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Fit for a Princess

Aphrodite NEW!

If you’re looking for something sparkly and fit for your little Princess’s party, I’ve got just the thing. Actually if you’re a grown up Princess you’ll love it too ! Aphrodite have a new party set out called “Princess Sophia”, its super sweet and filled with little treats and goodies to gobble up. You get the lilac coloured table with twinkly tablecloth, plus princess plates, ice-cold cups of coke and pitchers of lemonade. Theres savouries and pots of stylish lollipops, even burgers with crowns !

Aphrodite NEW!!

Of course the centre piece of any party is the cake right? This one is sure to delight your Princess, its decorated with crowns and festooned with a  royal looking character and castle. Close up view of some of the edibles, just to make you drool ! ( Btw there is a huggable Princess dolly thats coloured to go with this set here.) Thanks Aphrodite team ❤

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New Years Eve pour deux

Aphrodite NEW!

If you’re looking for something for two to celebrate New Years Eve, take a peek at this lovely new release from Aphrodite. A single dining table covered in a twinkly cloth and complete with multi menu place settings. It’s so romantic and stylish it could also be utilised for any celebration throughout the year really. Each chair has eating, drinking and conversing animations, for both males & females. On the table are tiny little star-shaped tealights, crystal cut glasses, and a super pretty clock face inspired plate. Included is a side table that holds  a pitcher of wine, a Champagne bucket & bottle and a sign that dispenses hats and head bands upon touch!

Aphrodite NEW!!

Everything you could possibly need for a glorious evening is in the set. My favourite piece has to be the golden vases of star sprays – I’ve actually got these in real life and they were on my Christmas dining table this year! Head over to the store to have a look, it’s all very low prim so you don’t need to fret about your land budget. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

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Its nearly time !

Aphrodite New Year !

If you’re thinking of having a New Year bash – get yourself over to Aphrodite. They have got absolutely everrrrrrything to help you celebrate. From balloons to tasty nibbles, it’s all there. The “New Year Party” set is enormous, seriously. Sushi, balloons,sweets and more.

Aphrodite New Year Party !

I can’t possibly show it all here, so go take a peek at the store. I had a lot of fun playing with the set,  a lot of it has a colour change menu so you can fit it all in with your chosen scheme. The level of detail is high and the food is particularly scrumptious ! There is Champagne and rose Champagne , sweet treats , vases of glittering flower arrangements etc.

aphrodite new year_001

The balloon arch even gives you a choice of top hats to wear ! You get the following in the box:

-Champagne fountain 4 LI
-Aphrodite Luxury New Year Champagne in cooler 5 LI

-Couscous & gratinated veggies Sushi platter 2 LI
-Pink Salmon & Avocado Sushi platter 2 LI
-Shrimp Sushi Platter 2 LI
-Red Caviar & Cucumber Sushi platter 2 LI
-Caviar & Salmon Sushi platter 4 LI
-Carpaccio Sushi platter 3 LI
-Dragon Eye Sushi Platter 2 LI

-Chinese Cookie Star platter 3 LI
-Petit Four Star platter 13 LI
-White Chocolate Fondue Fountain 3 LI
-Dark Chocolate Fondue Fountain 3 LI

Table Small / Big 2 LI with Texture changer to many different glittering colors!
2015 silver Ballons 3 LI
2015 red Ballons 3 LI
2015 Arches with and without fireworks: 5 LI and also with color change to multiple colors!
Star paper Lamp 2 LI
Silver Star Deco centerpieces: 8 LI
Big Happy New Year Sign giving out unlimited numbers of 8 different platinum, gold and silver hats & headbands, tiaras.

All patters and fountains deliver unlimited bites to wear and eat!
All Decorations / Tables copy, rez as many as needed!
The 2015 sign, arches & small table cover are colorchange to 9 Colors

Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place


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Slurrrrp !

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting

Ohmai lord, there’s so much newness bursting out from Aphrodite store at the moment ! I thought I would kick things off by sharing with you the new wine tasting table set . It’s visually stunning, SO much to look at, so much to do ! As always with Aphrodite the win is in the little details and attention to beauty. The stools hold the animations to eat and drink and what superb animations they are. For instance, you can actually serve yourself wine from the bottle, just accept the offer of animation from the popups that come as you choose your pose. The brilliant thing is it’s all rather low land impact, so it wont eat up your prim budget to have it out all the time yippeee!

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting set

Heres a close up of some of the goodies, heaps more that you can play with too . This set would sit so well indoors or out, beach or pool party  – heres a list of what the box contains :

Set contains:

♥ Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bar Stool with 5 unique animations and 2 props (wine bottle and wine glass)

♥ Vintage oak & glass wine tasting table. Barrels are filled with wine corks. MESH 4 LI.

♥ Country cheeses big board: MESH only 10 LI! With over 10 different cheeses, cookies, cheese sticks, garlic toasts, olives, cherries and more. Dispenses 14 different treats on touch to eat with a graceful animations, and also says on general chat how it tastes and info about each piece, to add realism.

♥ Double country board with delicatessen: features the most expensive cheeses and salamis of the World, super luxurious treats new in SL! MESH 14 LI only. Beautiful decorated with specially made knifes and forks for cheeses. Dispenses 7 different treats on touch. Taste the world famous “moose” or “donkey” cheese, or the Italian “Caciocavallo” horse cheese, or why not a cheese made with gold, like the “White Stilton gold” or another aged for centuries like the “Bitto Storico”? Something innovative for your parties and lot of fun for your guests.

♥ Snacks bowls: peanuts and two kinds of fries as extra addition. Two prims each.

♥ Chianti red wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Chianti white wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Aphrodite new summer wines collection: 7 different wines to taste and enjoy (1 LI each). Bottles comes in two versions, individually or to rezz all of them together to save prims, in this case would be a total of 4 LI only (linked set with multi menu). Moscato, Riesling, Merlot, Vignoles are some of the wonderful options to taste.

♥ Set of 6 red wine glasses decorative. MESH 1 LI.

♥ Set of barrels and grapes, decorative. MESH 3 LI.

It’s quite a huge amount isn’t it?! You can go to the store and rez a demo if you’d like to try it all out. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite mainstore

Aphrodite market place store

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BBQ time – sizzle those steaks


Aphrodite Store BBQ Set NEW!_


One thing I really enjoy in my own Secondlife home is my garden. Both Zan and I go a bit mad with outside decoration tbh. We have coffee stands, drinks machines, hammocks and more and more. One thing I really had been looking around for was a good low prim BBQ / garden set. This set is from Aphrodite Store, its got alllll you could need for a warm Spring day outside. Bbq, picnic table parasol etc. Some of the decor bits and bobs can add a few prims, but it’s really your choice how much you have out. The drinks cooler is just one prim *faints* and of course most everything dispenses wearable treats like drinks and food.

Aphrodite Store - BBQ in action NEW!

What got me sooper excited was the foodie part. If you click on the grill of the Bbq, you get a menu pop up to choose what food you wish to cook. The clever bit is, half way through the cooking time, it turns from raw to cooked ! I just think that’s neato and awesome. Theres even a vegetarian option ! If you sit on the Bbq, you get several poses to cook, kiss and chillax while the grub is grilling.

Aphrodite Store - BBQ set

Make sure to check your object folder in your inventory, as a lot of the poses give you objects to wear – just use “add” and voilà, you’re ready to roll. Bet you’re dribbling huh? Snap this up on the market place or in-store, if you go to the inworld store there’s a handy dandy rezzer so you can try it out first.

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Store