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Pottering & Parks

Autumn is my favourite time of the year and along comes Circa with some totally fabulous seasonal releases! The studio style building is one of the releases – “FieldView” – really tempting open plan build with windows either end to let in the glorious Autumn sun-rays. It comes with two planters and an ivy clad trellis wall. (Build is 36Li , plant decor 9Li) Check out the circular planters (part of the “Waterton” release), large array of different plants available plus of course the single tress with multi tone leaves via the menu and the tree with bench. Sweet single and couple poses built-in and texture change on the tiles.

Also out now is the “Waterton” Park & Garden collection. I am so loving this – the details for the plants and foliage are superb. Of course I gravitated towards the fountain , adorable Koi and Goldfish (easy clean up option hurrha! No more groping around trying to collect them up if you move it!) This comes in three varying tones of brickwork btw. Crisp water action is über realistic.

If you’re speedy you can get a whopping 50% discount on some of these items – until the 29th October.

Circa store

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Sunshine & Showers

Dench Designs bench & peacock - Free tea service percent group gift - all clothing by Neve - hair Elua SALE!

Ohmaigerdddd the weather here in England is just freakish atm! One moment sun, then a shower, then hailstones – seriously. This morning at 5.30am I was actually scraping ice off my car – not a happy camper . Oh well at least tomorrow is Friiiiidayyyy! So so so – if you haven’t ever gone to Dench Designs by Amanda Dench , you really need too. Its one of those stores that you alwayssss find  a little something to take home with you. I always end up buying something and this trip was no different. I have benches galore in my inventory, but when I saw this one at Dench Designs I fell in “want” with it. It’s a fairly standard nicely made bench – howeverrrr its the animations that grabbed my attention. Amanda always adds a little whimsy to her pieces , Id like to think it’s because she is English but its more likely that she’s just damm good at what she does ! Couples and singles poses, for a picnic, chatting etc…above I’m enjoying a sammich in the Spring sun…

Dench Designs - bench - rain pose (couples version included)


…then booom outta nowhere you get a rain shower and sound effects and you’re sat there sheltering from the downpour under a blanky. Isn’t that just SO sweet? The couple version of this pose is heart melting – it really is dead cute. The bench does come complete with the peacock and some assorted shrubbery, but as its modify I detached the extras above, great if you need to save some prims! (If you need a bit of assistance in “unlinking” stuff, drop me a line and I will send you a notecard explaining how to do it.) The items in the store are very modestly priced, so you can afford to splash out and treat yourself to a few bits and bobs, plus free to join group and regular gifts are a real bonus.

Dench Designs

All clothing by Neve

Hair by Elua

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Dogs and Parks

The Challenge - Park bench - Citrus thrift shop bell bottom jeans and jacket NEW

This is the offering from Cleo Design for this round of The Challenge. When I saw it I thought Cleom (the owner of Cleo Design) had been to my dog walking park, cause these are almost identical to the ones I sit in after I’ve huffed and puffed my way round jogging with my dog ! Really lovely poses and you can also change the texture of the shade via the menu. Singles & couples poses btw. On the side is a nicely detailed park map for added realism !

The Challenge - Park bench - Citrus thrift shop bell bottom jeans and jacket - various colours available !

My outfit is by Citrus and this is their items for the upcoming “Thrift shop” event, it opens on the 6th – so no sneaky teleporting until then! As you know I’m big into all shades of brown at the moment and I only opened this colour because of the name, I thought it WAS brown ! However, it snapped me out of my obsession and I totally adore this soft blue denim tone. The jeans and jacket are sold separately, not sure on price as it isn’t mentioned in the note but as it’s The Thrift Shop its bound to be a right good deal. The shade I’m showing is “creek” but there are several other colours to snap up. Little hint of Boho in this ensemble huh?! (Btw you can also wear the jacket on its ow without the top)

Cleo Design

The Thrift Shop

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Challenging Times

The Challenge - Sways Walter Park Bench (2 prims) Home grown pot plants by ChiC Buildings ( 1 prim)

Silly me going on holiday when SO much has been happening ! I’m just totally swamped with goodies to share yay! The Challenge has a theme of “Vintage / Retro” and that suits me just fine. Above is Sways Walter park bench. It’s so homely, just like the ones in my local park area. They are only 2 Li and come in two colour packs containing three colour variants . I’m showing the blue from the colours pack – the other pack is naturals. They have 8 single animations, 10 friends animations (also usable as 20 single animations) and 7 couple animations. If you go grab yours now you will also get a hefty 25% discount (valid until the 8th August). Also sneaking into the photo are the lovely pots of uhm “home-grown” flowers by ChiC Buildings, low prim and two versions included , rusty and shiny ! For all other participants in this months round please see the web blog !

The Challenge blog


ChiC Buildings