shoenique dress and thigh high boots FREE!

Wow I cant believe its the Peace On Earth hunts seventh year, how time flies when you’re hunting ! As I’m already running late with my pre Christmas vacation packing & buying – I could only do a couple of stores boohoo. There are 117 creators in this year woohoo ! Some give hints, some do not , if they don’t the gift should be within 50M of the landing point and easy to find. All gifts are 0L – which is fantastic. Above is the offering from Shoenique, a pair of snazzy jazzy thigh high boots (not for slink feet) and a truly lovely traditional sweater dress, with a stylish wide leather belt. Verrrrry nice.

POEH - masoom sweater - Argrace free hathair !

I also found the gift from masoom, which I just love love LOVE. Its described as a long sweater but I’m wearing it as a dress with my wooly tights. For those that what to know – I am wearing both outfits over my Slink physique mesh body – both fitted well with no issues yay! My hat and hair combo is a free gift from Agrace, there is also one for the guys, right by the front desk – no group join required. Thanks Rika ❤

For all participating stores the list and url’s is here




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Peace On Earth Hunt – hello old friend

Peace On Earth Hunt - dress, wand & necklace FREE!

For the last five years I’ve always done this hunt – its epic and one of my all time favourites . Sooo many fahhhbulous designers get into the spirit of the season and leave out some incredible gifts for you to find. My first item to share is this so sweet outfit from Bubblez. The Angel dress is floaty and gauzy and SO ferminine I didn’t want to take it off. It comes with wings, a pearly necklace anddddd a WAND *squeeee*. You get two versions of the wand, one that showers you with little snowflakes and one that doesn’t – but seriously – WHO doesn’t want snowflakes ?! All mesh sizes are in the box, get your hunting goggles on and seek it out !


POEH blog

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Star light…Star bright…

“Star light…Star bright… First star I see tonight”..aww my mumsy used to say that poem to me at bed time…anyhowwww another gift from the Peace On Earth Hunt is the order of the dayyyy…this time I found it at Elan..they appear to be having a sale at the moment cause I spied a lot of pretties at low prices on the ground floor , so be sure to check that out while you’re there hunting ! The sweater is cute..and wooly..and has a biggg gold star on the front..lovely warm cowl neck collar and big cuffs. Great knitted texturing…a real winner …

Xmas star sweater: Elan