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Ionic – I just cant resist!

goat $66L @ ionic decorated tab le & chairs

As soon as I got the notice from ionic that this set was for sale at just $66L – I zoooomed over and snapped it up. ionic is one of those stores that just about everything is SO very buyable ! This decorated table and chairs set is the item for this weeks G.O.A.T event – and its just adorable. The table is pre-decorated with bowls of heart shaped pasta, cutlery, candles, the chairs are literally packed with poses. (doggy is mine btw) Table fully loaded is 9Li, chair is 3Li. The only thing that’s not included is the heart shaped arrangement in the glass jar (info below its free)

ionic details $66L

Close up for the edibles ! Absolutely delicious – I’m such a sucker for good food in Second Life. If you fancy this dash on over and try very hard not to look around you – or it could be an expensive visit if you have no resolve like moi ❤


Kraftwork heart wreath jar – FREE

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All you can eat

Aphrodite Buffet bar NEW!

I am loving these new buffet bars by Aphrodite, brilliant for any event or just at home for you and your mates. Some lovely animations , and particle effects for the sprinkling of condiments !

Details: Texture changer to 20 woods, special made animations for serving yourself and condiment or add sauces, as well as choose between the many salad or hot pasta plates options! Includes all deco & on/off lights . (Prims 24 & 20)

Aphrodite Buffet Bar NEW!!

I placed mine out inside a gazebo to make a super little party area, really effective !

Aphrodite NEW!!!

The food is to Aphrodite’s usual high standard, always looks so realistic and yummy!

Aphrodite Buffet Bar detail

Attention to detail is high, behind you find piles of plates, serving bowls and extra sauces etc. These are only available at the new round of On9.


Aphrodite blog for more info

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Mama Mia

Aphrodite Group gift FREE!

With my love of all things Italian these gifts from Aphrodite were always going to be a winner. I had popped over to look at gifts for a certain someone I adore , but got distracted by the group gifts! I’m already a member and I don’t recall the joining fee, I know it couldn’t have been much as I’m dead miserly about group join fees ! Anyhooo this is the snack selection, bowls of scrummy crisps and nuts, plus a cheese board loaded down with vino, sausage etc…

Aphrodite Group gift basket FREE!

I  picked up this gorgeous presentation basket, also a gift for group members. I SO adore the striped bow on the handle ! Filled with treats, olives,wine,oils etc. If you touch it, you will receive a steamy plate of pasta…

Aphrodite Group gift Pasta plate

Voila! Aphrodite is a really lovely store to wander around in, SO much to see and try out. Go play and take a look at the foody items, they are especially fantastico.

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite on the market place