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Oh La La !


I know I know I was only just there last month – but I am off again ! Actually I will be located about 30 minutes outside Paris and I doubt if this time I will venture into the city centre. This is a rest stop and spa time .

I will be away for a week but you know Zan will keep you company with some great finds and things to do.

Do take a peek at Fifty Linden Friday this week – some fantastic items, I snapped up three pairs of the GOS boots and both items from What Next ❤

Fifty Linden Friday

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Paris Bound

Oh my gosh – YES I am off to Paris again ! I could try to convince you as a self employed business owner its all a bit difficult and not very cost effective to keep going away – but the truth is – I need a break, infact several breaks after the last few months of 70 hour weeks! So off I go with my little Acer notebook which cant run Second Life for a total break from EVERYTHING ❤ (I prolly shouldn’t admit to this but I’m going to Paris in November too !!!) Au revoir xxx

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Pray for Paris


Sat here bleary eyed after staying up most of the night watching events unfold in my beloved Paris. I can’t express the despair I felt at first when it was reported that bombs had gone off outside the Stade de France, then shootings in a cafe, a mall – then absolute horror at the situation at the Bataclan music hall. I don’t know who is responsible for this atrocity, or why they did this to the innocent people of France, I am horrified and repulsed by it – but I am not afraid. I will be in Paris next month  , I will not be quaking in my boots and stay in England. These acts of violence make me more determined to be seen to live my life without fear, and not bowed by their vile acts against humanity. That is all.

I don’t know how to help, but I found the emergency numbers for quite a few embassy’s located in France, which might be useful if you have friends of relatives that you are concerned about:

Embassies in Paris: +31-1-xxxxxxxx

​Pakistan: 45622332 | Sri Lanka: 55733131 | Germany: 53834500 | Russia: 45040550 Ireland: 44176700

Philippines: 44145700 |  Belarus: 44146979 |  Afghanistan: 45250529 | Costa Rica:45789696

Iceland: 44173285 | Australia: 40593300 | Austria: 40634063 | Belgium: 44093939 |Canada: 44432900

Ethiopia: 47838395 | Israel: 40765500 | Kenya: 56622525 | Malaysia: 45531185 | Nigeria: 47046865

Singapore: 56796800 | South Africa: 53592323 | Tanzania: 53706366 | USA: 43122222

UAE: 44340200 | Bulgaria: 45518590 | Kuwait: 47235425 | China: 49521950

Sudan: 42255571 | Ukraine: 43060737 | Syria: 40626100 | Armenia: 42129800

Italy: 49540300 | Japan: 48886200 | UK: 44513100 | Norway: 53670400 | New Zealand:45014343

Mexico: 53702770 | Finland: 44181920 | Greece: 47237228 | Poland: 43173405

Portugal: 47273529 | Switzerland: 49556700 | Sweden: 44188800 | Denmark:44312121

Egypt: 53678830 Turkey: 53927111

Faith ❤

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Memories of Paris

Memories of Paris - 2 prims FREE !

I’ve had this collection of pictures in my SL home for a while now and keep forgetting to share it with you. I found it on the market place as a free gift from 1NP’s store. At just two prims its really ideal to spruce up your space without spending any cash or using up those valuable prims!

Memories of Paris