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Getting Hangry.(Dollarbie).

ARGH, I’ve been wandering around and around and around the Prism shop trying to find the Group gifts esp since I’ve seen a picture of their November gift but for the life of me I couldn’t find hide nor hair of anything, except a lowly little pumpkin.

So I bought it for a single Linden, not really expecting much but Woah! SCORE!  A zinger of a metallic dress in all standard mesh fits.

WTF! There will be an update later because Woo Hoo I’ve found it.  I always log back inworld to LM grab and this always makes less chance of an error but I can only assume that on my previous visit, not everything had rezzed because right there over the reception desk on the wall is the GG!  I quickly snagged it and put it on but it deserves a post all of its own so that will be coming up soon but of course, nothing to stop you from grabbing this and it.

OK, so when you TP over you land outside of the Prism shop and you need to go into the door on your left not the one ahead of you.   Again the GG’s is on the wall above the reception desk but on the far wall behind the reception desk on the floor is the pumpkin.

PS. The pumpkin is a Phycho Pumpkin Hunt Gift prize.


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OH, Delilah!(5Ld Giftie).

Such an easy one for a Sunday morning.

Stayed up way too late last night getting my fill of SL and my last stop was the Spotlight/Hashtag event. A simple and small regular event and you’ve probably been there a few times already.  Not all of the stands have a gift out for us and most of them also come with a bargain price tag and in this case, it was just a piddling 5Ld and for that you not get this absolutely stunning gold dress but also a top which is pretty darn good.

This particular gift is on the TRS Design stall.  As I said most of the gifts come with a price tag and some do have pictures of the contents and some don’t so it’s up to you to take a risk but since none of the priced ones cost more than 10Lds you’re not risking much.

PS When I went back to LM grab I spotted that one of my fav shops, Sn@tch, has a stall and their gift is free but although I know it’s a choker I’ve not tried it on.

Spotlight/Hashtag Event

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PinkCherry NEW! Little Bone new! Mock cosmetics

PinkCherry have a few new releases out this week, heres Lindsey ! Wicked little dress, I so love dresses with silvery bits n bobs on them – makes me feel über groooovyman. This just fits like a glove, size medium, I’m a small  in most other things, so play around with the sizes in the box to get a purrrfect fit. Other colours also available, however…isnt Silver grey just edible?! My newww hair is from Little Bones, Zan posted about some freebies in the group notices yesterday – which lured me over to the store to check out the goodies. Yup, hair whore that I am, I was never going to leave without a new “do”. This is Lollipop, you  get a nice selection of six tones in each pack – sooper deal !


Little Bones

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Party with foliage

Pinkcherry NEW! Casual outfit leaves in green pencil skirt & top included

New bundles of goodies to share from PinkCherry…and this outfit , for me, totally stole the show. It comprises of a leave patterned silky top, that dips down to a triangular-shaped hemline…

Pinkcherry NEW! Casual outfit leaves rear detail

…the back needs to be shown, not only for the unusual shape of the top but also the cheeky bumbum shape of the skirt and brilliant detailing of the zip that’s just begging to be lowered…this set is available instore now, in a few other colours also.

Pinkcherry party dress NEW!

One more new release that I wanted to show you is this party dress…first up, apologies for SecondLife issue with some shadow settings at the moment, it kinda goes a bit fuzzy in place…gah! However, I liked the atmosphere of the setting and decided to go with it. The dress is simplicity itself, yet pretty glamorous. A few other tones available, the silvery and black won my heart though !


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Its The Season…

coldLogic cringle natural, mocj darkened mood garnets makeover Clawtooth femme fatale stole by Bubblez

It’s the season to get glammed up…parties galore and events too attend…you really need to start thinking about your outfits. Just in time is a new range of party frocks from coldLogic….lordy…these new babies are sizzzzzly hot ! Above I’m wearing “cringle” in the natural tone…fits like a glove…and hugs in all the right places. Darling peplum frill at the waist is right on trend…I added a stole from Bubblez, a makeover from Mock Cosmetics and a sleek hair-do by clawtooth…voila..Im ready  for the festivities…


The colour ranges in this new release are , what Id think of as “grown up”…subtle…yet as above with the “frost” dress….playful and sparkly enough to be fun ! Frost is glittery…and I so love this cheerful bright ruby red…cut away arms…mini length…just my cup-of-tea…

coldLogic Holly png

In real life I try to steer away from wearing so much black these days…I used to be addicted too it…”holly” in the delectable slate tone is  a nice direction to take…glam enough for evening wear…a lovely shade to wear with gold or silver accesories…it lso has some beautiful detailing around the hip and hemline to provoke interest without being glaring…I found this set from Addictions jewelry in my messy inventory – “daisies” in tanzanite…I think it’s just purrrfect for the slate dress no?

coldLogic 1

My final item to share is really my favourite of the release..its called “star” and has an unusual fabric effect, much like the tonic type material mods used to wear…Im showing it in the nickel shade…which is silvery…with almost a hint of bronzey gold..or is it ?! Simple yet stunning lines, peplum waist…its uber sleek, and just right to dress up with copious amounts of jewelry, heels and bombshell blonde hair…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog



Addiction Jewellry

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New goodies from Echo ! Prettiness in heaps and very versatile “Grazioso Corset Dress”, above Im showing it in the nude colour, which I find drop dead diva’ish lately, the sooper fab thing is…for just100L you get this sheer layered dress, with a plain black or coloured belt…

You also get a non sheer version (in the same colour Im just wearing the pink one to show you how purty it isss) with a black or coloured contrast belt, thats 50L per dress ! Theres heaps of colours to choose from go and take a snoop. Dont forget to join the group while youre over there and collect the gifts !  Thanks Echo xx

Im also wearing a gorgeous new set of choker & earings by Carolines Jewelry, its part of an event “Etheria” in which clothing & jewelry designers get together and work to a goal of outfit with jewels..sounds simple , having seen some of the results though, I can only assume this was a huge undertaking for everyone involed…beautiful! (more about this later btw with landmarks etc- I have heaps to show!)

Grazioso Corset Dress: [Echo]