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Fetish Fair – August Edition !

Neve is rocking the Fetish Fair this month with a sizzling new release. The “nibble” panties and “bite” top – a plethora of packs on offer with patterns, plains, spots, tye die , mesh body fits including Legacy. So so so – cotton fresh and a saucy lifted top…but then…

BOOM ! One click and the top lifts up to reveal a boob and sits perfectly in your mouth ! That’s so cool, one click on the hud et voila. There are several settings for the position of the top so you can get it just right – brilliant ! Thanks Neve team ❤

The Fetish Fair opens today but later, I tried to squeeze in but the doors weren’t open yet – going later though so see you there !

Pasties were $1L on the market place, maitreya fit and a hud for more patterns included by antaya here

Fetish Fair

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Dirty Story (Freebie).


Good Morning Monday and I wish I even felt half as hot as I look in this picture! but Mondays and Mornings are not my best friend.  Never mind at least I’ve started off with a couple of fun items, firstly the Non Free but definitely worth a mention in case you’re interested, the skin ia a PumeC of course and the Hair is a NEW Mina which will be available at the next round of Kustom9 and I will keep you updated esp as this and the other Mina hair is one of my favs.

The Free is those rather pointy and dramatic mesh nipple covers and these shoes.


You know the more I look at these shoes the more I think I may have blogged them before but if I did it must have been a long time ago and certainly worth a reblog if that’s the case.

There is more than just the nipple covers and the SLink High Mesh shoes to be grabbed from Dirty Story but they’re mainly tattoos and accessories and that’s it.

Dirty Story.

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Fantastical Fantasy Faire

Sax Shepherd Fantasy Fair NEW!

Unless you live under a rock, you can’t fail to have noticed that the Fantasy Fair has opened its doors ! I’ve been spoiled rotten by Sax Shepherd, who has allowed me to share his creations for it with you right here! I’ll be honest, before I knew Sax I just wasn’t into the whole “half-naked nymphet” type thang. Heres the rub though – I’ve been strutting my stuff the last few days around SL JUST like one. Once I got my paws on the gear and tried it on – it’s just SO hard to take it off . When I’m adorned in it all – I feel special, sparkly , dazzzzling ! This is the Nia Moon set, which you can grab from the Fantasy Fair gacha Carnival.  (24 common items and 1 rare, the rares having 24 jewel choices, the commons 12.) The nipple shields are available at the Sax Shepherd mainstore btw – I don’t think they are at the Fair. (might be wrong I haven’t had time to get over there) I have to mention my hair in this photo, its newwwww and made by KoKoLoReS ! There are two styles released , this is called “Frenchy”, lotsa colours and I absolutely adore it ! Its a rumpled stylish little bob cut, so chic.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!!

This set is called Nyx, say hello to my clothing for the last few days ! . Theres also a mesh bikini bottom to cover your blushes if you’re not as shameless as moi.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!

Showing it twice so you can see how different it looks in the various metal tones.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!!!

I just can not go back to wearing those fabric type pasties after trying out the nipple covers, they are incredibly pretty and sooper easy to wear – I didn’t have to fiddle around with them at ALL. I’ve got ooodles more to share with you from Sax, the fair is on till the 11th !

Sax Shepherd Designs @ The Fantasy fair

Fantasy Faire web site


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Classy To Trashy

Of course this is the Classy new hair shop to me, Burley and ok so I will admit that the hair is not the “up do” I’m looking for but yet again I was led astray by a simply great hair.  Alicia is the name, and it  is scooped up on one side with hair down the back and  a big fat ringlet draped down the other side.  It is elegance at it’s finest but with a more unstructured look and the so cute little bit of ear that pokes though on both sides gives this a softness, so it can be worn as casual as well as formal. It hurt me not to splash out and buy the fat pack, but there were so many styles there, I’m saving my lindens for another visit to this great shop.   And at 285 Lds for 7 shades of brown it’s a beautiful bargain. Lots of young modern mens hairs as well and a lot of styles come with extras you can buy to change the look without much expense.  Easy to resize, just click, and then you can remove the script.

Trashy, did I really have to tell you that?  As soon as Faith saw the clothes in this shop for some reason she thought I might like to try them. I have no idea why because I’m a SL Saint, I really am!  OK lets admit it SL is a place to reveal your inner naughtiness.  A shop of the rude and sometimes crude sort of clothing a lot of nip flashing groin gripping naughtiness.  Lethe Scar (scarlet.felicci) was so kind to send me some samples of her wares and I’m pretty sure she will agree with my description of the looks she is aiming for.  So this dress is called Naked Fear and it’s so sheer that it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.  In this pack you geta choice of plain or patterned which is nice.  She also sent me a Peekaboo Bra called Bow To Me and it is grey, grubby, pink bowed and rudely cute , also a pair of  Burlesque shoes which have shockingly bright red roses on them and heels so thin they could take a person’s eye out if you used them in a cat fight!  Only a small selection of mesh items at the moment but of course not everyone wears mesh and even if you just want to gawk at the wares on show. You could also have a peek around for the hunt items that her store is involved with and check out the Lucky Chairs…Happy Hunting you little T*rts

Burley (classy)

Rockoil (trashy)


I’ll take you to the candy shop..

Smexy newness from CandyMetal this week…one new release and also a dollarbie yay! Above I’m showing one of the versions of the new Fabia outfit, black low rise jeans,white corset top with pasties,simple yet effective way to get your guys attention *grins*…

Anddd here’s the other version ! Great details on the jeans makes them so versatile to mix-n-match with your other CandyMetal gear…

If you were totally lovin those sparkly dresses I showed last week..youre gonna adore the new dollarbie…just one of your Linden dollars will get you this hot little set of tank & leggings…here it is in silver….plussss…

…in gold digger too…fantastic value at 1L…thanks Emychan xx

Go get glittery: CandyMetal