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Quick start.(Freebie).

This is a very bright, zingy subscribers gift is from Graffitiwear and I was pretty sure I was already subbed but it turns out I’m not but I am now.

When I slapped the sub button I waited and waited and waited and it wasn’t sent to me so I decided to click on the large sub-board sign and as you can see it was then sent to me.  The sun I’ve used in the picture has brightened the colours but this is a lovely zingy patchwork dress.  Lots of fits as well.

As I’m pulling poses I’m deleting them like mad, old ones, new ones, cheap ones and “you paid how much” ones but when you have 1000’s of the damned things and some of them are as old as me its time wasting trying to find the right pose.  I think this one might end up in the trash.