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Timing (Freebie).

A lovely Freebie from Jinx but don’t “Jinx” yourself like I did and you WEAR this rather than rezz it and when you do a Hud opens on your screen and you simply click the picture and the outfits are sent to you.  I’m going to have to search my platform now to work out where the Hud ended up when I rezzed rather than wear LOL.


Just as I was picking a pose Faiths cow lifted its head and moo’d and I thought what a lovely picture.  The Freebie is this cute mesh pastel pinafore. You get a Hud with it and 3 choices of colours but all in pastel shades.  It also comes with a system layer T-shirt which is a lovely match and if I remember correctly it has a big flower on it but when taking the pictures it blended into the top too well and you couldn’t see the strap and buckle details so I just popped on another t-shirt I had which allows you to see the straps and buckle better.

Special mention to the hair because finally you will be able to go get it.  It’s Mina’s offering at the latest round of Kustom9 which I’ve had a struggle to get into but now that everyone has been and grabbed what they want it’s much quieter.


I’ve blogged Yuliya before but this and Elvire are now available in these juicy pastel colours and sorry cos I AM “Jinxed” as it appears the Kustom9 sim is down so I can’t pop over to price check but I’m pretty sure items inc the Mina hairs are discounted at this event.  I will try again later to price check if I can get back inworld.  Sorry.



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Working hard pt1(Freebies n stuff).

This is me working hard.


When I’m going through the HUNDREDS of notes I get in just a few days I like to hop on a pose to stop my AV from distracting me.  It always reminds me of that hysterical scene from The Big Bang where Sheldon and Raj are sat there frozen studying a whiteboard and in the background power music is being blasted.


Sometimes instead of a static pose I dance “like no one is watching” as I have some brilliant dance moves from Humanoid and if you’ve not checked them out yet I’ll pop the link down at the bottom.


And of course my faithful pose cube for when I want to show off the outfit I’m wearing without any background distractions.


Now for the serious bit.  The hair is of course a Mina’s and do YOU dare to go grey?  I have to say I watched how they do it in RL and I’ve been put off it as it’s pretty harsh on your hair and probably seriously expensive so this is a cheap way of getting the look.  This is her Aranka hair which I have blogged before but definitely not this colour or the other various colour packs which are only available at the latest round of Kustom 9.  There is a Ombre, Pastel, Black & White and on and on and of course the simple Essential pack or even a FAT Pack if you love them all.  I’ve given Mina’s mainshop LM as well because Aranka is there with the whole range of the normal shades just in case you love the hair but not the colours.

As I said in my last post it’s been a while since I popped over to Magritta’s shop to check out for new stuff and any new Freebies and I found some.  What I’m not showing you is the simple black dress with the polka dot bow on the back or the shorts, what I am showing you is the Free GG shoes called Baby Heels and they come with the socks and SLink Applier, I know I have shown you these before so I’ve done a close up of the top.  This cost me only 5Lds and I’ve spotted the same top, different texturing etc, and it most certainly not as cheap as this!  I also picked up a pack of shorts for only 5Lds but they didn’t match the top so I’m not showing you those as well LOL.  Honestly there is a whole wall now of Free Group Gifts or real cheapies.  Hair, clothes & shoes so worth popping over to see if there is something new you’ve not spotted before.


Mag<3.B Marketplace


Mina Mainshop

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Get fat!

It’s not often I recommend a Fat Pack for no particular reason but in this case BUY THE FAT PACK!

shoes1You will need SLink Med feet for these shoes but if you’ve not splashed the cash and bought some SLink feet so far these shoes will really tempt you.  I just could not choose a single preferred colour so I’m showing you a few of the shades but I have to say the pink, lavender and these gorgeous slightly satin sheen orange shoes are amazing.








At the moment they can only be found at The Big Show at 175Lds a pair but in all honesty these are such basic and brilliant fitting, coloured and wearable shoes and the fat pack includes everything from the much-needed black, white and beige colours but also 2 shades of  bright bold reds and then a selection of deep pastels with a satin sheen.  It will almost be too hard to cherry pick the colours you like so go on indulge yourself.

The dress I’m wearing is also one of Athena Loring’s and it too can be found at The Big Show, I have blogged it and the other shades that are available but it occurred to me when trying on the shoes that the shoes and a lot of Ahena Loring’s range of clothing are using much the same colour palette which is a really good idea. I’m almost 100% sure that the sweet little summer skirts in her shop are using the same colour palette and sheen as these shoes and will make such a pretty and simple Spring/Summer combo.

Miseria@The Big Show